Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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MADRID CF vs. Málaga CF Málaga CF 3-1 UD

Why not dream?.

We just play on Monday, the day 25 and we played on Thursday the 26 and after some people complained about the calendar while now has had two days off the team Real Madrid Espanyol

The visit Malaga on Thursday 22:00 pm-time league Real Madrid at the Bernabeu, with nothing to lose and everything to gain, even a topic that is the reality, because this is one of those games earlier this season that are given as unearned also this game is a plus for the players usually come out very motivated extra.y

This is an area in which Manchester has never won, but never too late to win, is a very difficult game given the quality of the opponent and knowing that has not lost points in their field, but who ever will be the first.
This will have to give the best, and that the mother may have a considerable slut Why not? Play

very serious on defense, giving no loopholes through which to enter and leave the opponent on the counter, is the only way to surprise the team merengue, complicated things more complicated but have been difficult in football. Hopefully

Malaga has a good night and scratch something in the Bernabeu to continue adding the face of salvation.

team in recent days will see a big improvement and has four games without losing, we hope to continue the streak.

Manuel Pellegrini for this game takes the following players.

Willy Caballero Arnau, Manolo, Weligton, Demichelis, Kris, Manu, Eliseu, Sandro Silva, Camacho, Maresca, Fernando, Apono, Recio, Cala, Seba, Quincy, Rondon and Juanmi.

One possible alignment could be the next

Demichelis-Gaspar M-Eliseu Weligton
Seba and Rondon


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