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Compiled summary of 2010

yesterday gave the last edition of the summary of the year that ended last week, and today, as a prelude to the last summaries that are (a political landscape and a sports , which are the two subjects as I'm more concern me), this compilation. In this post I will l links to each of the 2010 annual deliveries, simply click on the title of the post .

January 2010: Death of Sandro , debate the use of Central Bank reserves, Haiti earthquake.

February 2010 : murder of Wanda Taddei, Federal Capital flood, earthquake in Chile .

March 2010 : opening sessions of Congress , Oscar to The Secret of Their Eyes , death of Lucas Rebolini Manso, pueblada in Baradero .

April 2010: accident in plane he was traveling in the Polish President Lech Kaczynski , Judgement of the International Court of Justice Hague by the conflict in the trash in Fray Bentos, Uruguay , murder Carola of Bruzzoni .

May 2010: approval in Deputies of equal civil marriage law , ARGENTINE BICENTENNIAL HISTORICAL , travel of the Argentina Football Team the World South Africa.

June 2010 : start of World Cup in South Africa , resignation of Foreign Minister Jorge Taiana , killing journalism student Marianela Rago.

July 2010 : elimination of Argentina's World Cup, the first world title to Spain, approval and enactment of equal marriage, the pregnant bank leak Carolina Piparo.

August 2010: collapse in Villa Urquiza gym , mediation de Kirchner in the Venezuela-Colombia conflict , beginning of the recovery of the Chilean mining , Newsprint complaint .

September 2010: regulation Act Audiovisual Communication Services, high school footage, collapse in bowling Beara, second world title in Las Leonas , failed attempt to coup in Ecuador .

October 2010 : elections in Brazil, rescue Chilean miners, killing Mariano Ferreyra, death of Nestor Kirchner and massive farewell popular.

November 2010: U.S. election , death of the dictator Emilio Massera, a scandal in the debate on the Budget 2011 , repression of an indigenous community in Formosa , Wikileaks revelations.

December 2010: public spaces footage Lugano and Villa Soldati Villa , among several others, destruction and looting in Constitution, power outages year-end.


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