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Happy 2011!

Here is the video greeting recorded by national chain the President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner yesterday at noon Casa Rosada and was delivered at 21. In it, the head of state called for the unity of society, listed some accomplishments of his administration and urged all Argentines to remember tonight even for a moment the former president Nestor Kirchner , who died two months ago. " was an exceptional year for Argentina, but the worst for me personally " he said.

My wish is that you all have a very good 2011 , that the new year bring much peace and since it is an election year that no mistake in choosing our leaders . Personally

twelve months were excellent, I hope to repeat or even improve in the next time. And I hope that next year may be speaking from within a mass medium. That and all the people who made this 2010 an unforgettable year for me, I will raise my glass at midnight . Health !

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Do Celebrities Wear Panties

in review: October 2010

As last post is the summary of the year in 2010 -the remaining two months post them next week, with different balances in other areas-is month is almost certainly the most remembered Argentines this year. The rescue of 33 Chilean miners the crime the militant Ferreyra and Mariano death of former President Nestor Kirchner were the events that marked this month.

This happened in October :

03: The candidate for president of Brazil the Workers' Party (PT) Dilma Rousseff won the election with 46 percent of votes , but not enough to proclaim himself as the successor to his fellow Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva. His opponent in the runoff would José Serra, the Party of Brazilian Social Democracy (PSDB) , which won 32 percent. Third out the Green Party candidate Marina Silva, with almost 20 percent of the vote .

04 : English Robert Edwards, who created IVF vitro (assisted) ago 33, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine .

07: The Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature .

: in China generated a stir the Nobel Prize for Peace activist communist dissident Liu Xiaobo, who was arrested last year , not heard the news. For the award were also nominated the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, so far recovered 102 grandchildren appropriate during the last dictatorship .

09: The T-130 drilling reached the shelter Chilean miners trapped 622 meters deep and, with it, started the final leg In preparation for the rescue.

In Argentina, President used Twitter social network for c pirate alificar the British for the start of military activities in the Falkland Islands .

And as for the activity of the show, the actor was operated Carlos Calvo after suffering a stroke. Carlin recovered from a stroke in 1999 .

13: 0.10 At the world witnessed a remarkable moment in history , similar or greater than the moon landing in 1969. At that time, emerged from the bowels of the earth the miner, the capsule Florencio Avalos Phoenix 2, after 69 days of being trapped inside the San Jose site in Copiapo . Throughout the day the rescue was completed of the remaining 32 workers, which ended at 21.55 to the output of shift manager Luis Urzua that asked Chilean President Sebastián Piñera that this episode does not repeat anymore .

14: At the same time rose to the surface Manuel Gonzalez, the last rescuer he joined the San Jose mine to coordinate the rescue of 33 miners in Chile, Argentine Vice President Julio Cobos again a tie vote in the Senate with a vote against the Government's interests , as Resolution 125 in July 2008. This time 82% approved mobile afternoon vetoed by President , which accused opposition of wanting to defund and break the State .

18 : Tons of garbage were strewn in the streets of the City due to a strike scavengers.

20: A gang association shot struck first in the Buenos Aires district of Avellaneda, and then in the neighborhood of barracks for contract workers dismissed line militants Rock and organizations left, killing at Mariano Ferreyra, a student and member of Workers Party (PO) 23, and seriously wounds Elsa Rodriguez, 56.

21: The Government decided to move to Buenos Aires sample Technopolis , with which it was to close in November, Bicentennial celebrations, because of the negative head of government to allow exhibition of science and technology .

In Formosa, a strong tornado completely destroyed the town of Pozo del Tigre .

24: The weekend ended with the arrests of Paul Cristian Diaz and Favale, alleged perpetrators of the aggression that took the life of Mariano Ferreyra .

27 : At 9.15, he died of a heart attack in El Calafate, Santa Cruz, former President Nestor Kirchner, 60, who served well until the last time as Secretary General of UNASUR, head of the Peronist Party (PJ) and Congressman .

The death occurred the same day held Bicentennial National Census , for the first time included questions on indigenous peoples and gender identity, including gay families.

Thousands of people are self at 20, once the Census to remind the former President in the Plaza de Mayo .

28 : More hundred thousand people, mostly youths, were 20 blocks tail and attended the funeral of Nestor Kirchner at the Casa Rosada, a closed box . Came too much of the Presidents in the region, and dozens of world diplomats sent his condolences to President Cristina Fernández widow.

29 : Néstor Kirchner's remains were fired by a crowd in Rio Gallegos, Santa Cruz , and were housed in the cemetery of that city.

30: The best footballer in history, Diego Maradona , turned 50 between moans about not being able to continue leading the Selection Argentina .

31: In Brazil , The official candidate Dilma Rousseff reached 56 percent of the vote beat the opponent Jose Serra in the second round of presidential elections. assume the January 1, 2011 and will be the first female president of Brazil .

Alabama Mike Vapor Gloves

Year in Review: September 2010

The end of the ninth month of 2010 brought the most significant Latin American political level so far: the attempted coup in Ecuador and the immediate UNASUR intervention in pursuit of maintaining democracy in that country . But in September was a month that was sporting world, so there are also many outstanding episodes in that order.

This was in September :

01: The Government regulated the Act Audiovisual Communication Services, passed last year, which was launched aiming standard to democratize the media .

05: We met thousand days in office of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner . The government went through in 2008 the crisis resolution 125 2009 and the adverse global economic situation .

07: In the second friendly of the Argentina Football Team after the World Cup, the team led by interim Sergio Batista beat Spain 4-1 to , current world champion, in the Monumental .

Minutes earlier, the Argentina National Team basketball was surpassed by Brazil 93-89 to in second round of the FIBA \u200b\u200bWorld Championship , with a stunning performance of Luis Scola, who scored 37 points .

09 : defeated Lithuania 104-85 to Argentina in quarterfinals World basketball Turkey and condemned the team led by Sergio Hernandez to play for the fifth .

order in national politics, Nestor Kirchner urged the governor of Buenos Aires Daniel Scioli to say "Who hands tied" to act security, the country is still perplexed by the assault on Carolina Pipar July 29.

10: In the morning there was another collapse in the City of Buenos Aires, just one month after the fall of the gym in Villa Urquiza. This time it was in the mezzanine Palermo Beara bowling and there was 2 dead .

11: Former President Nestor Kirchner underwent overnight at a angioplasty because to a blockage in a coronary artery in Los Arcos Sanatorium Palermo.

Moreover, Las Leonas Selección Argentina -the women's hockey on grass - in Rosario won his second World Cup in history (the first was in Perth Australia, in 2002 ) after winning the final against Holland by 3-1. Luciana Aymar , the figure of The Lioness, was again named as the best player .

12 : Basketball Selection stayed Argentina the fifth at the FIBA \u200b\u200bWorld to win by 86-81 to Spain, last world champion. In the afternoon, United States claimed the title after beating the home team 81-64.

13: The number 1 in tennis, Rafael Nadal , won his first U.S. Open with his victory over Serbian Novak Djokovic and thus got complete Grand Slam (at least one title at the Australian Open - 2009 - Roland Garros - from 05 to 08 inclusive and '10 - Wimbledon - '08 and '10 - and U.S. Open - '10 -). He became the seventh player to achieve in history, after Federer reached last year.

15: With 30 schools taken by high school students, a teacher strike had the 97% compliance in City public schools, to demand better wages and edilicias reforms.

16 : Thousands of students, teachers and activists commemorated Plaza de Mayo the 34th anniversary of Night of the Pencils , the day that you remember the disappearance in 1976 of students in La Plata .

You 55 years met the coup that overthrew President Juan Domingo Peron and launched the Liberating Revolution .

18: With the defeat the doubles, fell eliminated Argentina one of the Davis Cup semifinals against France .

20: Two new political conflicts erupt in the country: Chile's request to extradite former guerrilla Galvarino Sergio Apablaza, accused of killing a senator and kidnapping a businessman in the late '90s and opponent attempt to intervene in the province of Santa Cruz by a ruling of the Supreme Court ordered in its place replace former Attorney General Eduardo Sosa , displaced in 1995 by the then governor of that province, Nestor Kirchner .

23: In the elections of the Central de Trabajadores Argentinos (CTA) the Kirchner and Hugo Yasky Pablo Micheli sunny declared winners, but had to wait two weeks until your final result, which gave the winner Micheli. Yasky objected to the vote, said that there was fraud and asked to return to the polls.

On the other hand, the General Assembly United Nations , United States President Barack Obama highlighted the struggle of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo during the last military dictatorship.

26 : The Venezuelan ruling, led by President Hugo Chávez , won parliamentary elections but failed to get two-thirds majority.

In Argentina, during the night, a van collided with a truck that spilled its cargo on the van on Route 11 in Santa Fe and there were 14 dead . The collision occurred on the same route four years ago was the scene of the accident and the death of college students Echoes.

28: At 36 years, died suddenly in a gym actress Romina Yan , daughter of television producer Cris Morena and Gustavo Yankelevich .

At night, there was a massive demonstration against Courts in support of the Law on Audiovisual Communication Services . Hebe de Bonafini , head of Madres de Plaza de Mayo , gave a beaming and controversial speech in which he called Turre the judges of the Supreme Court and prayed for the full implementation of the law. The event could also spot recruits militants and taken by bus to the premises.

29: With a shot at close range, Matias Berardi, 16, was killed by his kidnappers in the locality of Ingeniero Maschwitz trying to escape. The boy ran 3 blocks asking for help from neighbors, who opened the door thinking it was a thief .

30: Dozens of police rebels kidnapped the president of Ecuador Rafael Correa and attempted to perform a coup . Four people were dead and 200 wounded were almost . The UNASUR member countries were called on Argentina to support the government of Correa.

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Ideas That Protect A Egg

in review: August 2010

The eighth month of this year had many highlights, as was the mediation of the UNASUR in the c onflict between Venezuela and Colombia , the collapse of the gym Villa Urquiza , For Newsprint or the sad news of the death of baby Pipar Carolina, the victim of a leak bank.

That was in August :

05 : Isidro, the newborn baby of the shot Pipar Carolina, died after a week in observation.

Meanwhile 33 miners were trapped 622 meters depth in the San José mine the city of Copiapo, Chile .

07: Amid rising tensions with Venezuela, took in Colombia President-elect Juan Manuel Santos .

09 : A Villa Urquiza gym collapsed and killed three men : Maximiliano Salgado, 18, Luis Lu, 23, and Guillermo Fede, 37. The fall left the gym demonstrated the lack of inspections and safety measures in buildings locals.

10: The diplomatic and commercial relations between Venezuela and Colombia be relocated up after intense negotiations between Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Colombian Juan Manuel Santos, with former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner as a mediator .

12 : the Buenos Aires Legislature approved the formation of a commission investigating to investigate the alleged involvement of Mauricio Macri in illegal wiretapping .

19 : Planning Minister Julio De Vido reported that Cablevision, the cable company Grupo Clarin could not continue to provide Internet service through Fibertel , because it operated with an expired license since last year . However, after several precautionary measures tabled by the Group Clarin resolution was halted.

In the City, face a growing number of outlets schools by high school students who claimed parts of buildings, Mauricio Macri asked make "black lists" with the names of students participating in shots.

21 : disappeared from her home in Wool Erica Soriano, a woman of 30 years and two months pregnant. The main suspect is her husband Daniel Lagostena and is supposed to have cremated.

22 : "We are well on the refuge's 33" , was the message written on paper and sent through a tube the Chilean miners buried 622 meters deep due to a collapse in their workplace. Chilean President Sebastián Piñera was who showed, after 17 days search .

24: During an event at Casa Rosada, the President announced it would send to the Justice for i epor 26 thousand sheets entitled newsprint Truth in denouncing the illegal appropriation of the plant producing paper by Clarín, La Nación and Profile . Also decided to send Congress a bill to declare public interest newsprint production .

Over the next week, Argentine Time Page 12 on one side and Clarín and La Nación the other committed a long series of contradictions regarding subject. While pro-government daily said highlighted Osvaldo Papaleo, brother of Lydia -Widow of former shareholder Newsprint Graiver David, who died in a dubious accident in Mexico-the Morning opponents gave space to statements Graiver Isidoro, brother of David, which contradicted himself and stated that sale of shares was made without pressure .

29: The widow of former shareholder David Graiver Newsprint, Lidia Papaleo, broke the silence of 34 years in an interview granted to Argentine Time and another Line Down In the first issue of the cycle driven by Victor Hugo Morales . " My husband was killed by Newsprint" he said.

30: After 100 years, the former footballer Francisco Varallo, historical g oleador in the professionalism of Boca Juniors , died in La Plata. was the last survivor of the final first World Cup in 1930, he faced local Uruguay with Argentina.

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in review: July 2010

went into the second half of the year, which was greater flow of information. In this seventh post is the final stage of World Cup and punishment of the law of equal civil marriage .

This happened in July :

02: In the beginning of the quarter-finals World Cup, Holland gave back the advantage and Brazil was eliminated after winning by 2-1 .

In the afternoon, Uruguay reached the semifinals after 40 years , beating by criminal to Ghana. One minute before end of extra time Luis Suarez was ejected for committing a criminal-stretched hand like archer to save his team, and Ghana striker Asamoah Gyan squandered that opportunity, that would have given victory to the African team .

03: The Selection Argentina disastrously played their quarter-finals and was eliminated very precisely to lose 4-0 with Germany, the As in the last World Cup, although that time the loss came on penalties. Lionel Messi was Unconverted world and a goal and coach Diego Maradona acknowledged mistakes in the proposals.

later surpassed by Spain 1-0 Paraguay to and completed the key semifinals.

04: Ten thousand people accompanied at the Ezeiza Selection back after elimination in the World Cup.

London, England, tennis player Rafael Nadal won her second Wimbledon title in and entrenched at No. 1, beating in the final to Czech Tomas Berdych . was only the fourth time in 30 years that a player managed to win Roland Garros and Wimbledon the same year : Federer had done in 2009 the same Nadal in 2008 , and Sweden's Bjorn Borg in 1980.

And at the level of the population lithic chose Poland Bronislaw Komorowski as president to succeed the late Lech Kaczynski.

06: The first semifinal Cup world was won by Netherlands, which exceeded by 3-2 to Uruguay and came, so, in a third final World. The above had been in 1974 and 1978 , and lost both times with the locals: Germany and Argentina respectively.

07: A header from defender Carles Puyol enough to Spain qualify for their first final at a World . triumphed 1-0 over Germany , who fell for the second straight out in the semifinals.

09 : Just as in the Bicentennial in Tucumán 194 was held on anniversary of Independence , with the presence of the President and the art group Brute Force.

10 : Germany took the third place in World Cup after defeating Uruguay by 3-2.

11: English Andrés Iniesta became the only goal in the final World Cup between your computer and the Netherlands to 116 minutes and holiday in Spain sparked by obtaining his first world title .

Uruguayan Diego Forlan was awarded the Golden Ball , being voted player of the tournament .

In tennis, David Nalbandian again was the figure of the Argentine team Davis Cup by defeating the first day, Friday, 9 - to Nikolay Davydenko and Mikhail Youzhny third to and put Argentina in the semifinals . Nalbandian came back after spending 2 ½ months without competition.

and international news had to do with the resurgence in public former President of Cuba Fidel Castro after 4 years sick .

14 : The Supreme Council of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) dismissed the leadership National College of Buenos Aires (CNBA) Virginia González Gass. This measure is rejected until today by students and teachers at the school.

15 : Argentina in the early hours of this day, became a country more just and equitable. With 33 votes in favor and 27 against, was passed in the Senate the equal civil marriage law , which allows contracting marriage to same-sex couples to adopt children. This law was resisted from the outset by Catholic Church and conservative legislators as Liliana Negre de Alonso -member of the ultra-Catholic group Opus Dei - Hilda Gonzalez de Duhalde and Alfredo Olmedo .

22 : to Venezuela broke diplomatic relations with Colombia because Colombian President Alvaro Uribe had stated that the neighboring country to take shelter guerrilla leaders.

27 : With several carelessness by the Executive Committee AFA decided not to renew his contract to DT Diego Armando Maradona, who declined to amend his team. "I lied Grondona and Bilardo betrayed me," Maradona said in a press conference the day after.

29 : Pipar Carolina, a woman of 33 years 9 months pregnant, suffered a leak bank in La Plata. stole 20 thousand dollars and shot, causing serious injuries to her and her baby, who had to be born by caesarean section.

30: In Santiago del Estero and Federal Capital were held first two marriages between same-sex couples under the new law .

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Víctor Hugo Morales by a colleague

known for many years by the story of the 2 ° goal from Diego Armando Maradona to England in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Mexico in 1986, made famous by the phrase "cosmic barrel, what planet are you ? ", journalist Víctor Hugo Morales has another side not so well known until some time.

Victor Hugo launched from the middle of the 90s a battle alone against Grupo Clarín. The privatization of pensions ( AFJP ) and football (TOS ) were the topics that led to Victor Hugo to get on the sidewalk opposite the most read daily in this country.

During the administration of President Cristina Fernandez, pension funds be returned to state, was implemented Football after all that all Argentines could see the first football Division-free in order that ALL access to this benefit is not yet completed, but the program reaches more than 25 million inhabitants, and designed a new law regulating the audiovisual media, Services Act Audiovisual Communication, which replaced the old and unfair Broadcasting Act, passed during the last military dictatorship.

past few months I have great pleasure to hear in the morning, and what attracts me most Víctor Hugo Morales is your unlimited freedom. Beyond agree or disagree with their positions, in the vast majority and a minority agree to disagree-it is admirable to confront the powerful whom many are afraid to cast his and freely in a radio message in which, generally have colleagues with a vision very different from his.

In a year when politics became polarized Argentina, Victor Hugo was accompanied by many colleagues in that battle had begun, initially, only , and was branded endlessly about "ultraoficialista" and even got to say that had been purchased by the Government, after having turned against the Resolution 125 in 2008 because that was a reasonably fair. Even the magazine News this week described him as "the worst period of 2010, based on the results of a survey.

Simply, I believe, as I said above, Victor Hugo is a freelance journalist , who says what he has to say and not shut nothing: if you have to shoot against something or someone, do not hesitate to do so. And defend to the death everything considered fair.

To try to understand why there was a twist course of Victor Hugo in his position, his partner in "Morning " Claudio César Ferri, last year drafted the article entitled " What happens to Victor Hugo Morales? "which then paste into your blog:

"I know Victor Hugo Morales from 1981, when he arrived in the country to tell football at a time when those who were following the radio broadcasts were devoted almost the American reporter, José María Muñoz.

soccer for the huge mass was conceived almost no other way to do radio without hearing the fat contact the Marambio Base in Antarctica, or airing the Steward at the end of each match to say " José María, for the National Lottery officials confirmed that the outcome of the match PRODE number six is \u200b\u200blocal, Independiente 3 Banfield 0 . "

The East was gaining the ta ta ta "as Diego Maradona's Boca climbed on the table, to keep the championship, and meanwhile a radio show called" Sport 80 " began to open up the head. To tell the Admiral Lacoste was more than the president of EAM'78. That being human right and did not mean to hit him with his right hand, not unlike the species.

And so we grew up, shaking off the dust and knocking down the archaic mental structures simply with the sound exercise of thinking. To make a neuron is connected to another shooting an energetic reaction, leading to a final result and I do not remember where, but something positive out of it.

We shudder to the "cosmic barrel, what planet are you from? "and the victory lap of the Argentina in Mexico '86.

to all this and the concepts of Victor Hugo made us begin to suspect that some unusual stew was cooked in the street Viamonte 1300, in conjunction with the company's T every Sunday at 22 pm. spinning on the screen and from there we could see the goal of Lanús the Friday evening. Or at thirty seconds of fame for each team to the business corporation did not find it serves their interests.

- What happens to Victor Hugo?

Julio Grondona, associated with the national government, kick the board and terminated the contract of the Clarín group company and gave birth to a still far more perfectible " Football for All." Ninety minutes of screen for a Boca - River, as well as for Tigre - Atlético Tucumán. Millions of Argentines the gate of his house to Riquelme, Gallardo, Veron and many others without the condition of having the amount of cable per day (if not the payment of the code).

Victor Hugo was designated as the official spokesperson for the move but many were unaware of the titanic struggle over fifteen years long been a cry in the wilderness and now unleashed a storm.

Almost simultaneously launched the " media law", to which the natural journalist earnestly Cardona joined after doing a thorough analysis and would like many have done, but for that we must overcome laziness, and one of the things that cost the man to admit mistakes, be wrong.

Debate by her employers to scam the clubs. Debate on media law, which limits the concentration of information management. Debate on the purchase of $ 2 million by former President Nestor Kirchner, who gave his reasons in an e-mail and telephone chara journalist. Debate on what, at least, calls into question the actions of the camouflaged business groups " independent journalism." Debate, discussion, debate ...

- What happens to Victor Hugo? is the hose that time to this part of me is broaching many people who know that I share much of the workday with Morales. " do not hear more, was sold to the government. Kirchner defends. "

recently asked if he feared being labeled as not for their comments Kirchner, Morales said: " the only thing that I have fear is to cease being free ." It is often said that you should never put your hands in the fire for anyone, but when it comes to principled conviction of Victor Hugo, at least on their hands feet to the fire.

# clause required before continuing: the employment relationship and friendship with Victor Hugo have nothing to do with the merits. Twenty-seven years of journalism (alternating many bad and some good) but let me calm before you might think when reading this comment. I mention this because it is a journalist who refer those who commented me.

I just move, if she could, shaking the mindset of those who express it. Now if, at the heart of the matter.

What happens to Victor Hugo? - "Are you crazy? A day with a pipe gives the Government, and the next day defender? "Still ringing voices.

So make us blind hatred and passion that keeps us from thinking and accept that people are right and they are wrong? Or make us happier attitudes bordering on obedience?

What happens to us as individuals and as society in general?. So short, we have our limit of tolerance, which prevents us from even listening to a thought opposite to ours?. Can not we stop, pay attention and provide a minimal chance of reason to what appears on the sidewalk in front?

Do not be another reaction to the radio and give off an imaginary door on solid arguments who holds a position other than their own?

In short, do a review or a second reading of Victor Hugo's arguments would allow us healthy and exercise often forgotten think. But it seems that many choose the simplicity of the half-turn and move on.

For years and years, and as an example, society is fed from the top of great Argentine daily. Thus for many it was like the Bible, the sacred word.

Today, perhaps as a Pharisee, there is someone telling us what to think, analyze together what happens to the society and its relationship with the media.

Debate, discussion, debate ...

What happens to society?

is in every one of us to accept the challenge to think or the easy way to change the dial. "

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in review: June 2010 Midpoint

After the Christmas , Sixth Edition Summary of next year to completion. In the sixth month of 2010 was played the World Cup South Africa, which attracted the attention of thousands of millions of viewers around the world. Consequently, most events have to do with sports.

In June , happened as follows:

01: After reaching 23 tournament semifinals consecutive Grand Slam, the number one in tennis, Roger Federer Federer fell in the quarterfinals of Roland Garros to Swede Robin Soderling , who had defeated the year earlier in the final. This great streak began in 2004 Wimbledon .

06: The English tennis player Rafael Nadal beat Swede Robin Soderling in the final at Roland Garros , won his fifth title in this tournament and reached the number 1 Roger Federer relegating , which was a record week of weeks ranking leader in the hands of American Pete Sampras (286 ) . In addition, became the first player to win the 3 Masters on clay ( Monte Carlo, Rome and Madrid Hamburg -before-) and Roland Garros in the same year.

In Argentina, the candidates who support Ricardo Alfonsin outperformed elected Vice President Julio Cobos in the internal Radical Civic Union (UCR ) in the Province of Buenos Aires.

07: Ten Argentines were hooligan deported from South Africa and taken to Angola by its history.

therefore moved from Caracas to Buenos Aires to Gustavo Cerati, who was admitted to the Clinical Fleni .

08: The Ambassador of Chile Argentina, Miguel Otero designated Sebastián Piñera by the president, resigned following the controversy surrounding his interview to Clarin, which defended dictator Augusto Pinochet.

11 : South Africa was a party for the beginning of the first African World . At the opening ceremony lacked the remarkable former President Mandela Nestor, which ended the Apartheid in this country 20 years ago, the death of one of his great-granddaughters in a traffic accident.

Then came the moment of the game: in the first game the local drew 1-1 with Mexico, and later France and Uruguay drew goalless .

12 : With a goal by Gabriel Heinze head and a great performance from Lionel Messi , Argentina beat Nigeria 1-0 in his debut World Cup .

15: The Supreme Court 's Office revoked the suspension of the implementation of the Act Audiovisual Communication Services and opened the way towards the regulation of the norm.

16: After three and a half years, the Assembly of Gualeguaychú decided to negotiate and raise the cutting San Martin International Bridge.

17: In his second World Cup match for the group B, beat Argentina 4-1 to South Korea, with another impressive performance Lionel Messi and three goals from Gonzalo Higuain .

At the same time, broke out in Bariloche a brutal police repression a pueblada , indignant because the death of a 15 year old boy . In the repression killed a 28 year old male and the next day, a 17-year .

18: Citing personal reasons, resigned Foreign Minister Jorge Taiana . Héctor Timerman , by the U.S. embassy in Argentina, took over as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

On the other hand, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1998 , José Saramago , died at age 87 in the Canary Islands, Spain.

20: In Colombia, the official Juan Manuel Santos won the runoff election Antanas Mockus and was elected to succeed President Alvaro Uribe .

Meanwhile, in Argentina broke the issue of trade with Venezuela with surcharges and fees of up to 15 percent , denounced by the former ambassador to Venezuela Eduardo Sadous.

21: The biggest win the World Cup materialized this day, with the 7-0 victory of Portugal against North Korea .

22: At the end of the group B, Argentina beat Greece 2-0 on with a goal by Martin Palermo of 36, who entered the final 10 minutes.

Earlier, the morning of this day, South Africa had been removed , which became the first local team remained out before the second phase in a World. ;

23: The debt- released by the National Government reached a membership 66 percent and just out of the operation were 6.273 billion dollars from 18,300 million which provided the exchange.

24 : Italy, last world champion, stayed outside World Cup after losing 3-2 against Slovakia .

27: As in 2006, Argentina beat Mexico in the second round of World . This time it was 3-1 with an offside goal from Carlos Tevez.

Before, Germany had defeated England 4-1 to . Uruguayan referee Jorge Larrionda not a goal upheld English the first time, in which the ball hit the crossbar and stung inside the arc.

28: The journalism student Marianela Rago, 19, was found murdered in his home Balvanera. The alleged murderer would be her former boyfriend, Francisco Amador Lopez .

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As you know, last Saturday I presented at Midpoint ; or a bit or the other the summary of the year I've been posting too on the blog.

Here you can listen to the last program cycle of drivers involved Augustine Gulman, Alejandro Caminos , technology columnist Miraglia Lucas, the band Thánatus, Abel Road and me.

yearbook also presented, the program included the interpretation of various themes of national and international rock by Thánatus and an interview with the Buenos Aires legislature Civic Coalition Sergio Abrevaya , who spoke about their projects, management of the Head of Government of Buenos Aires Mauricio Macri and prospects for elections next year.

Midpoint will from next year in Free Radio (FM 99.3) . I hope he continues the same or better than this year, which already was excellent.

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Happy Christmas!

I wish you all a very happy Christmas Eve and Christmas, that spend all their loved ones and share time together.

May this Christmas bring us peace and reflection all, to build and complement each other in a society that wanted to be part of it.

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Year in Review: May 2010

came the fifth installment of this summary of the year, recalling what happened in the month of Bicentennial , historical event that united us all Argentines.

This happened in May :

04: Former President Nestor Kirchner was chosen by current presidents and leaders the region as the first S ECRETARY General of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR ). Early the next day, with the presence of Kirchner, one-time sitting on the bench, the Chamber of Deputies approved equal civil marriage law and sent to the Senate for treatment.

06: In the elections in Britain, the Conservative Party led by David Cameron was the most chosen, and then joined the Liberal Democrats, led by Nick Clegg to form a coalition government.

As the world economy, Wall Street fell more than 9 percent, dragged down by the Greek crisis , who requested financial assistance International Monetary Fund (IMF ) and the European Union ( EU ).

07: The authors of theft century, perpetrated in January 2006 branch of Banco Rio Acassuso were sentenced by the Court Oral N ° 1 San Isidro.

Meanwhile, in the village of Buenos Aires of General Villegas generated a stir by distributing a video which shows a 14 year old girl performing oral sex three older men who were arrested several days later.

09 : Argentinos Juniors turned an incredible match against Independiente and won by 4-3 , after being losing 3-1, so he climbed to the top of the Clausura tournament final to date.

10: The President announced the creation of the Federal Debt Relief Program , with which the provinces could renegotiate 89 percent of the debt they have with the Nation.

12: A plane from South Africa crashed on landing in Libya. The accident left 103 dead and only one survivor , an 8 year old Dutch boy .

14: The Head of Government of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri was processed as a participant in a conspiracy for the sake of eavesdropping .

16 : Gustavo Cerati, former leader of Soda Stereo, suffered a stroke ( ACV) in Venezuela, which has not yet recovered.

In Argentina, Argentinos Juniors , led by Claudio Borghi , was devoted champion after 25 years after winning 2-1 in Hurricane.

19: A Less than a month of World Cup , the technical director Selección Argentina, Diego Maradona handed a list of 23 summoned , which surprised with the inclusion of defender Ariel Garcé Columbus. Notably absent were the defender Javier Zanetti and midfielder Esteban Cambiasso Both Inter Milan, Italy.

21: They began in the Avenida 9 de Julio, the widest in the world , the celebrations for the Bicentennial Argentina. Along eight blocks (from Corrientes Avenue to Avenue Belgrano) was placed on Bicentennial Tour, with stands of each of the provinces, ministries and local foods the country and the world.

22: In continuation of the celebrations for the Bicentennial parade of delegations of the three armed forces and foreign communities, without the presence of the President.

regard to sport, Inter Milan reached the title Champions League, edging 2-0 with two goals from Argentine Diego Milito to Bayern Munich.

23: Rain delayed the scheduled activities for the day and forced to reschedule for the next.

On the other hand, All Boys beat Rosario Central 3-0 by visitor on Promotion and reached First Division. Central down after 26 years .

24: In the Monumental, Argentina defeated Canada 5-0 to the farewell of the Selection of Buenos Aires, before leaving the World Cup. The match was part of the Bicentennial celebrations , which continued minutes later with the reopening Colon Theater, by the Head of Government of the City, Mauricio Macri, and without the President as a guest.

25 : 200 years were fulfilled May Revolution. With millions of people dumped on the street (it is estimated that this day there were 2 million and 6 million in the 4 days of festivities), the art group Brute Force delivered a memorable show, which represented various events in the history of Argentina . The presidents of the region attended the parade and the opening of S alon of the Patriots Latin American Casa Rosada.

the morning, President Cristina Fernandez attended the Te Deum in Luján while Jorge Bergoglio gave another Te Deum Mass in the Cathedral. Finally, during the night, at the end of the parade Brute Force, sang the national anthem with 200 artists on stage , Fito Páez closed with a concert and there was a fireworks show .

29: Argentina National Team traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa, to contest the World Cup with hooligan on the plane. The presence of these hooligan generated another wave of criticism of the president of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), Julio Grondona .

30: Juan Manuel Santos , the official candidate for president Colombia, won the 47 percent of the votes and the opposition doubled Antanas Mockus , but failed to win in the first round.

31: Nine Palestinian activists who were going on a ship with humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip were killed in international waters at the hands of Israeli army. The attack caused shock and rejection worldwide.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Realtime Vanity Plates Check Availability Ontario

Year in Review: April 2010

Easter and ruling of the International Court of Justice in The Hague , Netherlands, for the case of UPM paper (ex Botnia ) is as Highlights of this fourth installment of the yearbook.

That was in April :

01 : The model Nicole Neumann claimed that she was robbed in the Buenos Aires district of Quilmes, but could never be confirmed because of his wavering statements. Even a witness questioned the statement of the model.

02: During Friday and in the act of commemoration for the 28 years since the beginning of the Falklands War , the President urged to negotiate to Britain on sovereignty in these lands.

05: Federal Judge Norberto Oyarbide quoted a statement from Prime Minister of the City of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri , for the sake of eavesdropping, which was already charged to Jorge Fino Palacios and Cyrus James, prisoners the criminal Marcos Paz.

06: The Equal Connect plan was launched by the President, to deliver free netbooks high school students in public schools .

On a sporting level, Lionel Messi scored 4 goals in Barcelona win 4-1 to Arsenal in England and put his team in the semifinals of the Champions League .

07: The deputy governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Alberto Balestrini , suffered a stroke ( ACV) and underwent emergency surgery in La Plata. His improvement is very slow, but is still hospitalized.

In terms of the economy, China suspended the import from Argentina soybean oil, which generated great fear among farmers.

09, was held Civil Registration neighborhood of San Nicholas first marriage among women in Argentina's history. The stars were Norma Castillo, 68, and Ramona Arevalo, 67. Were brides for 30 years.

10: Polish President Lech Kaczynski died in Smolensk, Russia , the crash of the plane he was traveling he tried to land in fog . The accident killed 96 people -among whom was the wife of the Polish president, congressmen and military, and there were no survivors. The Polish delegation was headed to witness acts of commemoration for the 70-year Katyn slaughter , where killed 22 thousand Poles at the hands of the Soviet Union during World War II .

In another, defeated Barcelona 2-0 to arch-rivals Real Madrid with a goal from Messi .

12: Footballer Martin Palermo became the top scorer in the history of Boca Juniors, with 220 goals since arriving in La Boca in 1997. scored two goals in Boca's victory against Arsenal de Sarandi 4-0.

Moreover, in Catamarca was released Guillermo Luque, convicted of rape and murder of María Soledad Morales in 1990, which forced the resignation of governor Ramón Saadi .

14 : The Argentine Senate approved the list of Mercedes Marco del Pont and ratified as head of the Central Bank .

16: In a confusing episode, was arrested Roberto Larosa adviser deputy Claudio Lozano (South Project), he tried enter an office of the Ministry of Economy .

19 : Venezuela celebrated its Bicentennial with the presence of a large part of Latin American presidents.

20 : The International Court of Justice in The Hague , Netherlands, ruled, in a Solomonic ruling that the statute violated Uruguay Uruguay River to the installation of the Botnia paper and Argentina failed to prove the existence of contamination in the riverbank. Thus, the now ex-UPM-Botnia continued to operate and governments rioplatenses dialogue began looking for a deal.

Internationally, a explosion of an oil rig company British Petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico caused the spill of 660 tons of oil for 4 months, with the consequent death of hundreds of animals and pollution in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

25: The Gualeguaychú Environmental Assembly expressed at the San Martin International Bridge, which connects the city with the Uruguayan Fray Bentos, in rejection opinion of the Court in The Hague and demanded the closure of the former Botnia.

26: After spending nine days in a coma, died in Buenos Aires city of Las Heras Bruzzoni Carola, 40, who had been attacked with sledgehammer by fellow Silvia Luna , given the probable spread of a video in which Luna appeared with a lover in your bridal shower.
27 : The Supreme Court declared unconstitutional the pardons to José Alfredo Martinez de Hoz , Minister of Economy during the dictatorship and civil responsibility more repression.

In the City of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe Avenue again be double hand after 43 years, the streets Anchorena and Borges.

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Is Hand Broken Or Sprained

in review: Back in March 2010 on radio

One day after being presented in Midpoint the summary of the year with Alejandro Caminos, Augustine Gulman, Lucas Miraglia, Abel Road (journalist for National Radio and Radio America) also share the program with the guys in the band Thanatus , comes the third edition of this summary.

This happened
in March, the month of commencement of classes and sessions start in Congress

01 : In the beginning of ordinary sessions of Congress, President Cristina Fernandez repealed the decree creating the Fund Bicentennial and replaced by another Decree of Necessity and Urgency (NUD), the Argentine Debt Relief Fund . The head of the Central Bank Mercedes Marco del Pont, he turned the funds over the same time to pay the debt.

Also on this day, took on Uruguay's president-elect Jose Pepe Mujica , former Tupamaro leader, from the Frente Amplio.

03: Selecting football Argentina defeated 1-0 his two Germany in a friendly played in Munich in one of the last up matches for the World Cup. " This is a quarter-final at the World ," said team coach Diego Maradona, with a great sense of anticipation.

07: With a spectacular return to the courts, the tennis player David Nalbandian recovered its level after hip operation she underwent last year and helped Argentina beat Sweden visitor by Davis Cup, winning the double and the fifth point of the series.

On the other hand, struggled to boqueteros am 218 safes Congress branch of Banco Macro and took more than $ 3 million .

08: At dawn, The secret of his eyes , the film directed by Juan José Campanella and starring Ricardo Darin, Soledad Villamil, Guillermo Francella and Paul Rago, received in the United States Oscar for best foreign film of 2009 . It was the second Oscar for a film in Argentina, after delivered to The official history of Luis Puenzo, in 1986, which also starred Paul Rago.

10: Former President Nestor Kirchner resumed as head of the Peronist Party (PJ), after the license was taken after losing the parliamentary elections of 2009. " We are willing to rule until 2020 " he said.

11: After the devastating earthquake and looting took office in Chile's president-elect Sebastián Piñera, with the difficult task of rebuilding the country.

16 : Lucas Rebolini Manso, 36, son of actors Antonio Grimau and Leonor Manso, was found dead at the Judicial Morgue. Disappeared on February 10.

21: The Buenos Aires city of Baradero , north of the province, was a pueblada scenario. The residents set fire to the Quartermaster and other buildings, because of the death of two teenagers on a motorcycle, presumably after being chased by police who warned the kids not wearing helmets.

24: With a large number acts, was commemorated throughout the country 34 th anniversary of the last coup . The head of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, Hebe de Bonafini, said: "I am proud to live in this country."

25 : Boca Juniors won the derby against River Plate by 2-0 with two goals Chile's Gary Medel .

26: Little by little, began a wave of revelations about the concealment Catholic Church hundreds of cases of sexual abuse worldwide by priests.

29: Silvia Suppo , a key witness in a trial for crimes against humanity during the dictatorship, was killed with 12 stab wounds in Rafaela, Santa Fe

Meanwhile, in Moscow, the Russian capital, two terrorist attacks on the subway alarmed the whole world population. The attacks have cost the lives of 38 people and were attributed to Chechen insurgency .