Monday, November 9, 2009

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Wall Fell

Tomorrow November 10 my sister was born 20 years ago, and all day on their front opened in the fall of the Berlin Wall was the beginning of the end of communism, the end of a perverse utopia and the beginning of a nightmare with no ideological opposition. That

November 10 I remember it perfectly, yellow and red car (ironically) announced the birth my step sister and a new world order and seemed to indicate that the births in my family were synonymous with strange happenings. The day of my birth in the Asco nuclear plant in Tarragona, a leak was detected soon after the Chernobyl event. Well

and the reader will care little, but are necessary stories, now let's what matters to us "was so positive the fall of the Berlin Wall? "Gained or lost with the fall of communism? Are we better or worse than then? Succinctly, for that matter.

Obviously the fall of communism was the liberation of an oppressed people, but the consequences were not only positive, it caused a few years after the USSR disintegrated completely, and as we show all the economic and social indicators, inequality increased in a barbaric way. Sure, the supermarkets in the former Soviet Union had been restored to all but only a few could eat, the levels of culture and higher education declined, but had returned to freedom. Well, freedom freedom, no. Russia became another kind of dictatorship, but with the blessing of Western powers, as happened in Belarus, Ukraine and all former Soviet satellites. Has not progressed much, or yes, not for me to give answers.

4 years ago, El Pais published a poll in the former GDR who said that 74% of the inhabitants of the region felt it was necessary to keep some things from the former communist republic, and said it clear: capitalism had brought prosperity , but teaching was not for everyone and culture and was not available to all citizens and unemployment levels were higher. But I say the system was shameful, Marxism had become a substitute called communism.

Meanwhile here in the West did not learn panacea and believed that capitalism was apparently seen and obviously we have not mistaken, I doubt anyone has been a system as evil as communism and that the only viable alternative is a socialist system, ie if one end is capitalism and the other is the midpoint communism is socialism and towards this model we have to manage, because so yes it was true that seeing the other side was better capitalism, but once the other system without capitalism bolted and brought us the worst version that makes it inefficient to meet the needs of the disadvantaged.

Today is a day of discussion to debate whether we have improved or worsened since Bewildered, if necessary, another model, if that wine was better. In short, and let me back into the personal, which only should do in cases like this. Tomorrow we celebrate the fall of a myth, an embarrassment, a perversion or a simple system marred by human greed or because we're ready or because it was a natural. What I do know is that my sister was born that day also marks 20 years, she dropped the wall of shame and I hope you meet 25 and have a fairer system.

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