Monday, January 10, 2011

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If Sarah Pallin

Antonio Cano writes today in El Pais an opinion which considers that the attack on the Congressman's Tucson Ms. Giffords is not the result of constant attacks by the North American extreme right to everything that exudes an air http:// whole Obama thing, and limited exclusively the blame for what happened to a person with serious psychological problems.

is true that it is not directly responsible for the crime committed against a Democratic congressman on the right ideological spectrum of the Democratic Party, but without a doubt is the necessary accessory (along with other members Tea Party) that induce such actions quite common in North American politics and especially in the far right, with the exception of some killings by the extreme left in the 60's. Pallin enough to remember that Facebook had in his chart which stated with the congressional goals to beat in recent congressional elections, and as was the case for health reform Giffords supporters of President Obama.

But neither misled us, whether as an accomplice is Sarah Pallin, employees are, without doubt, some of the media in this country, and especially the very ultra Fox, where day after day is questionable legitimacy, either by ho and b, where Obama and his commentators make rams of low passions that erupt in an electorate very specific and very conservative (but still huge as people are concerned) the Republican Party and where a leader that party got it right: "we thought we controlled the Fox, but it was she who controls us." Besides the negligible attitude of his rival for the seat, a character who made his campaign ads in military dress and a M-16 on the table

Well said and done, these powders are these muds. A shot in the left lobe of a Democratic Congressman in a conservative state like Arizona, and coincidences of life, the congressman is an advocate of gun ownership at that time was "attacked" by his own party by not supporting the former president of Congress, the very liberal Nancy Pelosi. Hopefully he recovers soon, but in any case: If Sarah Pallin's fault


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