Sunday, December 12, 2010

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What to do with the poor?

Another tragic week for the country . And in the past two months, as were several. First Mariano Ferreyra, after the Toba in Formosa, now, four dead Villa Soldati after the strange attacks on Bolivian and Paraguayan immigrants who occupied the grounds of Park American Indian.

Bernardo Salgueiro (Paraguay, 24) and Rosemary Cupen (Bolivia, 28 years) on Tuesday, John CastaƱares Quispe (Bolivia, 38 years) on Thursday and a 19-year man, whose identity was unknown until now, on Friday, were the victims of this senseless wave of xenophobia.

How could it be otherwise affected are always the poor . On Monday, a large group of families settled in the American Indian Park, occupying small portions of territory. Many to find a place to live, "if it is called" live "- and many others by opportunists, but the truth is that these poor families were involved in a political conflict .

The silly attitude of the Government and the Government of Buenos Aires determine responsibilities clearly leads nowhere. instructing the Federal Police or the Metropolitan will . Very distant to attack the root problem, which is the poor living conditions of the inhabitants of the villages , President Cristina Fernandez, by his ministers and the Prime Minister of the City of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri, the blamed each other for control in the south that has gripped the City.

"Why not deport them?" That varies, taking position on the conflict and forgetting that the vast majority of the population of Buenos Aires English or Italian roots. "What would have happened if Argentina had not allowed the entry of our immigrant grandparents 100 years ago?

Moreover, the social problems of this country can not be solved by deporting foreigners. Argentina is a country of open borders and should remain so. in neighboring countries, the quality of life is much less than you might get here, and that is why there is a large tributary of immigrants .

American Indian occupation of the Park is as making high schools by students in September, a way to make a claim visible. How much space in the media would have won if they went with much fanfare to protest in the Plaza de Mayo? Or ten percent of what they did with making the park.

a peaceful, residents of neighborhoods surrounding the park Indoamericano wanted to negotiate with the squatters. However, violent hooligan , as in the march that culminated with the death of Mariano Ferreyra, used their power-a power that only won because of its proximity to political leaders, and further deepened the chaos in Soldati.

The conclusion of this conflict, which yesterday led to militarize the park with the presence of the Prison Service to prevent entering or leaving the premises, is that after this week, the society must learn that, xenophobia and without policies aimed at the poor people, order and progress will still very far from our reality.


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