Friday, March 4, 2011

Chest Infection Work Or Not Work?

R. MADRID CF Málaga CF 7-0 R.

ENTERING Jellyfish

I'm not going to chronicle what looked like a football game, because yesterday at the Bernabeu was no match at least part of Malaga, which was limited to make an appearance and nothing more.
This disappointed me a lot, because it is not believed that I could win at Madrid Malaga but least expected more fight from the Málaga for not making the ridiculous so awful they did.

The Málaga was held yesterday just 20 minutes gone, if they did call it play, I can get to understand Pellegrini, its mission is to save the Malaga and this game could not get to all those who played the Monday, logically had to give rest to certain players to keep them fresh on Sunday, when we really took a gamble.
But those who left should have been a little bit of pride and fight a little more the party, some were dragged through the field, is by not holding

The decision, after publicly recognized, by Pellegrini to give up this game was finally very hard. (Do it but do not tell) hope that we will not pass bills in the future, but that, except for the first twenty minutes, gave the impression that they faced against married singles.

The seven goals conceded, are many and may be too big a club we pass a veil and hopefully this will not affect the team for the match against Osasuna


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