Monday, September 27, 2010

What Item Will Have Immense Value In The Future

Because if I'm going to strike Savoire faire

I if I go on strike, I am a socialist, and I am of the UGT, I am with Zapatero but I am not submissive Zapatero. I am with this strike because you want to apply these solutions are regressive my government, it is not a trivial issue, because I have to get wet because it is not easy to be critical of your party (which notice and to vote and return on the fight for their ideals to my exhaustion, because the right of this country is terrible)

Dismissal by anticipating future economic péridas that the ETT can hire people who previously could not hire, such as construction workers or the entry of those in the public employment system, among other things in this otherness is large tracts reform.

Where are the taxes on higher incomes, because it eliminated the estate tax, and the Sicav constrol, and the tax on financial transactions, and especially because noses are going to pay for the mess of capitalism tranajadores ? For a socialist government can not sit at the same table for those who want to attack the English economy to benefit

If anyone doubts, it may be necessary to reform the labor market, but this reform is to return to the catacombs. Clearly, if the President wants to take action must begin by changing the production model of this country and that does not happen to cut precisely, investment in R + D + i.

I seconded this strike, for me and my children, for yourself and for your children, for you and our friends, your friends and their children, because union members are just like you and I, with our faults and our virtues. And mainly because that's enough to support this system because this will be an inflection.

I'm going, not afraid to say my peers, I will go because the work does not dignify, I'm going because I know that history can be written by people different from now, I will go because , although that should change this system, a humble worker and I today would not be in college if not for the struggle of other people, because I remember how my grandfather went to work for 7 or 8 years and the employer does not recognized or holidays, I will go because I do not want the fight of my great-uncle is on deaf ears, because I believe in people, knowing that I will not get to make ends meet due to the discount and not go because nostro are to blame for this mess


Sunday, September 26, 2010

What Is The Sign Of Wart Dying


This cold and sterile concrete surface is what has become the last stretch of the river Gold As we can see from the pictures below taken a year ago and posted on this blog, this area of \u200b\u200bthe river was a small oasis of natural life created around the cane that has been started and where we could enjoy the view of birds native to Mediterranean wetlands. Today nothing remains.

If this is the environmental policy will be developed in Melilla, you better not have any. That would save us and the nature going to thank us.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Stockings For My Wife

the subway two girls shocked when they read the statements of Commissioner Reading on Sarkozy's attitude compared with the Roma in France with Nazi Germany. At the same time these two girls criticized the unions saying that people who were in part a loggerhead and not working, which were subsidized by the government that no longer serve for anything, according to its terms were "outs." That is if they escaped they would like to improve their working conditions

Viewing the scene I decided to change the car and I have sitting next to two young politicians who militated for a political party, did not want to be political, because politics is something distant and antiquated said. " Honestly I had the feeling that had been agreed because the other youths around them did not monopolize monopoly and competition policy.

I decided to change his coach and two fearless unemployed said they wanted lower taxes, but the subsidy will not stand there passing touch, is wanted Turn up the unemployment because that was not enough, and if necessary, that the salary freeze and officials. Finally I decided

me down the subway and a moribund told me that he believed in the unions because without them return to the labor relations of the pre-industrial and industrial, which he did in Nazi policies were Sarkozy much that presidents Sarkozy defended Europe. Of young politicians said the solution was difficult because they were clones of their games. Of the unemployed reminded me that the unemployment insurance taxes and paid the salary of civil servants, among other things, were used to pay these expenses. Suddenly I was impressed by his savoire faire and I asked how it is said, that wanted to take heart because looked very sick. She told me with a smile: "I'm Social Democracy"

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bajaj Allianz Fixed Deposit Plans

that none is preocupi

Friends and friends who follow the blog, which I know are not few and few, sorry not to show me anything but it was discussed in September, shortly continue here to discuss the parliamentary elections Cataunya, the mayor of Barcelona, \u200b\u200band the news of international politics.
See ya nothing! Health

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tyre Pressure Zip Piaggio


summer and is just garbage and dirt are piled in Aguadú without cleaning workers have been working in the area as in other beaches of our coastline.

bottles, plastics, food waste, in the picture we see a box of shrimp that someone was lying there for lunch leaving the container, broken shoes, rags, debris, abandoned bait, feces .. .

One of the most beautiful bathing and Melilla peculiar risks becoming a dumping ground because of the lack of the slightest civility and shame of many of its users and the lack of attention to authorities do not respect the minimum rules of coexistence in Aguadú appears to be "a no man's land" within our city.
This summer is almost over but I hope these lines will serve to draw attention to the situation in Aguadú of the forthcoming summer season, when you're close and we will remember from this blog.

If we do not all, users and authorities, Aguadú can be turned into a dump where only enjoy the seagulls and cats.