Friday, December 31, 2010

Blood Vessel Burst In Eye Black Eye Over Face

Happy 2011!

Here is the video greeting recorded by national chain the President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner yesterday at noon Casa Rosada and was delivered at 21. In it, the head of state called for the unity of society, listed some accomplishments of his administration and urged all Argentines to remember tonight even for a moment the former president Nestor Kirchner , who died two months ago. " was an exceptional year for Argentina, but the worst for me personally " he said.

My wish is that you all have a very good 2011 , that the new year bring much peace and since it is an election year that no mistake in choosing our leaders . Personally

twelve months were excellent, I hope to repeat or even improve in the next time. And I hope that next year may be speaking from within a mass medium. That and all the people who made this 2010 an unforgettable year for me, I will raise my glass at midnight . Health !


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