Saturday, March 5, 2011

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Another vital game for Malaga.

A final round with another, in the Rose Garden receives AC Malaga Osasuna on Sunday 6 to 17:00 pm in a game of life and death.

The fall comes Malaga thrashed in the Bernabeu, but nearly all holders rested and that at least six rested on Thursday.

will have to go out and win the match anyway, and the sooner the better, if you can put back on track, to avoid the nerves and the rush of last minute on Thursday, I hope you will not have affected the team morale. Especially

Willy I fit seven goals although he did not have much to blame, many goals.

The team will have the skin left on the field as the day of Almería to achieve a victory that would be important and more to a direct rival as Osasuna

The Rose Garden will be filled with flat out to cheer their team to this get the three points because we are not worth anything.

Osasuna as much as possible is seeking to close and will not mess their goals and go to the counter so you have to keep well back, and not go crazy attacking, we must have patience, and perseverance.

Manuel Pellegrini For this party has called the following players

Willy Caballero Arnau, Jesús Gámez, Weligton, Manuel Torres, Demichelis, Fernando, Apono, Seba Fernandez, Kris, Maresca, Eliseu, Quincy, S. Silva Rondon Camacho and Juanmi subsidiaries, Portillo and Recio.

A possible alignment would be this;

Seba and Rondon


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