Sunday, March 13, 2011

Surenos En Nasville Tn



Malaga has brought three deserved points to a Real Anoeta who wanted but could not before a very well planted in Málaga the field and had the party's dominance in the first part, and that domain Duda's goal came at minute 27 on a lack lateral well served by the Portuguese, who beat Bravo. was the 0-1

From there the Royal pushed back to Malaga and had some chances to score but today was Willy stopped everything thrown at him between the posts great performance of goalkeeper jellyfish, it is noteworthy that the Manchester made a very tidy game in defense.

The second part of the Real came out ready to tie the game, but Manchester continued to defend well, and a counter on 58 minutes when the team dominated the center of San Sebastian came Eliseu, who Rondon making comb him the 0-2 on the scoreboard, this meant a blow to the Real, the result seems without passion is seen just after the half. Hence

Malaga at the end he dedicated himself to be the largest ball long as possible and trying to surprise whatsoever against the Real.

final today in Manchester has played a very good game, which has brought three points if you do not worth to go down, leaves and shows you more about what course to follow.

Real Sociedad: Bravo ; Estrada, Ansotegi, M. González, De la Bella, Rivas, Aranburu, X. Prieto, Zurutuza, Griezman; Tamudo.
Málaga CF: Willy, M. Gaspar, Kris, Weligton, Eliseu; Portillo, Apono, Recio and Duda, Seba and Rondon. Goals
0-1 (27 '): Duda., 0-2 (58) Rondon


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