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Year in Review: December 2010

comes the final delivery of the yearbook Bicentennial with the last month of 2010, a period that includes takes serious incidents of public spaces and Station Constitution.

This happened in December :

02 : Amid suspicions of bribery, the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has chosen as venues for the 2018 and 2022 World Russia and Qatar, respectively, two countries with little soccer tradition.

03: The President opened in Mar del Plata the twentieth Ibero and declared: " Latin America is our biggest homeland ."

In Federal Capital, the radical Ricardo Alfonsin launched his candidacy for president in 2011 .

Moreover, the federal judge Norberto Oyarbide indicted former Transportation Secretary Ricardo Jaime for the crime of gifts. The research is aimed at finding evidence that entrepreneurs should be controlled by Jaime paid him rent of your apartment .

05: Despite hundreds of millions of dollars invested in the renovation of Teatro Colón , reopened in May, the regular cast dancers were hurt by the poor quality of the floor and theater workers prevented several functions to demand better wages .

Globally, the heavy rains caused severe flooding in Venezuela and Colombia, more than 200 deaths and more than 1000 evacuees .

06: The Head of Government Corrientes city opened the new station subway line H . This terminal can be done online combination with B in Pueyrredón station.

07: Bernardo Salgueiro (Bolivia, 22 years) and Rosemary Churapuña (Paraguayan of 28) were killed in Soldati Villa Park after the occupation of American Indian by poor families and the subsequent repression of Federal Police and the Metropolitan .

08 : Independent champions of the Copa Sudamericana to a 3-1 defeat of Brazil Goias and win on penalties . It was the first international title for the whole of Avellaneda in fifteen years, and 16 ° its history .

Internationally, there 83 deaths by fire in a Chilean jail , apparently after a fight between prisoners. This was the third tragedy he faced Chile this year after the earthquake febrer oy the mine collapse in August , which fortunately had a happy ending after two months.

09 : Mauricio Macri delivered a speech full of xenophobia , which rammed uncontrolled immigration and generated more violence in Villa Soldati : Emiliano Canaviri - a Bolivian citizen who was first identified as Juan Castaneda Quispe - was killed in a clash with suspected neighbors.

10 : There was more violence on the campus of American Indian Park and a confusing episode fired at a man of 19 when an ambulance was gone, he was pronounced dead but was found Next week hiding in the house of his brother .

At the same moment, President spoke on national TV and announced the creation of Security Department (formerly included in the Ministry of Justice, led by Julio Alak ), which would be in charge of Defense Minister Nilda Garre .

12: Over 100 000 people attended concerts by the Human Rights Day celebrations and the 27-year uninterrupted democracy in Argentina. They played, among others, León Gieco, Gustavo Santaolalla, Vicentino, Calle 13 and closed Charly García.

Afternoon Students earned his 11 th career title by defeating 2-0 to Arsenal and keep the Apertura .

13: Maximum scorer for Boca, Palermo Martin, scored on his team's draw against Gimnasia the goal 300 of his career .

14: The governments of the nation and City reached an agreement to build houses and leave peacefully the American Indian Park. The families who were home voluntarily left the premises, two days after being surveyed.

15 : assumed as security and defense ministers Nilda Garre and Arturo Puricelli , respectively.

In the Buenos Aires Legislature ended operation within the Investigating Committee that investigated the alleged involvement of Macri in illegal wiretapping, no conclusions strong.

17: In the club Albariño de Villa Lugano, occupied by criminals who would not be counted or subsidized generated clashes with stones and bottles between occupants and a group of neighbors called place.

Furthermore, the INDEC released the first figures of the Census: Argentina would almost 40,100,000 inhabitants, 10.6 percent more than in 2001 .

20: The President launched Operation Sentinel , which provides for the delivery 6 thousand policemen on the streets of Buenos bonarense to ensure the safety of citizens .

In Costa Salguero, former President Eduardo Duhalde (elected in 2002 by the Legislature) launched his candidacy for president in 2011 , claiming repression of social protests .

22: The dictators Jorge Rafael Videla and Benjamin Menendez were sentenced to life imprisonment in Cordoba in common jail for the murder of 31 political prisoners . It was the first Videla once sat in the dock after the historic Trial of the Juntas in 1985.

23 : Tens of bandits attacked and looted the station Constitution of the former Rock line, after militants Workers Party (PO) keep the railroad tracks cut by more than 7 hours , calling pass permanent staff of outsourced workers -the very cause for which there was the confrontation that ended with the death of Mariano Ferreyra October
27: Interior Minister Florencio Randazzo opted not to receive the chief of the community qom Spring Felix Diaz, who started a hunger strike for the murder of an Indian and a policeman in November Formosa. Instead, Diaz was interviewed by the head of the National Institution Discrimination (INADI) Claudio Morgado .

28: After days of uncertainty, was evicted peacefully Albariño club, Villa Lugano .

Furthermore, resigned Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development Bibiloni the request of the Head of State . was replaced by the mayor of Berazategui, Juan José Mussi . This secretariat is responsible for issues such as cleaning Creek, which remains stuck .

29: Planning Minister Julio De Vido summoned to the National Regulatory Authority for Electricity (ENRE) fining Edesur by outages that affected the entire week to thousands of residents of the City of Buenos Aires. Many of them had to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas in the dark.

In another sense, the President extended force and amended the 2010 budget needed to govern in 2011 since draft Budget 2011 was not passed in Congress .

30: Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner greeted the Argentine national TV, he called for unity and called for all " think of it," referring to her late husband Nestor Kirchner . " 2010 was a banner year for Argentina, but the worst for me in personal, "he noted.

31: Two trains collided in Palermo online Mitre morning, and injured 51 people results .


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