Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Get Rid Of Skin Indents From Pants

complex up to the elections

When Vice President Julio Cobos voted against the Resolution 125/2008 , early on Thursday July 17, 2008 began in advance the way to the election that the Sunday October 23, 2011 determine who will be responsible for managing the destiny of this country for four years.

The measure, intended to carry taxes on soybean exports from 35 to 44.1 percent , was the turning point of management that President Cristina Fernández had begun a few months ago, in December 2007. From that time were defined allies and opponents, and that map has not changed yet transcendent.

SO LET THE 2010. A year and a half after vote "no positive" the Vice President, Kirchner, for the first time in 6 ½ years, was not a majority in Congress. in 2010 was expected to weaken and management opposition pave the path to enter the Casa Rosada triumphant late 2011. First off was to happen, and the other remains to be seen.

year of death of the central figure in the politics of Argentina in the last 7 years, Nestor Kirchner, was marked by polarization, or it is official or opponent; neutral and critical positions scarce.

De the issues that the opposition promised to try in Parliament (INDEC reform, the NUD control and superpowers, modification and / or elimination of export taxes on soybeans, among others) just arrived to fruition. The ruling in that sense, emerged victorious, it could lock projects that did not suit . The supposed opposition majority was not so , and Kirchner showed that by denying a quorum, something fairly common, but it distorts democracy understood as the constant exchange of ideas and positions, could approach situations zafar pressing.

As the presidential candidates, the end of 2010 leaves us with three very strong political surveys: the current President Cristina Fernández , Deputy Ricardo Alfonsin and the Head of Government of Buenos Aires Mauricio Macri . The ruling

the only dilemma was penguin or penguin, and an unfortunate reason that we all know that doubt and cleared, although there is still official confirmation. The single national projection of the Front for the Victoria you can take the baton if Cristina does not go for re-election is Daniel Scioli. In

radicalism, Alfonsin deepened in the eyes of all his attempt to match their image of his father , and that's left over, while the son of former president was installed as a serious contender, Cobos , As doubtful as that early voting is not positive, he preferred not to risk . And, almost like a knockout blow to Vice President, the head of the Radical Civic Union (UCR) Ernesto Sanz was installed as a candidate and takes away some support for Cobos and only a few Alfonsin.

Finally, the non-Kirchner Peronist Eduardo Duhalde has , the mayor of Lomas de Zamora in dark times of the Triple A , as the only figure who can aspire to the House Rosada, although at the moment too consecha no adhesions. Except clear in the sector who want to Videla. Therefore, it is possible an agreement between the dissident Peronist Mauricio Macri, who was widely different national government in December, with the theme of taking the public spaces and the decision not to suppress social protest . Macri is the most rancid of the neoliberal right and its management would be quite similar to the one we left in ruins during the '90s.

TOWARDS THE ELECTIONS. Just started the election year, although the definitions of candidates and campaigns will begin when the country returns to the activity formally in March. As ever, from all opposition will be strong and try to block rejection of all proposals of the ruling . They are so visible in the footsteps of this administration that his detractors do not hesitate to join provided they do not deepen the model.

As it is not wise to make futurology, the above reasons were at the end of 2010: agitation of violence, xenophobia and calls for plans to install in the population a sense of total chaos , so that the polls are going to fight.

The only time that management was about to fall in these 7 ½ years was in 2008, amid the conflict with the Liaison Officers, bringing together employer organizations in the agricultural sector for the withholding. Just today, the Liaison Bureau promised protest if there are no agreements for the export of wheat.

With a favorable outlook and intention to vote ranging from 30 to 45% for the ruling according to various surveys, there are only 3 questions, you are going to weigh when voting: repeat the mistakes of 2008 already cost him an election ? "How to respond to the deficits in social ? "will be able to put up with chivalry each destabilizing shocks right?


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