Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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A journalistic and political embarrassment

few days ago we were all horrified by the death of a 4 years in Tenerife that had allegedly been raped and abused by the boyfriend of the mother. The girl's parents denied it, but the Guardia Civil, the Hospital, some media and some politicians stopped aside the presumption of innocence, the right image and the right to personal dignity, all rights of way especially in the Constitution.

As I have understood this boy accused of unfairly denounce the hospital, and I hope this is only the first step to take counsel and decides to also report to the Civil Guard and all those means and / or politicians have accused him unfairly.

But while this is happening would not be bad to have people own accord begin to make decisions. For example it would be good that the head of the Hospital who has taken this decision to make accusations without proof to leave immediately, that ABC reinstated the good name of this guy not only publicly in his diary in every state but also responsible for Tenerife gender violence should also leave his position by accusing an innocent man and literally call "disgusting action by a murderer." I see

now that this kid has had to be hospitalized for problems arising from the prosecution and public scorn and humiliation while the cameras see it as taxing encouraged people who were at the gates of the court to insult an innocent man.

This case can not be another case, this should serve the media to reflect, to the people to learn that until a judge does not condemn all of us are innocent, there are types and types of newspapers, you'd better be silent than open your mouth and cause a poor boy is "marked", probably for life.
In short, is an invitation to reflection and above all a reflection to see what kind of society we want; whether the company's Morbidity and Big Brother or society who can wait until things are clear. Reflect.


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