Sunday, February 27, 2011

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On Monday February 28 Malaga plays the first of the final 14 will remain by the end of the league, and plays to a direct rival as UD Almería, in the Rose Garden at 21 : 00 hours, another advantage of a dog's face, which is to go out and die on the field and win the game, here and half measures just are not worth a win. Everything

not make us sink into misery a bit more if possible, there is still room for salvation, but you have to win now.
Although plagued by injuries this team there are players with enough quality to pull this off.

If we win we will not leave the relegation zone but we will be closer, and we are on the road, also winning the goalverage we will take our side, which eventually might be necessary.

therefore have to win now more than ever if or if, in the Rose Garden more points can not leave because of loss may be permanent.

All efforts in this way, the focus of jellyfish in the crash on Monday, which will be the first day of a week dizzying, transcendent. Thursday was measured at Madrid at the Bernabeu, to dismiss the week on Sunday with a new 'final' against Osasuna. Hence
Malaga may assist in these six days a turning point that will decide which will be your new path for the future.

But first things first, the fans filled the Rose Garden and will be with the team until the last breath, I hope the players will leap in the field do the same and going all the colors, to get the team abyss that is, and give joy once and for all the fans

The call for Manuel Pellegrini for this game is:

Willy Caballero Arnau, Gamez, Weligton, Manuel Torres, Demichelis, Fernando, Apono, Seba Fernández, Maresca, Eliseu, Mtiliga, Gaspar, Quincy, Silva Rondon Camacho, Juanmi and Recio.

One possible alignment

Willy, Gamez, Demichelis, Weligton, Eliseu
Apono, Camacho, Recio, Maresca
Seba and Rondon

Friday, February 25, 2011

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If Antonio Galdeano Benitez (Manchester, 1984) sneeze is that Malaga is cold. The blue and white spirit is back, after making examination of conscience on his fight against the wall arbitration. The team is one with him in the field. Is optimistic that there will still be leading football at La Rosaleda. Word of UPON.

- How long did you think you have last three games without playing?

"Three weeks is not, it has made me much longer training time. I said 'will this never comes? ". And in the situation where we were without a win. You are more uncomfortable, because if the team is winning, nothing happens. But if they lose and you can not help peers, raisins worse.

-I mean, no more, to talk bad to the referees?

-try to be as relaxed as possible when talking to them. We hope that further.

- After being punished?

"Sure. It has made me much damage to be three games out. In the stands have suffered a lot by not being able to help.

- Do you think it was for much of what happened in the tunnel and for that penalty?

"In hot you say things, but in this case the referee has to be more reflective, to be aware of what happened in the game and how much we suffer. He should think about how the player can react. But do not go more into the case, just think of this, which is very raw right now. In fact, on Monday we have the grand finale, our grand finale of truth, because we play a lot.

"The penalty arrived at a very good personally. Had turned to fall, but began as a shot in Gijón and reached an optimal level. Did you notice Villarreal continuity?

"Yes. In the offseason I could not work for the injuries, when recurrence and tried to get the rate fell, but now I'm fine and I hope that does not fall more to keep showing my football and soccer show to please the people he likes and continue to help the team.

- What is wrong in that position wide player?

-know that I am a central midfielder, but if the coach believes that play there ... I will give him things. Now we have to do anything for the team. I feel good, I'm more coming to the area, choice of goal, I can face ... It is a situation where, if we have the ball and the game goes well, the situation is comfortable to play.

"And now the midfield is Recio. How about performance?

"Well, it's a good footballer in growth. Still young and lacks things, of course, but I think if you work what he lacks, will be very good footballer.

- Seeing the opportunity they have given it makes you think that you did not you?

"I had little choice but to look at him and see my reflection. It's a young player who is starting, which has quality and a great future ahead. I wish to continue at that level. Taking advantage of the time and not lost, it is a player which will be discussed a lot.

- [Portillo appears on the scene, they knew his injury] And this is here?

"Technically I had few peers like him. Is a player who can come in very well to having the ball, because he calls the plays, not afraid, has character with the ball. Like always have those players.

to spend money and homegrown Sheikh survive in the starting ...

"That's what we are. This is a very nice project, with many millions, but the homegrown must be there because they are the ones that breed, the will to live, but we think we can move forward past. It's very nice to have homegrown players in the Malaga, they play and the level. This team has Malaga for a while.

- What do you think when you see that there are three games in six days?

"It's what you like, train less and play more, at least to me. Is a key week for our future in the league, especially on Monday. We can not afford luxury or tie. We must get the three points as the marathon to beat us equipment is there and then go to Madrid with high hopes and enthusiasm. We have nine points this week and we can not rule out either because you have to go for nine, and we always have choices in any field.

- Is what's left after 4-3 two years ago in which he scored and stroked the win?

"You can dream, of course, while you can. Why not let him win at Madrid? Teams have already done this year and will continue in subsequent years. But before the Madrid we have to put one hundred percent in Almeria. But I repeat, do not ruled out.

"The fans can not stop hearing this week that the game against Almeria is the final, but I heard it before and not won. Do you understand that not having all of them?

"It's normal to get tired, because if a team does not win at home, must close the curtain. If you whistle in those situations, you have to shut up, head down and go with the whistle. Think do better because they would like to see anything or be in UEFA. But circumstances for whatever reason have not been good, the team is down and you have to leave. But ask most support because everyone gives everything in the field. In my case, if I'll go play on Monday to give everything because he deserves to be above Malaga.

- How does this chip after struggling to rise, then Europe and now linking pat two years of agony?

-Mentally I'm strong. I look down there, but I also see that we're going out. There are team and is conscious to leave. The first year First was beautiful and there was nothing like that, but I hope are many well. Hurry last year until late, but we are saved, that was important. This year will be equal. A few bad hopefully get back to the last day and we are saved. Now the thing is complicated.

- And personally? Will have their second child, has had many injuries and his life has changed. Do you feel more mature?

"I've always been mature off the field because I've always been psyched on doing what I had to do at all times. It is true that once I have been busy for things that should not have happened, but everyone makes mistakes. Now I feel more mature, in my house, more focused and thinking about football. Everyone likes a walk, as any worker in his day off, but I only say that we are here to help Málaga as needed. What matters now is what happens on the field. Whatever happens out, give a hundred percent to win games.

- And thinks a lot about how they can change the ambitions of Manchester with Sheikh if \u200b\u200bsave more this year? "Always

growth is good, but first you have to think of salvation. Let's allow ourselves to speak of millions because it does not work now, which is to add vala threes each week and save. It is true that much money and now pays for transfers that were not previously able to do, but I'm sure that the fan does not care now, they just want to enjoy the team and stop being in this position.

Malaga today

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How Often Replace Liberty Struts?


late seventeenth century, when Morocco began to use firearms and artillery attacks in Melilla, the anchorage and dock door of the Navy came under the scope of weapons Alawites . Hence, it became necessary to enable an area which is sheltered from the enemy for security provisioning operations and personnel relay Melilla. To this end, opened the front trim of the walls of the citadel of Melilla la Vieja is a gate called the Relief and the cliff was carved to peak force ramp that served as the shipyard was called Relief, also .

fact, were under cover of artillery Moroccan, this shipyard was fully open to the winds from the NE, which can blow with great violence and persistence in the area of \u200b\u200bMelilla up great seas that came in sometime to cause more problems than the enemy guns.
Juan Antonio de Estrada wrote about this door Relief in his "General Population of Spain" (1768): "The last door Relief is looking to the east. It is almost always closed, has no use except in case of site , when you can not pass the port. "

During the siege of Melilla by Sultan Sidi Mohammed ben Abd Allah from December 1774 to March 1775, the dock door and conviriteron Relief is the main port area of \u200b\u200bthe besieged place where the supplies were unloaded, ammunition, equipment and troops ashore reinforcement English victory assured.
In the magazine "World Military" was published during the year 1864 an account of the siege of which we selected a description of the shipyard and the difficulty of use with easterly wind.

On the dock read: "we, in short, bordering on the rock of the Puerta del Socorro, what better name might be of homelessness, according to its landing badly because there is no dock or anything like but one for scale, but a rock of difficult access. "

As for the difficulties to land: "Here, again conjured the elements. Soberbio the southeast, the Tues collided with the rocks, producing bursts esturendos and frightening. Cast him many strands to our car, shadowing of Acheron, to avoiding a hangover and the occasion, as they say, or hit me or I'll hit, we could jump on the ground: an operation that, while dread , there were many cases of laughter all inundated, all hurting, like feet, which one of the most common head and belly, we got to get on the ground, which forcibly kissed, but very good wins. "

To siege guelayenses guerrillas were responsible for maintaining the pressure on Melilla. This pressure is realized in acts of harassment against square and provisioning operations to prevent the bombing and shooting the same port area. When drafted in 1858 the first contract for shipping liner between the peninsula, Melilla and the minimum sentence is established in article 15 that the carrier has no right to indennización by losing the ship occurred, inter alia, by: "Rush, cannon fire or arrest of the Moors Riffs."
Still in 1871, when they had been ten years since the signing of the Treaty of Limits, Melilla is bombarded by opposing guelayenses the river diversion works of the Golden But thereafter the Puerta del Socorro call could be finally closed.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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The next day, in the Rose Garden to play a regional derby between Manchester and Almeria, which should be a feast of football Andaluz comes at a bad time, because the thing is not to parties in the one and other equipment.
Both teams are involved in a very dangerous situation, in order to survive at first, so that in principle it is not the party.

This could come with the end of the game and I hope that this event the holding of the swollen jellyfish, which would signal that Manchester has won the rivalry game, both are in need of three points, the Espanyol fans are worth a joy and if this comes on the day of the Andalusian homeland for better . Lately

despite lower injury that many the team is showing improvement that leads to think that salvation is still possible.
jellyfish follower must fill out the Rose Garden on Monday because Monday is a holiday even if nothing better to celebrate the day of Andalusia that encourage and lead the team to victory on wings

Sunday, February 20, 2011

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A Point Enough? ;

A tie that may be worth, at least for the moral question of the team, although we do not kick the tail of the classification obtained Malaga a point at Villarreal in a very dull game to the viewer.

But a very elaborate game by the team left the jellyfish that make your game Villareal, which eventually led him to make this point to be made on Monday, 28 good if you beat the USA in the Rose Garden,

Malaga has a good game, with great fight in the middle of the field to a very offensive Villareal Garrido sack as a 4-3-3 which made Malaga had to work hard on defense to keep a clean sheet.

certainly a good debut by Willy Knight was very successful all afternoon, but on 35 minutes played by a band, deflected shot on goal as Willy and the ball fell to Marcos Ruben makes the 1 -0.

In the second part of the same great struggle by on both sides, with a Manchester ready to score in the Madrigal, the possession was matching and Villareal could increasingly less
and Malaga in a backlash by Rondon at minute 82 gave an assist to Sheba that did not miss was the 1-1,

Party in Malaga which fought until the last minute against a team of top priority today, but could not a very orderly and Manchester departures to the contras.

if it's not just seen in the field but often we deserved to win and she can not get it, if today's fortune has smiled upon us, it's about time.

CF Villarreal: Diego Lopez, Mario, Marchena, Gonzalo, Capdevila, M. Rubén (Cazorla 68 '), Bruno, Borja Valero, Cani, Rossi and Nilmar.

Málaga CF: Willy, M. Gaspar, Demichelis, Weligton, Eliseu; Portillo, Recio (Marec 71 '), Camacho (Juanmi 55'), Apono (Sandro Silva 80 '); Seba and Rondon.

1-0 (35 '): M. Ruben.
1-1 (82 '): Seba

Saturday, February 19, 2011

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1-1 Málaga CF Málaga CF vs CF

overcome adversity.

Sunday new day comes another league, in which the visit Malaga Villarreal at the Madrigal, at 17:00 hours, a very difficult game for the team is, and when it cojemos, but this is soccer and football nothing is impossible.
This team has to win anywhere, and this is the chance to prove it against a good team, as Villareal, to do everything possible to get three points

At Malaga you will need to win but life goes on it can not be otherwise, this team needs to rediscover itself and once and for all size. The madrigal

will come out with a knife between his teeth and snapped up for the three points, if we really want to play at first, because every time there are fewer games, but still can leave the pit.

And this is done only with great pride and testiculina, I think that as things stand is the only way to save the team, and which, moreover, are devastating injuries to Malaga. Baptista
Now is injured and has minimum for a month, hopefully this stops so you can make a half decent lineup, will return Sunday after their penalty
Pellegrini For this game takes the following players

Caballero Arnau, Weligton, Manu Torres, Demichelis, Fernando, Apono, Seba Fernandez, Maresca, Eliseu, Mtiliga, M. Gaspar, S. Silva Rondon Camacho and Juanmi subsidiaries, Portillo, Recio and Omar (31).

One possible alignment could be the next

M. Gaspar-Demichelis-Weligton-Eliseu
Seba and Rondon

Friday, February 18, 2011

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The strength of the people on the streets

As a nefarious character in Argentina's history, he also escaped by helicopter. Unlike the first subject, who ruled for 2 years, this was in power for almost 30 years. Two - Fernando De la Rua and Hosni Mubarak - the lay the enormous power of large demonstrations.

The origin of these historic revolutions that are occurring in northern Africa and some Middle Eastern countries takes place in December 2010, two months ago, when the Tunisian Mohamed Bouazizi, tired of having to pay bribes to police to keep his street stall selling fruit, burned to bonzo. The Tunisian people echoed the actions of Bouazizi and went massively into the streets to demand better conditions of life, employment and dismissal of the rises in food prices.

Tunisian security forces suppressed the protests of the people, known as the Revolution Jasmine, and caused 66 deaths , from Dec. 17-day-burned Bouazizi until January 14, the day he finally quit President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali , who held the post since 1987.

The effect of the fall of the Tunisian president echoed Egypt, where Hosni Mubarak , 82, ruled for nearly 30 years. Key ally of the United States and Israel in the region, could not withstand the pressure exerted by the population mobilized in the streets and focused on Thar Plaza, demanding, as in Tunisia, improved quality of life. However, the popular will of the Egyptians was far beyond their claims: for 18 consecutive days filled the main square of Cairo, clashed with pro-government militants who tried to suppress a violent manner and achieved their goal: overthrew the president who held the power for nearly 3 decades.

Far from being a danger to the Western world, the rebellion taking place in Algeria , Mauritania , Jordan, Yemen and now propagated in Bahrain and Libya, where rules Muammar Al-Gaddafi for 41 years, establishing a new landscape: tired of the absolute and authoritarian powers , people feel within their rights to demand democracy , elect their representatives and feel protected by the state. It was time.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Blood Vessel Burst In Eye Black Eye

The upside down kingdom (Argentine sport in 2010) ended the hiatus is

Two teams of kids called Argentine football champions, the five big teams , grieving in the middle of the table. A level teams, the women's hockey on grass was Argentine pride, the football team, m enos our ever. And in tennis, the figure was a woman and the dual mode , the men's singles , a practice that gave more joy Argentine fan in recent times, was a shadow .

LOCAL FOOTBALL . Since the second half of the last decade, the trend Argentine football has changed . The growth and institutional coherence and, therefore, sports, clubs and Estudiantes, Velez, Lanus and Banfield, plus the decline and bad government top teams, led to a paradigm shift is no longer champion who spends more reinforcements, but who knows better manage their own resources.

In this context, and Estudiantes Argentinos was champion in the tournament last year. With very different styles, Claudio Bichi Borghi and Alejandro Sabella led their teams to the top of local football. The exception to this rule was Independent, which, led by Antonio Mohamed , won the Copa Sudamericana , but, in contrast, was the last Apertura.

Racing in a time of order and progress under the baton of Miguel Angel Russo , was saved for the Advancement in the first half and reached a respectable sixth place on the end of the year. River was the River always only from Superclásico, and that was enough to get away for a few points in the area of \u200b\u200bpromotion. San Lorenzo played a horrible season with 15 th place in the Clausura and 14 ° in the opening, despite being on the bench multichampion Ramón Díaz. And Boca , far from its glory days, missed a Juan Roman Riquelme showed little game and devoured three technicians throughout the year: Alfio Basile , Abel Alves and Claudio Borghi .

The preseason changed some chips. The highlight is on the functioning of Boca of Julio César Falcioni , which renewed the midfield with the additions of Leandro Somoza, Diego Rivera and Walter Ervin and turns of Juan Roman Riquelme and Sebastian Battaglia , after a long period of inactivity.

Moreover, it was surprising the resignation of the technical champion Alejandro Sabella , a few days before the start of the Torneo Clausura. The official version states that Sabella was angry at the lack of reinforcements, though rumors pointed to the erosion of the relationship with two references of stock: Juan Sebastian Veron and Leandro Desabato .

TENNIS . Early last year, Juan Martin Del Potro loomed to reach number 1 in a short time after their excellent performances at the U.S. Open (champion) and London Finals (finalist ) in the second installment for 2009. However, a right wrist injury affected its performance in the first Grand Slam of the year, the Australian Open, and kept standing until May operated. Del Potro just could return in October competition with two defeats this year delayed until recovery.

The other tennis star Argentine David Nalbandian had a good comeback to tennis after hip surgery in mid-2009, and was instrumental, as almost always-on team that reached the semifinals Davis Cup after beating in first round to Sweden in the quarterfinals to Russia, playing two sets on the road. His best performance at the circuit was in Washington, where he won the title in August, but then continued its losing streak in Grand Slam tournaments, where not reach the fourth round from Roland Garros 2007 .

Surprisingly, Argentine tennis laurels in 2010 led Gisela Dulko , who formed a formidable pair with Italy's Flavia Pennetta . The pair won 7 titles, including the Doha Masters, finished at No. 1 and, last month, won the Australian Open to reaffirm that the best doubles player of today. WORLD

. Naturally, the greatest expectation, and all hopes were placed on the selected managed by the greatest footballer of all time, Diego Armando Maradona , which also had the best player currently Lionel Messi.

With a formidable first round, where he won all , choosing an invited over to dream of title 24 years ago could not, the same as Brazil and Italy many times more were delayed in getting a new world trophy. But a poor performance in the second round against Mexico off alarm bells that collective operation was not so oiled as it seemed. And in the next round Germany found all necessary building and shattered the illusion of a third world title with an emphatic and deserved thrashing.

The Basketball Selection , meanwhile, suffered casualties Emanuel Ginobili and Andres Nocioni Plus the injury during the World Cup in Turkey of Fabricio Oberto, and a bright phase became a laborious round victory against Brazil and a clear defeat in the quarterfinals against Lithuania. Without giving up, by the hand of Luis Scola reached fifth place after beating Spain, defending champions.

In contrast, Las Leonas were in charge of carrying the flag of Argentina to the top. Consolidated as the best set of female hockey on grass for nearly a decade, only the Netherlands could responses on the World Cup final Rosario, which was devoted Luciana Aymar again as the best player and, with the second World Cup in their hands, we can talk about which is the best ever of the sport.

This year's main attractions will America's Cup, which will play in our country since July, and the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand from September. There will be new faces Argentine sports, undergoing a generational change. In this decade we will see if the work of many trainers served for our sport equal the English, who for several years now sweeps all categories.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bionicle Componenti Di Kardas

After a couple of weeks with no activity, blog returns to normal. A few days on the Atlantic coast were used to relax and recharge, and formally started a year full of movements and events, leading to the October elections.

The return to the activity of the blog will come with the sports landscape delayed, less than one week before the kickoff of the 2011 Clausura and an analysis of popular rebellions in the Middle East with Tunisia onset and its strongest in Egypt .