Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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A little oxygen.

The Malaga yesterday took to the air by imposing UDAlmeria 3-1 in a match where the team was clearly dominant jellyfish.

The Malaga came from the beginning eager to win the match, but again a defensive error put the visitors ahead on the scoreboard, was 8 min and although almost all the match was most felt, again beaten.

But Málaga collapse away from the goal conceded, he went up with courage and moments of good play, there was a very clear penalty Sheba Diego Alves would have been the expulsion of the goalkeeper but the referee did not see it, although Malaga This continued to protest his rule, Almeria came only sporadically, but without much danger and came into halftime 0-1.

Pellegrini In the second part starting introduced Maresca change by Camacho and this change was providential, as the 7 minutes is Maresca, who put the 1-1 on the scoreboard.
The Malaga continued to insist, but he was Piatti tube 1-2 in their boots but the post was allied with Malaga, Malaga more to this encorajino who continued not to be willing to take the points, and 78 minutes match a good center head Apono Rondon put in the back of the net.

This was a delusion to the extent that he saw his team win in the Rose Garden since Dec. 5, and Malaga is not as it continued looking for more until the 91st minute a genius to let him Juanmi Maresca in Tray 3-1. Ultimately

are only three points but of incalculable value, since we are only two points adrift of safety and are thirteen games, which means that there is time to dream

Málaga CF: Willy, Gamez, Demichelis º Weligton, Elisha; Quincy (Fernando 83 '), Recio, Camacho (Maresca 46'), pointing; Seba (Juanmi 71 ') y Rondón.

UD Almeria: Diego Alves , Michel, Marcelo Silva, Carlos García Luna; Bernardelli (Goitom 79 ') & M'Bami; Feghouli (Crusat 59'), Piatti, Kalu Uche (Juanito 50 ') ; Ulloa.

0-1 (8 '): Feghouli.
1-1 (52 '): Maresca.
2-1 (78 '): Rondón.
3-1 (91 '): Juanmi.


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