Friday, March 25, 2011

Where To Celebrate Birthday In Bangalore


W03 has paraded this morning by the press room of City of Manchester stadium. The Brazilian, authoritative voice, convinced of the salvation of Malaga and does not hide the fresh momentum within the team, but calls for caution: "There's still a lot and know that we have much to suffer. The victories came at a good time, because otherwise we would have had two difficult weeks to work. This week has been very positive and hopefully we continue to keep the wins when we play. " The goal of Malaga has two games unbeaten and that, for all self-respecting defense is a plus of satisfaction: "We are also happy to leave the goal to zero. We needed to win without conceding goals. "
The remaining schedule also has the approval of the staff:" The calendar, with quotation marks in our favor. But what counts is what happens in every game. Away from home we have scored against Sevilla and Villarreal and lost at home to theoretically weaker teams. Do not think in the calendar, but to try to win every game and make the points that we need as soon as possible. We depend on ourselves. "Asked about the appropriateness of the break, W03 shows its practical side:" After the next game we will know if the hiatus has been good or not. But this week has been very good. We are working well and very quiet. "
Finally, W03 has launched a loving message to some of their upcoming opponents, with whom he shared a few months ago wardrobe:" I is surprising season Levante. It was one of the teams on which I would bet that would be fighting to the end to avoid relegation, but otherwise I'm happy because I have here some very special friends and I'm happy for them. Caicedo had the opportunity here and I think I took it. Now you are leaving things well and I'm happy for him, Valdo, by MunĂșa, Xavi Torres ... I hope they go well. "
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