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Eliseu football has suffered a tremendous metamorphosis. From being a specialist for his tremendous speed, has become almost a wildcard. This season he has played left end, right, interior, and now with Pellegrini left-back (even played at right back for a while he was injured the day before Gámez Osasuna). "It is strange to me. When I was playing the winger. Eliseu already know what type of side you want to be:" I look at Marcelo, likes to attack and go a lot. It has improved a lot in these years. "
As scarce the left side in the market, Eliseu know you can open many doors in this new location. One of them, the Portuguese: "Improving some things, mostly defensive, Portugal could play in peace." Particularly in the combined Luso often act there two converted midfielders, his partner and Fabio Coentrao Duda.
However, not content Eliseu want to improve: "I have improved tactically, but have not yet. Pellegrini is happy with me, but I said I have to improve too." After

Jesualdo output reaches Eliseu Pellegrini and extreme moves from left back to play ...

With Jesualdo played end and interior. When I arrived Pellegrini asked where I liked to play and told him in the band and there were times he had acted as a winger. Decided to prove there and gave me full freedom to attack.

Are you comfortable there?
When I joined the Manchester, played as winger. There is a new position, but requires to be much more concentrated for 90 minutes because if you fail, is just behind the goalie. We must avoid at all costs foolish as to lose balls can lose up.
end What was the pass that made you worse?
So far, none has gotten a lot of beer.
And to which would not like to face?
A Messi and Cristiano. They put you in trouble themselves. But on the other hand, I like to face them to actually check if I am good or bad side.
How is the team after two wins?
We have given a little air. This break is going to come in handy for people like Apono recover or doubts, they had some discomfort. Talk

Duda and UPON. So important are they?

We are all important, but Apono Duda and bring a little more to the team. Dan more solutions. Doubt any party may decide to pieces and Apono, if you are fit and focused, has a level to play big.

How does the stay?
We have it in our hands. We must continue on this line. We can not make the same mistakes as before Zaragoza and Osasuna.
Would you sign out six points of the next nine? Yes
now. We are minded to do so.
Many are already praying that the boat was at Manchester being champions.
course. But when it came to the last day having to win to remain in Malaga First, play as if the last day of our lives. I do not think we'll need that game, but if he does will have to give everything. As said Pellegrini, Malaga is a luxury for football and we can not lose. Here we have it all, we can not ask for anything more.
So in the last game changed the champions hall for the win. ..
Of course (laughs). If we can make the hall of champions, then we are left with three points, will be well. But hopefully we do not need that last game.


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The fisheries research vessel and ocean "REPOSITORY OF GOOD" is 22.5 m. length, 6.00 beam; a tonnage of 63.55 tons and a laboratory of 12 square meters. Registration 8 1/9-91 FP and based in the port of Palma de Mallorca. Its crew of 6 people and has 6 places for scientists.

owes its name to Odon de Buen (Zuera (Zaragoza) 1863 - Mexico 1945), professor of zoology, a prominent Republican and father of oceanography English. In 1908 he led the so-called scientific Commission began a campaign of oceanographic research and fishing based in Melilla, which covered the waters from Cape Three Water Forcas. These campaigns continued in 1909 and 1910. In 1910 and disposed of a lute called "Averroes" dedicated specifically to fisheries research, which can be considered an antecedent of "Odon de Buen.

Chafarinas Being in the "Captain Mayoral, ever saw the" Odon de Buen "in those waters. He also has visited the port of Melilla.
In the photo below we can see it docked in Malaga.

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W03 has paraded this morning by the press room of City of Manchester stadium. The Brazilian, authoritative voice, convinced of the salvation of Malaga and does not hide the fresh momentum within the team, but calls for caution: "There's still a lot and know that we have much to suffer. The victories came at a good time, because otherwise we would have had two difficult weeks to work. This week has been very positive and hopefully we continue to keep the wins when we play. " The goal of Malaga has two games unbeaten and that, for all self-respecting defense is a plus of satisfaction: "We are also happy to leave the goal to zero. We needed to win without conceding goals. "
The remaining schedule also has the approval of the staff:" The calendar, with quotation marks in our favor. But what counts is what happens in every game. Away from home we have scored against Sevilla and Villarreal and lost at home to theoretically weaker teams. Do not think in the calendar, but to try to win every game and make the points that we need as soon as possible. We depend on ourselves. "Asked about the appropriateness of the break, W03 shows its practical side:" After the next game we will know if the hiatus has been good or not. But this week has been very good. We are working well and very quiet. "
Finally, W03 has launched a loving message to some of their upcoming opponents, with whom he shared a few months ago wardrobe:" I is surprising season Levante. It was one of the teams on which I would bet that would be fighting to the end to avoid relegation, but otherwise I'm happy because I have here some very special friends and I'm happy for them. Caicedo had the opportunity here and I think I took it. Now you are leaving things well and I'm happy for him, Valdo, by Munúa, Xavi Torres ... I hope they go well. "
Source: GHUBN

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VICE (Abdullah Ghubn)

reviews and DALYs: "Rondon NOT SOLD"

Ghubn Abdullah has reviewed today in the Canal Sur Radio microphones. The vice president has been "happy" about the momentum of the team and praised the work of players and coaching staff: "The success, a hundred per cent, is among the players and coach. I am responsible for errors, but success is theirs. " Ghubn did not want to miss the passion that once again put the stands in the Rose Garden: "The loyalty of the fans is what has surprised me most. I always want to hear in the Rose Garden on Málaga going."
trusted man of Sheikh Al-Thani also believes raw succulent that has promised the staff have been a special incentive for the staff: "The premiums are on all computers and what they are doing to win the team are not raw, but the players have confidence." Ghubn effect? \u200b\u200bThere is no magic and no Harry Potter, but a team ready and psyched to win games. "

Ghubn has also confessed to purchasing policy will not change. And throws a warning to those who follow Rondon: "We have in our plans to be a selling club. Rondón not sold, to forget all the world to come after him." He would not delve into the subject of the new stadium and has chosen to focus attention on the permanence: "Now we do not want anything distract attention from the goal is salvation. We have the Rose Garden. There are priorities because right now the most important thing is the team. My most exciting project is the Academy. start building soon and will be located in the municipality of Malaga. "
Vice discutidísima also reviewed the work of the manager, Antonio Fernández: "Is the person able to bring sports management. It's who is looking for players, but then there are others in the club who have the last word. I am very happy with the players who have come in winter. "
addition, he referred to his relationship with Fernando Sanz, who does not maintain any long treatment: "In the past I had a good relationship with Fernando Sanz and now there is not that fluent, but he is with his family very happy in Madrid. He is a former chairman of Manchester and therefore, a very respectable, as any of the other former presidents. Some of these are in contact with us because they want to Malaga and offered to help. "
Finally, Ghubn made reference to alleged defaults that hit the club: "Earlier this season he had planned a budget and the changes we need to balance it, but no financial problems whatsoever."

Source: Canal Sur Radio

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Málaga CF 2-0 RCD.

Second Threesome fell swoop.

finally wins back from Malaga, and now had to win if or if and earned and well deserved to one of the revelation of the league teams such as Barcelona and Espanyol.
The Malaga has started from the beginning willing to take the three points, playing a great first half.

With a touch football that Espanyol could do nothing to prevent and only the domain jellyfish Kameni interventions avoided a shocking result to rest.

But they were only two works of the Venezuelan and non-Rondon, (which has twelve) the first in a cross from the right which ended in failure and central parakeet Rondon shot at Kameni, and the second one from the right remato also at the far post Rondon.
And he comes to rest with the party almost solved because espanyol had so far not shown signs of life, also because Manchester did not let him

`The second part seemed to Espanyol stretched a bit but everything was left in water nowhere, only in distant shots troubled Willy everything Stop what you get without troubles, and Malaga went on playing and creating chances, and on several occasions was able to reach the third.

final today in Manchester has had a great game that deservedly took all three points, and playing like this we can get out of the relegation zone and the less we have left the red lantern, it's something and we are one point of salvation.

Málaga CF: Willy , J Gamez, Demichelis, Weligton, Eliseu; Portillo (Sandro Silva 70 '), Recio, Apono, Duda, Seba (Juanmi 78') and Rondon (Maresca 87 ').
RCD Espanyol: Kameni ; Javier López Galán, Amat, David Garcia, Baena, Verdú, Sergio García (Thievy 70 '), Luis Garcia (López 86'), Álvaro Vázquez (Osvaldo 60 '), Iván Alonso.

1-0 (8 '): Rondón.
2-0 (27 '): Rondón.

Ferreira Delgado, Carlos. (Vasco).

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Highlights- Full Head

Espanyol vs. Malaga CF RCD.

Because He The second in a row.

Sunday at 17:00 Malaga receives in the Rose Garden at Espanyol, another party to face but for the team jellyfish, espanyol are doing a great campaign, but far from their stadium is not the same.

So these circumstances will have to take advantage of Malaga and win a game that would almost out of the relegation zone, because this time there are many battles between teams from the lower part of the table, and this could lead to it. New final
Malaga and at home, her ordeal this season. Espanyol plays after winning in San Sebastian last weekend. The three points are priceless

This game must play like all we have left by the end, giving everything from minute one until the final arbiter on beeps, and take three points that would be vital in the face of salvation will

The Rose , full and top with your team, as it always has been, I just hope that the players are aware of it and do the same, and win the second straight game because of this and can not leave more points you must win at all costs. This time
Chilean recover, since Jesus Gamez is able to play after muscle breakdown, Quincy has passed the flu and Demichelis return to the team after completing the match Anoeta cards.

This portends little change in the starting lineup. Only the question of Gaspar Manolo Gamez or on the side of the defense.

Pellegrini For this party calls for the following players:

Willy Caballero Arnau, Jesús Gámez, Weligton, Demichelis, Apono, Seba Fernandez, Kris, Maresca, Duda, Eliseu, Mtiliga, M. Gaspar, Quincy, Sandro Silva Rondon Camacho, Juanmi, Portillo and Recio.

The possible alignment would be this

Willy Gamez-Demichelis-Weligton-Eliseu
Seba and Rondon

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must continue so we have to keep livestock there is no other, if we really want to be next year at first this happens to win next Sunday at espanyol

And maybe you can gain out of the red in the table, winning two straight games, something that has not done all season, would look to the future with optimism and see what can be out of the hole. This coming Sunday

many clashes between teams from the lower area, and this could be beneficial for Malaga clear that this will have to win his party will not be easy, all you win is not be detrimental to the aspirations of salvation

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Surenos En Nasville Tn



Malaga has brought three deserved points to a Real Anoeta who wanted but could not before a very well planted in Málaga the field and had the party's dominance in the first part, and that domain Duda's goal came at minute 27 on a lack lateral well served by the Portuguese, who beat Bravo. was the 0-1

From there the Royal pushed back to Malaga and had some chances to score but today was Willy stopped everything thrown at him between the posts great performance of goalkeeper jellyfish, it is noteworthy that the Manchester made a very tidy game in defense.

The second part of the Real came out ready to tie the game, but Manchester continued to defend well, and a counter on 58 minutes when the team dominated the center of San Sebastian came Eliseu, who Rondon making comb him the 0-2 on the scoreboard, this meant a blow to the Real, the result seems without passion is seen just after the half. Hence

Malaga at the end he dedicated himself to be the largest ball long as possible and trying to surprise whatsoever against the Real.

final today in Manchester has played a very good game, which has brought three points if you do not worth to go down, leaves and shows you more about what course to follow.

Real Sociedad: Bravo ; Estrada, Ansotegi, M. González, De la Bella, Rivas, Aranburu, X. Prieto, Zurutuza, Griezman; Tamudo.
Málaga CF: Willy, M. Gaspar, Kris, Weligton, Eliseu; Portillo, Apono, Recio and Duda, Seba and Rondon. Goals
0-1 (27 '): Duda., 0-2 (58) Rondon

Saturday, March 12, 2011

When You Faint Do Your Eyes Stay Open

Málaga CF Málaga CF vs REAL SOCIEDAD

The Malaga to score three.

The visit Malaga on Sunday at 17:00 Anoeta stadium to be measured at one of the disclosure of the league teams will be a very tough match as the Real in your field is hard to beat, but Malaga will not be another win if you want to start a recovery that will save them from relegation.

have to take the field to give everything and show that what the players say their commitment to the cause is true and not mere verbiage, you have to run more than the opposite, and die on the field by the three points three points that would be vital to this Malaga doing so we feel this year,

If not win could be almost definitive, as there are only four points and a team could be the fact that this win and the distance increases and would be almost insurmountable.

why I say that you have to leave without giving concessions to rival very into the game from the opening whistle until the last second of the game.

Doubt For this game back having recovered from his rib injury, but now is Jesus Gamez who falls for a broken fiber, the truth is that injuries are taking their toll on the team jellyfish because there is always an important player damaged equipment.

I hope that you go to Manchester a good game at Anoeta and bring three points for Martinique travel

all injured included. Will be in San Sebastian where Pellegrini provide a list of 18 will wear for the party. This initiative aims to stick together and create a spirit that adds to the transcendental
Sunday's game.
Arnau, Jesús Gámez (not physically fit), Weligton, Manu, Demichelis (suspended), Fernando, Apono, Seba Fernandez, Kris, Willy Caballero, Helder, Malagueño, Maresca, Duda, Eliseu, Mtiliga, Manolo, Quincy, Sandro Silva Rondon Camacho, Ruben (not suitable physically), Juanmi, Portillo and Recio.

One possible alignment, could be the next

Seba and Rondon

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The injuries in Malaga arrives worrying, this years have been numerous injuries, and players always important, serious injuries in the goalie, the central and lateral, midfielders, striker, no line has escaped a week if you have low and one too.
We set up a circus and we grow dwarf

coach was unable to repeat a lineup all season, last year he blamed the lawns in the Rose Garden as the training camp, but this year they are a thus carpet is not the fault of the field. And this has to be at least start worrying

now returning Duda, low Jesus Gamez, who will be a couple of weeks off, hopefully once and for all injuries end up in Malaga and the coach can have all the players

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Flag Retirement Cakes


2 nd birthday.


BLANKIAZUL keeps my blog two years all started a March 8, 2009, two years that I have had sporting joys and without flavor, more of the latter than the former, but I hope that in future the tables change, and if we save next year to enjoy but to suffer, to everyone s thanks for your views and comments

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On Saturday 12 March at 19:30 hours, give a lecture at the headquarters of the Association for the Study of Melilla to deal with the fishing industry Melilla: the beginning, the vessels were fishing in our waters, the gear used, catch, fishing infrastructure and the people of the sea Melilla.

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Jogos 3d De Teck Deck

0-1 AC Málaga CF Málaga CF vs Osasuna

SOS we sink.

The truth is that after from what I saw tonight are eager to write, but in the end we will make a effort.
This does not fix it, do not beat anyone Málaga today has fallen to a shy Osasuna did not earn out for thirteen months, but fret not come here and win, that's why we're here to raise the equipment , would not be served to book six players on Thursday?

do today is to return another ridiculous, and this time against a team that we will also present the three points but does anyone in? Not we put a goal or a rainbow and us anything that we reach a goal, this equipment is sometimes seen as reluctantly, and other wild and can not play soccer, it looks very bad, and today could be definitive.

Today they should have won against a direct rival, the players had to have come to eat the opponent, but first have presented the first part, and then came the rush, and everybody knows that rushing is not good.

La Rose looks like a lottery that gets all the touches, what Now what? Why so much investment? To play at second? "We took the coach? I do not think that's a good idea put the goals the players and to put those who are supposed to be the best I have

Because this is very bad looking but are eleven games, but if we have not won "who would going to win?
I with all the pain in my heart I think we have almost two feet in the second, unless a miracle happens and by now I do not believe in miracles

Málaga CF: Willy; Gamez ( Manuel Torres 42 '), Demichelis, Weligton, Eliseu, Quincy, Recio, Maresca (Portillo 55'), Apono, Seba (Juanmi 81 ') and Rondon.

CA Osasuna: Ricardo; Nelson, Lolo, Sergio Fernandez, Damien; Cejudo (Masoud 70 '), Dagger, Nekouman, Camus, Soriano (Vadócz 88'), Kike Sola (Aranda 60 '). Goals

0-1 (91 ') Sergio.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

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Another vital game for Malaga.

A final round with another, in the Rose Garden receives AC Malaga Osasuna on Sunday 6 to 17:00 pm in a game of life and death.

The fall comes Malaga thrashed in the Bernabeu, but nearly all holders rested and that at least six rested on Thursday.

will have to go out and win the match anyway, and the sooner the better, if you can put back on track, to avoid the nerves and the rush of last minute on Thursday, I hope you will not have affected the team morale. Especially

Willy I fit seven goals although he did not have much to blame, many goals.

The team will have the skin left on the field as the day of Almería to achieve a victory that would be important and more to a direct rival as Osasuna

The Rose Garden will be filled with flat out to cheer their team to this get the three points because we are not worth anything.

Osasuna as much as possible is seeking to close and will not mess their goals and go to the counter so you have to keep well back, and not go crazy attacking, we must have patience, and perseverance.

Manuel Pellegrini For this party has called the following players

Willy Caballero Arnau, Jesús Gámez, Weligton, Manuel Torres, Demichelis, Fernando, Apono, Seba Fernandez, Kris, Maresca, Eliseu, Quincy, S. Silva Rondon Camacho and Juanmi subsidiaries, Portillo and Recio.

A possible alignment would be this;

Seba and Rondon

Friday, March 4, 2011

Chest Infection Work Or Not Work?

R. MADRID CF Málaga CF 7-0 R.

ENTERING Jellyfish

I'm not going to chronicle what looked like a football game, because yesterday at the Bernabeu was no match at least part of Malaga, which was limited to make an appearance and nothing more.
This disappointed me a lot, because it is not believed that I could win at Madrid Malaga but least expected more fight from the Málaga for not making the ridiculous so awful they did.

The Málaga was held yesterday just 20 minutes gone, if they did call it play, I can get to understand Pellegrini, its mission is to save the Malaga and this game could not get to all those who played the Monday, logically had to give rest to certain players to keep them fresh on Sunday, when we really took a gamble.
But those who left should have been a little bit of pride and fight a little more the party, some were dragged through the field, is by not holding

The decision, after publicly recognized, by Pellegrini to give up this game was finally very hard. (Do it but do not tell) hope that we will not pass bills in the future, but that, except for the first twenty minutes, gave the impression that they faced against married singles.

The seven goals conceded, are many and may be too big a club we pass a veil and hopefully this will not affect the team for the match against Osasuna

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Oh, everyday!

The growing power struggle between the national government and Grupo Clarín gives rise to Carlos Barragan and Juliet Dussel to edit Oh, everyday! , an interesting book that proposes to review how the print media reported in 2010.

false information, sources revealed ever, repetition of terms and news generation non-newsworthy topics, or worse, failure to society importantantes themes were commonplace in the newspapers in the past year.

The authors analyzed in publication of the reasons why, once and for all, the Argentine readers learned to distrust all the texts and also that "independent journalism" does not exist.

As off-topic, I invite the new page with Alejandro Matías De Rose Road and , colleagues in this wonderful career that is journalism, design in Facebook : Amid media. Join!

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MADRID CF vs. Málaga CF Málaga CF 3-1 UD

Why not dream?.

We just play on Monday, the day 25 and we played on Thursday the 26 and after some people complained about the calendar while now has had two days off the team Real Madrid Espanyol

The visit Malaga on Thursday 22:00 pm-time league Real Madrid at the Bernabeu, with nothing to lose and everything to gain, even a topic that is the reality, because this is one of those games earlier this season that are given as unearned also this game is a plus for the players usually come out very motivated extra.y

This is an area in which Manchester has never won, but never too late to win, is a very difficult game given the quality of the opponent and knowing that has not lost points in their field, but who ever will be the first.
This will have to give the best, and that the mother may have a considerable slut Why not? Play

very serious on defense, giving no loopholes through which to enter and leave the opponent on the counter, is the only way to surprise the team merengue, complicated things more complicated but have been difficult in football. Hopefully

Malaga has a good night and scratch something in the Bernabeu to continue adding the face of salvation.

team in recent days will see a big improvement and has four games without losing, we hope to continue the streak.

Manuel Pellegrini for this game takes the following players.

Willy Caballero Arnau, Manolo, Weligton, Demichelis, Kris, Manu, Eliseu, Sandro Silva, Camacho, Maresca, Fernando, Apono, Recio, Cala, Seba, Quincy, Rondon and Juanmi.

One possible alignment could be the next

Demichelis-Gaspar M-Eliseu Weligton
Seba and Rondon

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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began in 2011

President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner today opened the regular session of Congress to the Legislature and announced the extension of the Universal for Child pregnant women from the third month of pregnancy . In addition, the head of state made a new review of the achievements of his administration and that of her late husband and referred to various bills.

In what was the last time it was introduced in Congress during this period, the president announced his decision to strengthen the social inclusion model proclaiming that the Universal Assignment for Child (AUH) will range from May all pregnant women 3 months or more . The AUH, which provides a stipend of 220 pesos for each beneficiary, now reaches nearly 2 million families, poverty reduced by 48% according to the President and increased school enrollment, pregnant women spreads in the year just which will in Congress to decriminalize abortion law .

During his long speech- lasted 1 hour and 39 minutes - the President responded to the rumors that suggested he would amend the Constitution to its grip on power and ruled for the moment to run for the elections in October. "Would anyone have heard me say that I'm going to re-election in 2011? So do not make the curls" he said the president. Yesterday, the deputy of the Front for Victory Diana Conti said on the radio that he would like Craig to stay forever in the chair Rivadavia, although it was only wishful thinking and not a formal project.

Moreover, the head of state pledged to lead the fight against work in black and slave labor after it came to light several cases of rural labor under inhuman conditions of employment. In this regard, said it is considering a new statute for rural laborer .

As for his relationship with organized labor, the president described as "partners" and union leaders pleaded with them in their protests not disturb other workers who need to travel by bus without complications, train or plane .

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A little oxygen.

The Malaga yesterday took to the air by imposing UDAlmeria 3-1 in a match where the team was clearly dominant jellyfish.

The Malaga came from the beginning eager to win the match, but again a defensive error put the visitors ahead on the scoreboard, was 8 min and although almost all the match was most felt, again beaten.

But Málaga collapse away from the goal conceded, he went up with courage and moments of good play, there was a very clear penalty Sheba Diego Alves would have been the expulsion of the goalkeeper but the referee did not see it, although Malaga This continued to protest his rule, Almeria came only sporadically, but without much danger and came into halftime 0-1.

Pellegrini In the second part starting introduced Maresca change by Camacho and this change was providential, as the 7 minutes is Maresca, who put the 1-1 on the scoreboard.
The Malaga continued to insist, but he was Piatti tube 1-2 in their boots but the post was allied with Malaga, Malaga more to this encorajino who continued not to be willing to take the points, and 78 minutes match a good center head Apono Rondon put in the back of the net.

This was a delusion to the extent that he saw his team win in the Rose Garden since Dec. 5, and Malaga is not as it continued looking for more until the 91st minute a genius to let him Juanmi Maresca in Tray 3-1. Ultimately

are only three points but of incalculable value, since we are only two points adrift of safety and are thirteen games, which means that there is time to dream

Málaga CF: Willy, Gamez, Demichelis º Weligton, Elisha; Quincy (Fernando 83 '), Recio, Camacho (Maresca 46'), pointing; Seba (Juanmi 71 ') y Rondón.

UD Almeria: Diego Alves , Michel, Marcelo Silva, Carlos García Luna; Bernardelli (Goitom 79 ') & M'Bami; Feghouli (Crusat 59'), Piatti, Kalu Uche (Juanito 50 ') ; Ulloa.

0-1 (8 '): Feghouli.
1-1 (52 '): Maresca.
2-1 (78 '): Rondón.
3-1 (91 '): Juanmi.