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Closing the east the Bay of Algeciras, is the Rock of Gibraltar. One of the Pillars of Hercules in antiquity, rather than arrival of Muslim troops began their conquest of the Visigothic Kingdom and conquered, in turn, in 1462 by troops of the Duke of Medina Sidonia who became of the estate of the noble house until 1502 he spent depend on the Catholic Monarchs.

Being possession of Medina Sidonia was made vincualda Gibraltar to conquer our city. Lorenzo de Padilla writes in his "Chronicle of Philip the Fair" that the army which occupied Melilla departed from this port. For its part, Barrantes says that after the occupation of Melilla, was to send ships to Gibraltar to bring supplies and fuel.

As we all know, Gibraltar is a British possession since its occupation by Anglo-Dutch fleet in 1704.

One of the points of friction common between Gibraltar and English is the extension of territorial waters of the Rock, limited by the Treaty of Utrecht to its port as much as the people of Gibraltar do not want to accept estehecho. The issue is important to them because one of the most buoyant legal business of Gibraltar is the supply ships at anchor in the bay of Algeciras.

Regardless of political issues, the Rock and the extreme south, Punta Europa, is undoubtedly a place of scenic interest.

Europe seen from the south.

Punta Europe seen from the east. Here we see the mosque built a few years ago.

The Rock's wartime past is reflected in these buildings made in caves and crevices of the cliff to protect them from possible bombing.

On this side of the east side of the Rock is built around systems for collecting and storing rainwater in tanks reinforced.

Llanitos seems that want to expand their territory gaining ground in our waters. In the background we see and La Línea de la Concepción.

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complex up to the elections

When Vice President Julio Cobos voted against the Resolution 125/2008 , early on Thursday July 17, 2008 began in advance the way to the election that the Sunday October 23, 2011 determine who will be responsible for managing the destiny of this country for four years.

The measure, intended to carry taxes on soybean exports from 35 to 44.1 percent , was the turning point of management that President Cristina Fernández had begun a few months ago, in December 2007. From that time were defined allies and opponents, and that map has not changed yet transcendent.

SO LET THE 2010. A year and a half after vote "no positive" the Vice President, Kirchner, for the first time in 6 ½ years, was not a majority in Congress. in 2010 was expected to weaken and management opposition pave the path to enter the Casa Rosada triumphant late 2011. First off was to happen, and the other remains to be seen.

year of death of the central figure in the politics of Argentina in the last 7 years, Nestor Kirchner, was marked by polarization, or it is official or opponent; neutral and critical positions scarce.

De the issues that the opposition promised to try in Parliament (INDEC reform, the NUD control and superpowers, modification and / or elimination of export taxes on soybeans, among others) just arrived to fruition. The ruling in that sense, emerged victorious, it could lock projects that did not suit . The supposed opposition majority was not so , and Kirchner showed that by denying a quorum, something fairly common, but it distorts democracy understood as the constant exchange of ideas and positions, could approach situations zafar pressing.

As the presidential candidates, the end of 2010 leaves us with three very strong political surveys: the current President Cristina Fernández , Deputy Ricardo Alfonsin and the Head of Government of Buenos Aires Mauricio Macri . The ruling

the only dilemma was penguin or penguin, and an unfortunate reason that we all know that doubt and cleared, although there is still official confirmation. The single national projection of the Front for the Victoria you can take the baton if Cristina does not go for re-election is Daniel Scioli. In

radicalism, Alfonsin deepened in the eyes of all his attempt to match their image of his father , and that's left over, while the son of former president was installed as a serious contender, Cobos , As doubtful as that early voting is not positive, he preferred not to risk . And, almost like a knockout blow to Vice President, the head of the Radical Civic Union (UCR) Ernesto Sanz was installed as a candidate and takes away some support for Cobos and only a few Alfonsin.

Finally, the non-Kirchner Peronist Eduardo Duhalde has , the mayor of Lomas de Zamora in dark times of the Triple A , as the only figure who can aspire to the House Rosada, although at the moment too consecha no adhesions. Except clear in the sector who want to Videla. Therefore, it is possible an agreement between the dissident Peronist Mauricio Macri, who was widely different national government in December, with the theme of taking the public spaces and the decision not to suppress social protest . Macri is the most rancid of the neoliberal right and its management would be quite similar to the one we left in ruins during the '90s.

TOWARDS THE ELECTIONS. Just started the election year, although the definitions of candidates and campaigns will begin when the country returns to the activity formally in March. As ever, from all opposition will be strong and try to block rejection of all proposals of the ruling . They are so visible in the footsteps of this administration that his detractors do not hesitate to join provided they do not deepen the model.

As it is not wise to make futurology, the above reasons were at the end of 2010: agitation of violence, xenophobia and calls for plans to install in the population a sense of total chaos , so that the polls are going to fight.

The only time that management was about to fall in these 7 ½ years was in 2008, amid the conflict with the Liaison Officers, bringing together employer organizations in the agricultural sector for the withholding. Just today, the Liaison Bureau promised protest if there are no agreements for the export of wheat.

With a favorable outlook and intention to vote ranging from 30 to 45% for the ruling according to various surveys, there are only 3 questions, you are going to weigh when voting: repeat the mistakes of 2008 already cost him an election ? "How to respond to the deficits in social ? "will be able to put up with chivalry each destabilizing shocks right?

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María Elena Walsh, forever

singer Maria Elena Walsh died this afternoon in a hospital of Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo, the 80 years. The sad news shocked and saddened us all, as the author of Manuelita, The Kingdom of the reverse and the cow scholar, among many other famous songs, was part of children of all .

Front immense pain, which leaves me without many words to write, I leave the letter The upside down kingdom, one of her best known, which I remember my mother used to sing when I was a kid.

told me that in the Reverse Kingdom
anything the bird and fish fly,
that cats do not meow and say yes
because studied much English.

Let's see how
the Reverse Kingdom.

told me that in the Reverse Kingdom
anyone dance with your feet,
that a thief is a policeman and another is a judge
and that two plus two equals three.

told me that in the Reverse Kingdom
be a bear in a nutshell,
beards and mustaches that babies
and that a year lasts a month.

I was told in the Reverse Kingdom
there Pekinese,
that falls upwards and once ...
could not come down later.

told me that in the Reverse Kingdom
a man named Andrew
has 1530 chimpanzees,
that if you look do not see them.

told me that in the Reverse Kingdom
a spider and a centipede
are mounted to the palace of the Marquis
chess in horses.

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If Sarah Pallin

Antonio Cano writes today in El Pais an opinion which considers that the attack on the Congressman's Tucson Ms. Giffords is not the result of constant attacks by the North American extreme right to everything that exudes an air http:// whole Obama thing, and limited exclusively the blame for what happened to a person with serious psychological problems.

is true that it is not directly responsible for the crime committed against a Democratic congressman on the right ideological spectrum of the Democratic Party, but without a doubt is the necessary accessory (along with other members Tea Party) that induce such actions quite common in North American politics and especially in the far right, with the exception of some killings by the extreme left in the 60's. Pallin enough to remember that Facebook had in his chart which stated with the congressional goals to beat in recent congressional elections, and as was the case for health reform Giffords supporters of President Obama.

But neither misled us, whether as an accomplice is Sarah Pallin, employees are, without doubt, some of the media in this country, and especially the very ultra Fox, where day after day is questionable legitimacy, either by ho and b, where Obama and his commentators make rams of low passions that erupt in an electorate very specific and very conservative (but still huge as people are concerned) the Republican Party and where a leader that party got it right: "we thought we controlled the Fox, but it was she who controls us." Besides the negligible attitude of his rival for the seat, a character who made his campaign ads in military dress and a M-16 on the table

Well said and done, these powders are these muds. A shot in the left lobe of a Democratic Congressman in a conservative state like Arizona, and coincidences of life, the congressman is an advocate of gun ownership at that time was "attacked" by his own party by not supporting the former president of Congress, the very liberal Nancy Pelosi. Hopefully he recovers soon, but in any case: If Sarah Pallin's fault

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Compiled summary of 2010

yesterday gave the last edition of the summary of the year that ended last week, and today, as a prelude to the last summaries that are (a political landscape and a sports , which are the two subjects as I'm more concern me), this compilation. In this post I will l links to each of the 2010 annual deliveries, simply click on the title of the post .

January 2010: Death of Sandro , debate the use of Central Bank reserves, Haiti earthquake.

February 2010 : murder of Wanda Taddei, Federal Capital flood, earthquake in Chile .

March 2010 : opening sessions of Congress , Oscar to The Secret of Their Eyes , death of Lucas Rebolini Manso, pueblada in Baradero .

April 2010: accident in plane he was traveling in the Polish President Lech Kaczynski , Judgement of the International Court of Justice Hague by the conflict in the trash in Fray Bentos, Uruguay , murder Carola of Bruzzoni .

May 2010: approval in Deputies of equal civil marriage law , ARGENTINE BICENTENNIAL HISTORICAL , travel of the Argentina Football Team the World South Africa.

June 2010 : start of World Cup in South Africa , resignation of Foreign Minister Jorge Taiana , killing journalism student Marianela Rago.

July 2010 : elimination of Argentina's World Cup, the first world title to Spain, approval and enactment of equal marriage, the pregnant bank leak Carolina Piparo.

August 2010: collapse in Villa Urquiza gym , mediation de Kirchner in the Venezuela-Colombia conflict , beginning of the recovery of the Chilean mining , Newsprint complaint .

September 2010: regulation Act Audiovisual Communication Services, high school footage, collapse in bowling Beara, second world title in Las Leonas , failed attempt to coup in Ecuador .

October 2010 : elections in Brazil, rescue Chilean miners, killing Mariano Ferreyra, death of Nestor Kirchner and massive farewell popular.

November 2010: U.S. election , death of the dictator Emilio Massera, a scandal in the debate on the Budget 2011 , repression of an indigenous community in Formosa , Wikileaks revelations.

December 2010: public spaces footage Lugano and Villa Soldati Villa , among several others, destruction and looting in Constitution, power outages year-end.

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Year in Review: December 2010

comes the final delivery of the yearbook Bicentennial with the last month of 2010, a period that includes takes serious incidents of public spaces and Station Constitution.

This happened in December :

02 : Amid suspicions of bribery, the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has chosen as venues for the 2018 and 2022 World Russia and Qatar, respectively, two countries with little soccer tradition.

03: The President opened in Mar del Plata the twentieth Ibero and declared: " Latin America is our biggest homeland ."

In Federal Capital, the radical Ricardo Alfonsin launched his candidacy for president in 2011 .

Moreover, the federal judge Norberto Oyarbide indicted former Transportation Secretary Ricardo Jaime for the crime of gifts. The research is aimed at finding evidence that entrepreneurs should be controlled by Jaime paid him rent of your apartment .

05: Despite hundreds of millions of dollars invested in the renovation of Teatro Colón , reopened in May, the regular cast dancers were hurt by the poor quality of the floor and theater workers prevented several functions to demand better wages .

Globally, the heavy rains caused severe flooding in Venezuela and Colombia, more than 200 deaths and more than 1000 evacuees .

06: The Head of Government Corrientes city opened the new station subway line H . This terminal can be done online combination with B in Pueyrredón station.

07: Bernardo Salgueiro (Bolivia, 22 years) and Rosemary Churapuña (Paraguayan of 28) were killed in Soldati Villa Park after the occupation of American Indian by poor families and the subsequent repression of Federal Police and the Metropolitan .

08 : Independent champions of the Copa Sudamericana to a 3-1 defeat of Brazil Goias and win on penalties . It was the first international title for the whole of Avellaneda in fifteen years, and 16 ° its history .

Internationally, there 83 deaths by fire in a Chilean jail , apparently after a fight between prisoners. This was the third tragedy he faced Chile this year after the earthquake febrer oy the mine collapse in August , which fortunately had a happy ending after two months.

09 : Mauricio Macri delivered a speech full of xenophobia , which rammed uncontrolled immigration and generated more violence in Villa Soldati : Emiliano Canaviri - a Bolivian citizen who was first identified as Juan Castaneda Quispe - was killed in a clash with suspected neighbors.

10 : There was more violence on the campus of American Indian Park and a confusing episode fired at a man of 19 when an ambulance was gone, he was pronounced dead but was found Next week hiding in the house of his brother .

At the same moment, President spoke on national TV and announced the creation of Security Department (formerly included in the Ministry of Justice, led by Julio Alak ), which would be in charge of Defense Minister Nilda Garre .

12: Over 100 000 people attended concerts by the Human Rights Day celebrations and the 27-year uninterrupted democracy in Argentina. They played, among others, León Gieco, Gustavo Santaolalla, Vicentino, Calle 13 and closed Charly García.

Afternoon Students earned his 11 th career title by defeating 2-0 to Arsenal and keep the Apertura .

13: Maximum scorer for Boca, Palermo Martin, scored on his team's draw against Gimnasia the goal 300 of his career .

14: The governments of the nation and City reached an agreement to build houses and leave peacefully the American Indian Park. The families who were home voluntarily left the premises, two days after being surveyed.

15 : assumed as security and defense ministers Nilda Garre and Arturo Puricelli , respectively.

In the Buenos Aires Legislature ended operation within the Investigating Committee that investigated the alleged involvement of Macri in illegal wiretapping, no conclusions strong.

17: In the club Albariño de Villa Lugano, occupied by criminals who would not be counted or subsidized generated clashes with stones and bottles between occupants and a group of neighbors called place.

Furthermore, the INDEC released the first figures of the Census: Argentina would almost 40,100,000 inhabitants, 10.6 percent more than in 2001 .

20: The President launched Operation Sentinel , which provides for the delivery 6 thousand policemen on the streets of Buenos bonarense to ensure the safety of citizens .

In Costa Salguero, former President Eduardo Duhalde (elected in 2002 by the Legislature) launched his candidacy for president in 2011 , claiming repression of social protests .

22: The dictators Jorge Rafael Videla and Benjamin Menendez were sentenced to life imprisonment in Cordoba in common jail for the murder of 31 political prisoners . It was the first Videla once sat in the dock after the historic Trial of the Juntas in 1985.

23 : Tens of bandits attacked and looted the station Constitution of the former Rock line, after militants Workers Party (PO) keep the railroad tracks cut by more than 7 hours , calling pass permanent staff of outsourced workers -the very cause for which there was the confrontation that ended with the death of Mariano Ferreyra October
27: Interior Minister Florencio Randazzo opted not to receive the chief of the community qom Spring Felix Diaz, who started a hunger strike for the murder of an Indian and a policeman in November Formosa. Instead, Diaz was interviewed by the head of the National Institution Discrimination (INADI) Claudio Morgado .

28: After days of uncertainty, was evicted peacefully Albariño club, Villa Lugano .

Furthermore, resigned Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development Bibiloni the request of the Head of State . was replaced by the mayor of Berazategui, Juan José Mussi . This secretariat is responsible for issues such as cleaning Creek, which remains stuck .

29: Planning Minister Julio De Vido summoned to the National Regulatory Authority for Electricity (ENRE) fining Edesur by outages that affected the entire week to thousands of residents of the City of Buenos Aires. Many of them had to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas in the dark.

In another sense, the President extended force and amended the 2010 budget needed to govern in 2011 since draft Budget 2011 was not passed in Congress .

30: Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner greeted the Argentine national TV, he called for unity and called for all " think of it," referring to her late husband Nestor Kirchner . " 2010 was a banner year for Argentina, but the worst for me in personal, "he noted.

31: Two trains collided in Palermo online Mitre morning, and injured 51 people results .

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in review: November 2010

First post of this 2011, and reached the penultimate delivery Abstract year that ended last Friday . A month was marked by the absence of former President Nestor Kirchner and had, in this context, the first political dispute after the death of the first gentleman, the Budget 2011, which ended in newsprint.

This was in November :

01: The widow President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner resumed its activities after the death of her husband on national TV and said he would "honor his memory. "

02 : Sergio Batista was confirmed by the AFA as new head coach of the Argentina football .

In the U.S., the Republicans and the ultra the Tea Party obtained the majority in the midterm congressional elections . Prevailed in the U.S. vote rejecting the administration of President Barack Obama , affected by global economic crisis began in late 2008, .

03: Government National approved by decree a new scheme of holidays for 2011 , including Sovereignty Day (Nov. 20), the return of the Carnival (7 and 8 March next year) and various holidays bridge to increase tourism.

On a route of Santiago del Estero killed 13 people at the dump a micro that circulated without permission. A person who was hospitalized recently died since that day in December, so the number of deaths from the accident rose to 14 .

05 : killed 68 people, including 10 Argentines had , in a plane crash in Cuba, 360 kilometers east of Havana.

08 : At 85 years and after a long confinement in the Naval Hospital, the dictator died Emilio Massera, a member of military junta that took power in 1976 with Jorge Rafael Videla and Orlando Ramon Agosti .

In sporting terms, the leaders of River drove the coach Angel Cappa , just a date before Superclásico . He was replaced temporarily Juan José López .

10: Former Beatle Paul McCartney again offered a concert in Argentina . It was a crowd at the Monumental , where he played his best known repertoire.

11 : bypassing Copa America Cup, to be held in July 2011 Argentina. Selection in Group A with Colombia, Bolivia and Japan (?) .

12: After a long meeting, the Chamber of Deputies back to committee the draft of the official Budget 2011 . The leader of the Civic Coalition Elisa Carrio , Had reported in previous afternoon there was a pact between radical and Government, which pressured all the opposition lawmakers.

In another order, Supreme Court halted the construction of a dam on the creek Ayu, in Corrientes, flooding 8000 hectares for planting rice . The project is led by Vice President of Grupo Clarin, Jose Aranda .

14: The cholera epidemic in Haiti caused the death of more than 900 people . The country was beaten by the earthquake of January 12.

In the River Plate area, Argentina and Uruguay agreed a joint plan of payment of the Botnia paper mill UPM-ex-.

15: In order to eliminate debt the President announced on national TV that Argentina negotiated with the Paris Club debt of 6500 million dollars, without IMF intervention .

16: With a goal of Former Boca defender Jonathan Maidana , River Plate Boca Juniors won 1-0 at the Monumental , and snapped a streak of 7 games without a win. Boca's defeat meant the resignation of coach Claudio Borghi, Argentine champion in the previous semester, and the arrival for the second time driving Roberto Pompei.

At the same time during the game, a 3-year girl fell into a pit 21 meters deep in Florencio Varela , and was miraculously rescued at midnight with a rope and a noose.

17: In the midst of an embarrassment, the deputy for the Federal Peronism will Graciela Camano hit a slap to the face pair for Carlos Kunkel Victoria during the second session convened to try to pass the 2011 budget . Previously, deputies Elisa Carrio, Elsa Alvarez and Cynthia Hotton could not prove the alleged pressure they received from the ruling party, let alone bribes.

Regarding social issues, died Ezequiel Ferreyra, 6 years old, a kid who worked from 4 enslaved Company Our Footprint SA handling pesticides poisons.

20 : On completion 165 years of the Vuelta de Obligado which gave rise to National Sovereignty Day , President said at a rally in San Pedro who are " covering a historical debt of Argentina with its history .

21 : The military police admitted with battle tanks to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, seeking to arrest the drug lords .

23: A group of thieves killed in Panamericana two policemen, trying to steal a truck flow that wore inside 20 billion.

24: The Formosa repression in Qom community Spring was installed on Route 86 claimed the lives of 2 people . The Indians were accused of usurping fields that actually lived for many years.

28: The people of Haiti , the country plunged into chaos after the earthquake and the cholera epidemic were to polls to elect the new president , but several candidates contested election fraud.

As for sports, the number 2 in tennis, Roger Federer , beat the number 1, Rafael Nadal , and obtained his fifth Masters title at the end of the year, depriving Nadal to get the only trophy of the most important tournaments that do not yet have in your cabinet .

29: More than 250 000 U.S. secret documents revealed by the portal Wikileaks began to occupy the front pages of major newspapers around the world.

Meanwhile, in Spain, Barcelona thrashed 5-0 at Real Madrid in the English derby , a real demonstration of excellent football.

30 : The President inaugurated in San Juan 1000th school since he began managing her late husband in May 2003. The school was named Nestor Carlos Kirchner in honor of the late President.