Monday, April 26, 2010

Images Of Costco Xmas Cake Designs

The three blocks. Leon Felipe

The red apple I got to eat yesterday was a worm, white apple ate my parents had two worms, and green apple that ate the original pair and in the back door of Paradise, had so many worms that we all inherit our part.

If there is an apple without worms in the world is not behind me but in front. However
. Man may recant. Any honest man can withdraw and say, I I do not want the red apple. Yesterday I sang its excellence because I thought it was a bone of man. Now I've seen that has a worm. I do not want. I'll get another apple.

What is not an honest man can say is this: The red apple has a worm, not love. I will take again the white apple of my parents, who even had two worms, also had a history, and rotting flesh lived my whole clan.
This is cowardice, cunning and desire to continue smoking without getting out of the swing.

From the rocking chair still some scholars continue to speak, freedom ...
They say that freedom is the desire to swing from left to right, go deaf, rhythmic swings, a bad apple bad apple to another, because beyond this there is only rolling the thick black wall and if a man or a people rose early and going to crash his brains out against the black wall, thick shout at them is crazy or violent.
But it is not crazy or violent. Is a character who says
If there is an apple without worms in the world ... Why do I want brains?

I think the last race, the big test, is found in the brain dead man.
Because it is written: And he who loses his brain will find it. Lord

Monday, April 5, 2010

Severe Tooth Pain That Moves Around

Charter for anyone

Allow me, first, that no greeting begins with the protocol "very good", because even that I can say after checking that it is unable to apply at home what others vehemently furious demands.

thought you were the leader of a political party that could disagree with their ideas and approaches, but much more or much less, depending how you look. Are you the old hypocrite who says "do as I say, but do not do what I do" is the Pharisee whom Jesus had cast out of the temple with a whip, is, in short, the antithesis of truth and the merchant who deals with the dreams of those who gave their trust. Made sacred texts also mention that from memory "by save just one town. " Are there just in your party?.

not separate us you are right-and left-I, no. What has created an unbridgeable gulf between you and me is his audacity to protect corrupt and thieves and at the same time, point your finger at those who discover them. Do you remember what you said about the police who investigated the plot Gurtel, harassment and demolition has been submitted to the judge instructed the cause Gurtel? Not worth it, you know very well.

not repair the damage with his attitude and work is doing to this country and its people. Good people, honest people, people who think differently and you want to face fraticidamente just for the pleasure of sitting in the Palacio de la Moncloa. Everything is not okay, not the end justifies the means and someday, when left alone with his conscience, when you look in the eyes of their children, hope and desire that has the labyrinth of the evil that has been woven to satisfy their ambition.

You are not listening, not reading, is unable to pause and reflect. You love to amplify the bad news, has been found in the morass of financial crisis blowing another ruse to continue the efforts of other political parties to mitigate their effects. I do not care and is sure to firmly believes that "the worse the better for me." How selfish and mean.

Finally, Let me end this letter, that they never read, expressing my confidence that the English (a) s will realize its crude strategy. If one day, unfortunately for this country to win the election you would be our penance and punishment and it is satisfied in advance that I am not sectarian and that nothing would please me more than the alternation of power and coalitions of different parties.

End the anger strategy, be humble and sweep your home, learn that you have your truth, which is different from others is neither better nor worse, and, above all, respect the truth and will of citizens. The leftists are not your enemy, we are just people that we think differently. But beyond the ideas are the values \u200b\u200band while I believe in the goodness of human beings, you and your family carve and worship the golden calf. That is the substantial difference between us. José Antonio Fernández