Friday, October 30, 2009

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Be Honest: Scam

Again, if this pseudo science, which as noted Maruja Torres on Thursday, is anything but consistent. Reputable analysts and ex-ministers tell us that the government does not control the situation, improvise, as well: What partly to blame have we / as the citizens?

right now in class we were talking about tax evasion, and I'm still amazed when I found that the entire class justifying tax evasion and sought the elimination of inheritance tax, something the latter that seems absolutely preposterous to working people who every day has got to have a house or property, but I think a tax is necessary for large fortunes have been earned legally or doubtful.

normality with which he spoke in my class to defraud tax law stuns me, people who are able to defraud the IRS with twenty or twenty does which creates a very promising future. Their motto is simple: At least contribute better, honest scam. And I'm talking about future jurists, lawyers, prosecutors or judges.

can not head may go in this worldview, how they think they pay hospitals, education, police, or the lion's share of college tuition? With taxes and these taxes should be, undoubtedly, progressive, ie who have more pay more and who have less pay less. Even in a Democratic Party conference in the United States in Barcelona, \u200b\u200bwhich I attended on Wednesday, they were the very American agreement raise taxes in order to choose between private or public health.

For by what you see in Spain is not here "fool the last" save as you can and if you can scam. In these conditions I'm not willing to live if people do not understand that to be the standard of living in Sweden must pay a 46% tax and may not have the modus Vivendis paying 23% now, forget it .

Or better: Be Honest: swindle

Friday, October 23, 2009

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This is an old image, about thirty years ago where we can see the channel under the Gold River Highway height Hidum. On the banks of the river we see vegetation, gardens and but I could not see in the picture, at that time the river still held animal life in its waters and shores.

now and despite the tremendous degradation suffered by the environment in the Melilla area, we can still find some of that old image of the river near its mouth.

A small pond where fish and waterfowl found in varying numbers depending on the time of the year who have found a place of refuge.

some time are being carried out renovation work on the river training various areas. Works that are destroying every vestige of vegetation in the areas affected by such works.
both old photos and descriptions of the Golden River has left us the history of our city, always refers to the reeds that grew on its banks and the agricultural use of its plain.

After this work is only concrete. Will we lose the little that remains of the former Gold River collapsed under the concrete?.

understand that act on a river whose course runs mostly through another country is difficult, but it seems that in Melilla is raised, even as those things that are said to be good environmental managers, having turned the riverbed in a "green corridor" where they try to preserve something of what defines a river wildlife.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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In the era of confusion

are times where the left declines your thoughts with other keys. Only thinking about our lives and plans to mark a future without perspective, always looking to the past and imposing as the sole reference false truths left and right.

Much of the contemporary left has lost its values \u200b\u200band has enthroned the value of the price, the commodification of rights. Live desnortada own ideas and lack of feed and endorses the neo-liberalism.

hide dark times we live the dream and utopia, we made our hopelessness and resistance to change, we have lost the illusion of living in a happy world and we just move the selfish desire to keep and accumulate. Be confused with being, value for money, have to share the immediate future ...

poverty, wars, poverty, famine, ecological disasters, violence, ... part of the spectacle of the media that make conscience submissive and uncritical minds. The powerful display

undaunted its filth and excessive greed, the poor are erased from our consciousness, the wars are part of the inevitable, misery and hunger necessary evils; ...

Fortunately nothing is eternal. In the confusion and chaos born a new order, a strong mind and will inevitably be a thing of the past. A not live by a new renaissance and recover the taste for simplicity, the pursuit of happiness of selfishness and contempt.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

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Reagrupament: The nova Lliga Nord

Bé ara Catalunya already has what it needed: a party of extreme right, xenophobic, racist and classist. Clearly this is a great move by the nationalist right out to the progressive government in this time of Catalonia a country is doing better, slowly, but a country that no longer hung and "paint" something in state politics, something radically different to 23 years of government CiU and PP where Catalonia was a victim of the system.

Carter is a dark character, involved in matters of corruption when he was mayor of Puigcerda and has more to do with the Italian Northern League, which as I said is an extreme right party, that the traditional right. It's a game that's intended as C face citizenship as the former Yugoslavia, a party of populist tendency, a party that have depreciated the Catalan surname, in short in both games are now looking to reduce rights for immigrants, the most weak and non-purebred Catalan.

Another aspect is pitiful that a party has extreme right as a guest presenter of the Catalan public television, Miquel Calzada, better known as Miki Moto we pay all of you Catalans. If there is a bit of dignity TV3 cease issuing any program of this gentleman, or imagine that a public television make apology for fascism or any extremist ideology?

And forget the club president that if he would love himself, possible candidate of the extreme right, which is dedicated to make out his driver at half Macià or its dubious morality.

In short, if the law of parties was more consistent in not only outlawed Batasuna, but it should do with the Falange, Democracy 2000, and of course Catalan Unity Rally because otherwise Catalonia as a country leave much be desired.