Thursday, November 26, 2009

School Paper Recycle Sayings

A Constitutional Court expired and political

The Constitutional Court guarantees of legal rights in this country is looping the loop to the decision on the Statute of Catalonia. People should be clarified that this Court is discredited to issue any ruling and least interest to a Basic Law is essential as the new legal framework for an autonomous endorsed by the citizens of Catalonia, the Parliament and the Parliament.

Those who once said that the Court lacked legitimacy now applaud because they are cynical, because they are hypocrites. That Catalonia is a nation within a state is clear, as are also Galicia, Andalusia and Euskadi. Popular unable to convince the public have opted for something that should not be allowed and the use of a special court with unique characteristics to discredit the popular will of the English people, among whom I include myself and what is even worse a magistrate, who will continue in the future, challenged and a president incapable of making a coherent decision.

The pact between Catalonia and the state is not a bilateral pact, not a transfer of sovereignty, is simply the will of a people who want to remain part of Spain and avoid sovereigntist attempt, as Andalusians. Two similar statutes, only one recourse, other act of cynicism by the government of Aragon and especially by the PP pacta same in all underserved communities in Catalonia, and who do not cheat, is to sow hatred between the English

. Extremadura, Madrid, Cantabria, Murcia, Aragon, Castilian Leonese, Castilian Mancha, Melilla, ceutís, Asturias, Valencia, La Rioja, Galicia, Basque, Andalusia, Navarre I can assure you that should have no fear of this statute, not misled by the prophets who have been announcing the end of the world to ignore those who were told they drank what they pleased and that the government was nothing to prohibit it. DO NOT fall into the unrest, because a federal Spain is necessary, however, if we do not let us give their support to the feet of the horses of those who believe that Catalonia should be independent. So we depend on you and your understanding, because most of us want to continue to enjoy the huge diversity of this country. Please do not give them wings to the soothsayers

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Teeth Clear On Bottoms And Tops

Following today a conference on education in CNN + organized by the Grupo Santillana I have been stunned when the Minister of Education Ángel Gabilondo out his impressive speech with 43 haiku that are a kind of mini Japanese poems, which I will mention a few because I could not enter them all. A real treat, read and draw conclusions, which probably is the most left-wing minister of the executive.

Please paladéenlos as it takes a good wine and this time instead of goats, relajémonos and analicémoslos they deserve and allow me to capitalize the ones I liked. Here goes:

1. Quality without equality is discrimination
2. It educates by contagion
3. We need another way to understand
5. Training also must be trained
integral 6. Be formed is never stop learning.
9. Education must embrace diversity
10. Parents and guardians share the task of educating
11. Being a teacher is not an activity is a way to make us happy (ironically but accurately added, but do not tell anyone how lucky is often poorly paid)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Washing Machine Philco

Gabilondo Haikus of Unknown and ungrateful relatives of the sailors

Alakrana families of sailors:
Leo with astonishment that a family group of sailors kidnapped off Somalia tuna you have vetoed the press, politicians and the authorities go to greet the freed after 47 days in captivity. This reminded me of an old principle from my homeland, "is well-born to be grateful." You have forgotten to thank the media work for the English public opinion and keep alert and politicians demanding hours of work, dedication and voltage for the release of your family ...

And you, with your attitude, maybe they think it that your children are the political heroes and despicable beings do not deserve to appear next to them ...

Your attitude reminds me arrogant and intolerant as practiced by dictators are dictators who believe over the truth, politics, authority and resources and information.
Soon you have forgotten when you cried for the cameras and rogábais politicians and the authorities do everything they can to make your relatives back.

a pity that instead of being grateful you have despised you who reached out when you asked. If politicians and the media have treated you as you treat them now, most likely nobody would have heard about the kidnapping of your famiiares and nobody would have negotiated her release, however much you say that your release is thanks to your wives.

After your miserable attitude only hope that, for me, sigais still unknown relatives of the sailors ... and add: ungrateful family ....

Monday, November 9, 2009

How Does A Green Tree Python Breaths

Wall Fell

Tomorrow November 10 my sister was born 20 years ago, and all day on their front opened in the fall of the Berlin Wall was the beginning of the end of communism, the end of a perverse utopia and the beginning of a nightmare with no ideological opposition. That

November 10 I remember it perfectly, yellow and red car (ironically) announced the birth my step sister and a new world order and seemed to indicate that the births in my family were synonymous with strange happenings. The day of my birth in the Asco nuclear plant in Tarragona, a leak was detected soon after the Chernobyl event. Well

and the reader will care little, but are necessary stories, now let's what matters to us "was so positive the fall of the Berlin Wall? "Gained or lost with the fall of communism? Are we better or worse than then? Succinctly, for that matter.

Obviously the fall of communism was the liberation of an oppressed people, but the consequences were not only positive, it caused a few years after the USSR disintegrated completely, and as we show all the economic and social indicators, inequality increased in a barbaric way. Sure, the supermarkets in the former Soviet Union had been restored to all but only a few could eat, the levels of culture and higher education declined, but had returned to freedom. Well, freedom freedom, no. Russia became another kind of dictatorship, but with the blessing of Western powers, as happened in Belarus, Ukraine and all former Soviet satellites. Has not progressed much, or yes, not for me to give answers.

4 years ago, El Pais published a poll in the former GDR who said that 74% of the inhabitants of the region felt it was necessary to keep some things from the former communist republic, and said it clear: capitalism had brought prosperity , but teaching was not for everyone and culture and was not available to all citizens and unemployment levels were higher. But I say the system was shameful, Marxism had become a substitute called communism.

Meanwhile here in the West did not learn panacea and believed that capitalism was apparently seen and obviously we have not mistaken, I doubt anyone has been a system as evil as communism and that the only viable alternative is a socialist system, ie if one end is capitalism and the other is the midpoint communism is socialism and towards this model we have to manage, because so yes it was true that seeing the other side was better capitalism, but once the other system without capitalism bolted and brought us the worst version that makes it inefficient to meet the needs of the disadvantaged.

Today is a day of discussion to debate whether we have improved or worsened since Bewildered, if necessary, another model, if that wine was better. In short, and let me back into the personal, which only should do in cases like this. Tomorrow we celebrate the fall of a myth, an embarrassment, a perversion or a simple system marred by human greed or because we're ready or because it was a natural. What I do know is that my sister was born that day also marks 20 years, she dropped the wall of shame and I hope you meet 25 and have a fairer system.

PD: No more walls economy

Sunday, November 8, 2009

How To Get Shiny Pokemons In Pokemon Heartgold


The Meteorological Agency in his prediction for Sunday November 8, 2009 storm warning was in the area west of Melilla with winds of force 5 to 6 beginning and raging up 6 to 7, meaning a wind speed of about 35 knots, although it has certainly exceeded regristado gusts to 40 knots.

Since Melilla is located on the eastern side of the peninsula of Tres Forcas, westerly winds rarely trees much sea, but because today the wind was lying to the north, giving more travel to the sea form waves, the situation is complicated somewhat sea. In the above forecast was given a rough sea rough seas in the waters of our city.

Where the wind has been felt strongly was in the beach area and Piazza San Lorenzo.

This strong wind has knocked down some of the trees in the square San Lorenzo

To protect other young trees has been resorted to quite rudimentary but that seems to have worked.

As shown in the picture the system in question does not appear to have been made in a cabinet of Research & Development & Innovation, what they call R & D + I and it is supposed to get us out of the economic crisis.

on the beach of carabids felt this morning and afternoon wind gusts.

Again it seems we ran out of sand on the beach, and that has not yet dropped any rain.