Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Paying Deductible Twice

The state is hypocritical when he says that public health is quality (that is), while their workers have a private mutual. It is also hypocritical liberal politician who says that immigration contributes only benefits and lives in the Barrio de Salamanca or in SarriĆ .

Anyone who says a communist and Armani dresses is also hypocritical, as is the Social Democrat who says he is the head of an autonomous government, defends the educational system that directs and takes her children to private school. It is also hypocritical to say that you left and take a liberal view of education.

However, it is hypocritical to be president of a government, be social and take your daughters to a public school. Nor is it hypocritical to be a minister of a government, be social, and that your daughter also born in a public hospital. Being a lefty is not easy. Be a hypocrite, yes.

Yes, if Ignacio Runner but he is right


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