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Year in Review: September 2010

The end of the ninth month of 2010 brought the most significant Latin American political level so far: the attempted coup in Ecuador and the immediate UNASUR intervention in pursuit of maintaining democracy in that country . But in September was a month that was sporting world, so there are also many outstanding episodes in that order.

This was in September :

01: The Government regulated the Act Audiovisual Communication Services, passed last year, which was launched aiming standard to democratize the media .

05: We met thousand days in office of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner . The government went through in 2008 the crisis resolution 125 2009 and the adverse global economic situation .

07: In the second friendly of the Argentina Football Team after the World Cup, the team led by interim Sergio Batista beat Spain 4-1 to , current world champion, in the Monumental .

Minutes earlier, the Argentina National Team basketball was surpassed by Brazil 93-89 to in second round of the FIBA \u200b\u200bWorld Championship , with a stunning performance of Luis Scola, who scored 37 points .

09 : defeated Lithuania 104-85 to Argentina in quarterfinals World basketball Turkey and condemned the team led by Sergio Hernandez to play for the fifth .

order in national politics, Nestor Kirchner urged the governor of Buenos Aires Daniel Scioli to say "Who hands tied" to act security, the country is still perplexed by the assault on Carolina Pipar July 29.

10: In the morning there was another collapse in the City of Buenos Aires, just one month after the fall of the gym in Villa Urquiza. This time it was in the mezzanine Palermo Beara bowling and there was 2 dead .

11: Former President Nestor Kirchner underwent overnight at a angioplasty because to a blockage in a coronary artery in Los Arcos Sanatorium Palermo.

Moreover, Las Leonas Selección Argentina -the women's hockey on grass - in Rosario won his second World Cup in history (the first was in Perth Australia, in 2002 ) after winning the final against Holland by 3-1. Luciana Aymar , the figure of The Lioness, was again named as the best player .

12 : Basketball Selection stayed Argentina the fifth at the FIBA \u200b\u200bWorld to win by 86-81 to Spain, last world champion. In the afternoon, United States claimed the title after beating the home team 81-64.

13: The number 1 in tennis, Rafael Nadal , won his first U.S. Open with his victory over Serbian Novak Djokovic and thus got complete Grand Slam (at least one title at the Australian Open - 2009 - Roland Garros - from 05 to 08 inclusive and '10 - Wimbledon - '08 and '10 - and U.S. Open - '10 -). He became the seventh player to achieve in history, after Federer reached last year.

15: With 30 schools taken by high school students, a teacher strike had the 97% compliance in City public schools, to demand better wages and edilicias reforms.

16 : Thousands of students, teachers and activists commemorated Plaza de Mayo the 34th anniversary of Night of the Pencils , the day that you remember the disappearance in 1976 of students in La Plata .

You 55 years met the coup that overthrew President Juan Domingo Peron and launched the Liberating Revolution .

18: With the defeat the doubles, fell eliminated Argentina one of the Davis Cup semifinals against France .

20: Two new political conflicts erupt in the country: Chile's request to extradite former guerrilla Galvarino Sergio Apablaza, accused of killing a senator and kidnapping a businessman in the late '90s and opponent attempt to intervene in the province of Santa Cruz by a ruling of the Supreme Court ordered in its place replace former Attorney General Eduardo Sosa , displaced in 1995 by the then governor of that province, Nestor Kirchner .

23: In the elections of the Central de Trabajadores Argentinos (CTA) the Kirchner and Hugo Yasky Pablo Micheli sunny declared winners, but had to wait two weeks until your final result, which gave the winner Micheli. Yasky objected to the vote, said that there was fraud and asked to return to the polls.

On the other hand, the General Assembly United Nations , United States President Barack Obama highlighted the struggle of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo during the last military dictatorship.

26 : The Venezuelan ruling, led by President Hugo Chávez , won parliamentary elections but failed to get two-thirds majority.

In Argentina, during the night, a van collided with a truck that spilled its cargo on the van on Route 11 in Santa Fe and there were 14 dead . The collision occurred on the same route four years ago was the scene of the accident and the death of college students Echoes.

28: At 36 years, died suddenly in a gym actress Romina Yan , daughter of television producer Cris Morena and Gustavo Yankelevich .

At night, there was a massive demonstration against Courts in support of the Law on Audiovisual Communication Services . Hebe de Bonafini , head of Madres de Plaza de Mayo , gave a beaming and controversial speech in which he called Turre the judges of the Supreme Court and prayed for the full implementation of the law. The event could also spot recruits militants and taken by bus to the premises.

29: With a shot at close range, Matias Berardi, 16, was killed by his kidnappers in the locality of Ingeniero Maschwitz trying to escape. The boy ran 3 blocks asking for help from neighbors, who opened the door thinking it was a thief .

30: Dozens of police rebels kidnapped the president of Ecuador Rafael Correa and attempted to perform a coup . Four people were dead and 200 wounded were almost . The UNASUR member countries were called on Argentina to support the government of Correa.


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