Saturday, December 26, 2009

Retirement Homes Volunteer Portland


The Golden River mouth has different ways based on factors such as time of year, storm water flood, the prevailing winds, the storms from the east or west, and human action as the discharge of sand intended summers ago outmaneuver the nature covering the mouth of the river to extend the length of the beach .

These days it has formed a sandbar has blinded the traditional mouth of the river while a few hundred feet north opened a drain that shown in the picture.

As an effect of the sand bar, the pond that forms in the mouth of the river has been increasing its length flooding beach areas and creating islands that are used by waterfowl and fish as lookout points rest.

Egrets and sandpipers are the new owners of these plots beachfront.

Despite garbage and debris that infect our river, new examples of aquatic birds are frequent visitors join the mouth of the River Oro

hope you are
how to save and integrate into the urban landscape this small oasis of natural life that we still have in Melilla.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Paying Deductible Twice

The state is hypocritical when he says that public health is quality (that is), while their workers have a private mutual. It is also hypocritical liberal politician who says that immigration contributes only benefits and lives in the Barrio de Salamanca or in Sarrià.

Anyone who says a communist and Armani dresses is also hypocritical, as is the Social Democrat who says he is the head of an autonomous government, defends the educational system that directs and takes her children to private school. It is also hypocritical to say that you left and take a liberal view of education.

However, it is hypocritical to be president of a government, be social and take your daughters to a public school. Nor is it hypocritical to be a minister of a government, be social, and that your daughter also born in a public hospital. Being a lefty is not easy. Be a hypocrite, yes.

Yes, if Ignacio Runner but he is right

Monday, December 21, 2009

Jenna Jameson Boat Blo


The body of a man Saharan possibly illegally attempting to enter our city has come Aguadú Area. A victim of a situation that will not seem to have an end in the near future given the indifference of the developed world, immersed in their own economic and social problems, to the terrible reality of many African countries.ÓN/hallan-aguadú-inmigrante-murió-nadando-hacia-melilla.html


Monday, December 14, 2009

How Fast Do Bladder Tumors Grow


The cavern media strikes again, now go for a tireless fighter for freedom, a freedom fighter, a fighter for the fight of the weak by an alleged video I made the right-wing journalist Herman Tresch (all my wishes early quick recovery, so that locals can enjoy your program) to which a few days later he received a beating, by fascists. The most serious is the interpretation of Madrid President Esperanza Aguirre accusing a decent man of having provoked the beating.

A curious fact is that this reporter did not present any complaint, why? Is the same, here we go again with the same ultra cavern took positions, ready to face the English that we are English. I say proudly: I AM SPANISH AND CATALAN AND SOY SOY SOY EXTREMEÑO MADRID AND ABOVE ALL AND I AM A WORKER, but no English flags, patriotic or obsolete.

Today the media and the public's center-left must take a step forward, united, above our personal interests and media. Today we want to lower our labor rights in the future, no, not going to allow, because we have no moral truth, but whether they boast but they lack.

I arrived today in London and Spain has relocated me sad. Wyoming does not deserve this is happening, no one deserves this, I want to express my unequivocal support for Wyoming and all the people who suffer insults from sites such as Telemadrid, the World, or COPE Onda Cero. Friends who give up for those who have no voice are indebted to you, we disagree is true, but your freedom is our daily bread to rise and keep fighting.

In the corner of the history of this country will be parked are not wet and stay in our memory those who fought for a better country, anonymous or public. Thanks to El Pais Groups, the plural and the SER as the oxygen that allows us to breathe every day, the public believe in you I read and I'm an anonymous face in your life, who select the items (please need only ask let me say to those who want what I feel) who does not select them and reads them to you if you believe in God, as you do if you do not believe in anything, you who get up at 6 am to feed your children or pay the mortgage.

I already go to sleep now, hopefully tomorrow I'll rise again undertake my studies, but take in the hearts and heads of those who do that this is still our little utopia, a small utopia, but a utopia without dogmas. By the way thanks

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sneakers To Stop Burning In Feet

racist graffiti and Franco APPEARED IN MELILLA. HOLIDAY IN WEST

On December 6, Constitution Day, was marred by the appearance of Franco and racist graffiti daubed on the walls of Melilla la Vieja and Mantelete mosque, attached to these walls and located near the statue of Franco still held in the city.

Although it is a bad symptom onset of Francoist slogans on the day that commemorates the proclamation of the Constitution which came to erase the Franco dictatorship, are absolutely intolerable racist graffiti in a city whose future is in tolerance and coexistence between different cultures, religions and secular ideologies that profess the Melilla.

However, the same day 7 were seen in the press and citizens' collective reactions to this unfortunate incident. According to the newspaper Melilla Today, the Asociación Pro Derechos Human Melilla filed a complaint with the prosecution for these acts. Http:// .

(Photo by Al Sur de Alborán)

Meanwhile, Enrique Delgado "El Faro de Melilla" post a comment on this event at http://www / . Delgado rightly linked the graffiti on the closeness of the statue of Franco: "The maintenance of the statue on our streets sends ultras groups subliminal message that still has some link Melilla or moral debt to the dictator and not only encourages such actions, but also programs like the Follonero "can ridicule the image of our city."

(Photo by Enrique Delgado)

Rapid public reaction to these unspeakable racist graffiti show that the majority of Melilla reject such ideologies, but at the same time, questioning the local government on maintaining the inexplicable position contrary to withdraw from our Street statue of Franco and the monument to July 17, 1936, located on the Avenue and built on the site occupied by the cafeteria that met the most distinguished gathering of progressive and leftist Melilla.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Connect Two Cy7c63743

A journalistic and political embarrassment

few days ago we were all horrified by the death of a 4 years in Tenerife that had allegedly been raped and abused by the boyfriend of the mother. The girl's parents denied it, but the Guardia Civil, the Hospital, some media and some politicians stopped aside the presumption of innocence, the right image and the right to personal dignity, all rights of way especially in the Constitution.

As I have understood this boy accused of unfairly denounce the hospital, and I hope this is only the first step to take counsel and decides to also report to the Civil Guard and all those means and / or politicians have accused him unfairly.

But while this is happening would not be bad to have people own accord begin to make decisions. For example it would be good that the head of the Hospital who has taken this decision to make accusations without proof to leave immediately, that ABC reinstated the good name of this guy not only publicly in his diary in every state but also responsible for Tenerife gender violence should also leave his position by accusing an innocent man and literally call "disgusting action by a murderer." I see

now that this kid has had to be hospitalized for problems arising from the prosecution and public scorn and humiliation while the cameras see it as taxing encouraged people who were at the gates of the court to insult an innocent man.

This case can not be another case, this should serve the media to reflect, to the people to learn that until a judge does not condemn all of us are innocent, there are types and types of newspapers, you'd better be silent than open your mouth and cause a poor boy is "marked", probably for life.
In short, is an invitation to reflection and above all a reflection to see what kind of society we want; whether the company's Morbidity and Big Brother or society who can wait until things are clear. Reflect.