Monday, December 7, 2009

Sneakers To Stop Burning In Feet

racist graffiti and Franco APPEARED IN MELILLA. HOLIDAY IN WEST

On December 6, Constitution Day, was marred by the appearance of Franco and racist graffiti daubed on the walls of Melilla la Vieja and Mantelete mosque, attached to these walls and located near the statue of Franco still held in the city.

Although it is a bad symptom onset of Francoist slogans on the day that commemorates the proclamation of the Constitution which came to erase the Franco dictatorship, are absolutely intolerable racist graffiti in a city whose future is in tolerance and coexistence between different cultures, religions and secular ideologies that profess the Melilla.

However, the same day 7 were seen in the press and citizens' collective reactions to this unfortunate incident. According to the newspaper Melilla Today, the Asociación Pro Derechos Human Melilla filed a complaint with the prosecution for these acts. Http:// .

(Photo by Al Sur de Alborán)

Meanwhile, Enrique Delgado "El Faro de Melilla" post a comment on this event at http://www / . Delgado rightly linked the graffiti on the closeness of the statue of Franco: "The maintenance of the statue on our streets sends ultras groups subliminal message that still has some link Melilla or moral debt to the dictator and not only encourages such actions, but also programs like the Follonero "can ridicule the image of our city."

(Photo by Enrique Delgado)

Rapid public reaction to these unspeakable racist graffiti show that the majority of Melilla reject such ideologies, but at the same time, questioning the local government on maintaining the inexplicable position contrary to withdraw from our Street statue of Franco and the monument to July 17, 1936, located on the Avenue and built on the site occupied by the cafeteria that met the most distinguished gathering of progressive and leftist Melilla.


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