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Closing the east the Bay of Algeciras, is the Rock of Gibraltar. One of the Pillars of Hercules in antiquity, rather than arrival of Muslim troops began their conquest of the Visigothic Kingdom and conquered, in turn, in 1462 by troops of the Duke of Medina Sidonia who became of the estate of the noble house until 1502 he spent depend on the Catholic Monarchs.

Being possession of Medina Sidonia was made vincualda Gibraltar to conquer our city. Lorenzo de Padilla writes in his "Chronicle of Philip the Fair" that the army which occupied Melilla departed from this port. For its part, Barrantes says that after the occupation of Melilla, was to send ships to Gibraltar to bring supplies and fuel.

As we all know, Gibraltar is a British possession since its occupation by Anglo-Dutch fleet in 1704.

One of the points of friction common between Gibraltar and English is the extension of territorial waters of the Rock, limited by the Treaty of Utrecht to its port as much as the people of Gibraltar do not want to accept estehecho. The issue is important to them because one of the most buoyant legal business of Gibraltar is the supply ships at anchor in the bay of Algeciras.

Regardless of political issues, the Rock and the extreme south, Punta Europa, is undoubtedly a place of scenic interest.

Europe seen from the south.

Punta Europe seen from the east. Here we see the mosque built a few years ago.

The Rock's wartime past is reflected in these buildings made in caves and crevices of the cliff to protect them from possible bombing.

On this side of the east side of the Rock is built around systems for collecting and storing rainwater in tanks reinforced.

Llanitos seems that want to expand their territory gaining ground in our waters. In the background we see and La Línea de la Concepción.


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