Monday, November 23, 2009

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Gabilondo Haikus of Unknown and ungrateful relatives of the sailors

Alakrana families of sailors:
Leo with astonishment that a family group of sailors kidnapped off Somalia tuna you have vetoed the press, politicians and the authorities go to greet the freed after 47 days in captivity. This reminded me of an old principle from my homeland, "is well-born to be grateful." You have forgotten to thank the media work for the English public opinion and keep alert and politicians demanding hours of work, dedication and voltage for the release of your family ...

And you, with your attitude, maybe they think it that your children are the political heroes and despicable beings do not deserve to appear next to them ...

Your attitude reminds me arrogant and intolerant as practiced by dictators are dictators who believe over the truth, politics, authority and resources and information.
Soon you have forgotten when you cried for the cameras and rogábais politicians and the authorities do everything they can to make your relatives back.

a pity that instead of being grateful you have despised you who reached out when you asked. If politicians and the media have treated you as you treat them now, most likely nobody would have heard about the kidnapping of your famiiares and nobody would have negotiated her release, however much you say that your release is thanks to your wives.

After your miserable attitude only hope that, for me, sigais still unknown relatives of the sailors ... and add: ungrateful family ....


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