Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jogos 3d De Teck Deck

0-1 AC Málaga CF Málaga CF vs Osasuna

SOS we sink.

The truth is that after from what I saw tonight are eager to write, but in the end we will make a effort.
This does not fix it, do not beat anyone Málaga today has fallen to a shy Osasuna did not earn out for thirteen months, but fret not come here and win, that's why we're here to raise the equipment , would not be served to book six players on Thursday?

do today is to return another ridiculous, and this time against a team that we will also present the three points but does anyone in? Not we put a goal or a rainbow and us anything that we reach a goal, this equipment is sometimes seen as reluctantly, and other wild and can not play soccer, it looks very bad, and today could be definitive.

Today they should have won against a direct rival, the players had to have come to eat the opponent, but first have presented the first part, and then came the rush, and everybody knows that rushing is not good.

La Rose looks like a lottery that gets all the touches, what Now what? Why so much investment? To play at second? "We took the coach? I do not think that's a good idea put the goals the players and to put those who are supposed to be the best I have

Because this is very bad looking but are eleven games, but if we have not won "who would going to win?
I with all the pain in my heart I think we have almost two feet in the second, unless a miracle happens and by now I do not believe in miracles

Málaga CF: Willy; Gamez ( Manuel Torres 42 '), Demichelis, Weligton, Eliseu, Quincy, Recio, Maresca (Portillo 55'), Apono, Seba (Juanmi 81 ') and Rondon.

CA Osasuna: Ricardo; Nelson, Lolo, Sergio Fernandez, Damien; Cejudo (Masoud 70 '), Dagger, Nekouman, Camus, Soriano (Vadócz 88'), Kike Sola (Aranda 60 '). Goals

0-1 (91 ') Sergio.


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