Sunday, March 27, 2011

How To Fill My Punching Bag


Eliseu football has suffered a tremendous metamorphosis. From being a specialist for his tremendous speed, has become almost a wildcard. This season he has played left end, right, interior, and now with Pellegrini left-back (even played at right back for a while he was injured the day before Gámez Osasuna). "It is strange to me. When I was playing the winger. Eliseu already know what type of side you want to be:" I look at Marcelo, likes to attack and go a lot. It has improved a lot in these years. "
As scarce the left side in the market, Eliseu know you can open many doors in this new location. One of them, the Portuguese: "Improving some things, mostly defensive, Portugal could play in peace." Particularly in the combined Luso often act there two converted midfielders, his partner and Fabio Coentrao Duda.
However, not content Eliseu want to improve: "I have improved tactically, but have not yet. Pellegrini is happy with me, but I said I have to improve too." After

Jesualdo output reaches Eliseu Pellegrini and extreme moves from left back to play ...

With Jesualdo played end and interior. When I arrived Pellegrini asked where I liked to play and told him in the band and there were times he had acted as a winger. Decided to prove there and gave me full freedom to attack.

Are you comfortable there?
When I joined the Manchester, played as winger. There is a new position, but requires to be much more concentrated for 90 minutes because if you fail, is just behind the goalie. We must avoid at all costs foolish as to lose balls can lose up.
end What was the pass that made you worse?
So far, none has gotten a lot of beer.
And to which would not like to face?
A Messi and Cristiano. They put you in trouble themselves. But on the other hand, I like to face them to actually check if I am good or bad side.
How is the team after two wins?
We have given a little air. This break is going to come in handy for people like Apono recover or doubts, they had some discomfort. Talk

Duda and UPON. So important are they?

We are all important, but Apono Duda and bring a little more to the team. Dan more solutions. Doubt any party may decide to pieces and Apono, if you are fit and focused, has a level to play big.

How does the stay?
We have it in our hands. We must continue on this line. We can not make the same mistakes as before Zaragoza and Osasuna.
Would you sign out six points of the next nine? Yes
now. We are minded to do so.
Many are already praying that the boat was at Manchester being champions.
course. But when it came to the last day having to win to remain in Malaga First, play as if the last day of our lives. I do not think we'll need that game, but if he does will have to give everything. As said Pellegrini, Malaga is a luxury for football and we can not lose. Here we have it all, we can not ask for anything more.
So in the last game changed the champions hall for the win. ..
Of course (laughs). If we can make the hall of champions, then we are left with three points, will be well. But hopefully we do not need that last game.



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