Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vision Looks Like Calidascope

in review: November 2010

First post of this 2011, and reached the penultimate delivery Abstract year that ended last Friday . A month was marked by the absence of former President Nestor Kirchner and had, in this context, the first political dispute after the death of the first gentleman, the Budget 2011, which ended in newsprint.

This was in November :

01: The widow President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner resumed its activities after the death of her husband on national TV and said he would "honor his memory. "

02 : Sergio Batista was confirmed by the AFA as new head coach of the Argentina football .

In the U.S., the Republicans and the ultra the Tea Party obtained the majority in the midterm congressional elections . Prevailed in the U.S. vote rejecting the administration of President Barack Obama , affected by global economic crisis began in late 2008, .

03: Government National approved by decree a new scheme of holidays for 2011 , including Sovereignty Day (Nov. 20), the return of the Carnival (7 and 8 March next year) and various holidays bridge to increase tourism.

On a route of Santiago del Estero killed 13 people at the dump a micro that circulated without permission. A person who was hospitalized recently died since that day in December, so the number of deaths from the accident rose to 14 .

05 : killed 68 people, including 10 Argentines had , in a plane crash in Cuba, 360 kilometers east of Havana.

08 : At 85 years and after a long confinement in the Naval Hospital, the dictator died Emilio Massera, a member of military junta that took power in 1976 with Jorge Rafael Videla and Orlando Ramon Agosti .

In sporting terms, the leaders of River drove the coach Angel Cappa , just a date before Superclásico . He was replaced temporarily Juan José López .

10: Former Beatle Paul McCartney again offered a concert in Argentina . It was a crowd at the Monumental , where he played his best known repertoire.

11 : bypassing Copa America Cup, to be held in July 2011 Argentina. Selection in Group A with Colombia, Bolivia and Japan (?) .

12: After a long meeting, the Chamber of Deputies back to committee the draft of the official Budget 2011 . The leader of the Civic Coalition Elisa Carrio , Had reported in previous afternoon there was a pact between radical and Government, which pressured all the opposition lawmakers.

In another order, Supreme Court halted the construction of a dam on the creek Ayu, in Corrientes, flooding 8000 hectares for planting rice . The project is led by Vice President of Grupo Clarin, Jose Aranda .

14: The cholera epidemic in Haiti caused the death of more than 900 people . The country was beaten by the earthquake of January 12.

In the River Plate area, Argentina and Uruguay agreed a joint plan of payment of the Botnia paper mill UPM-ex-.

15: In order to eliminate debt the President announced on national TV that Argentina negotiated with the Paris Club debt of 6500 million dollars, without IMF intervention .

16: With a goal of Former Boca defender Jonathan Maidana , River Plate Boca Juniors won 1-0 at the Monumental , and snapped a streak of 7 games without a win. Boca's defeat meant the resignation of coach Claudio Borghi, Argentine champion in the previous semester, and the arrival for the second time driving Roberto Pompei.

At the same time during the game, a 3-year girl fell into a pit 21 meters deep in Florencio Varela , and was miraculously rescued at midnight with a rope and a noose.

17: In the midst of an embarrassment, the deputy for the Federal Peronism will Graciela Camano hit a slap to the face pair for Carlos Kunkel Victoria during the second session convened to try to pass the 2011 budget . Previously, deputies Elisa Carrio, Elsa Alvarez and Cynthia Hotton could not prove the alleged pressure they received from the ruling party, let alone bribes.

Regarding social issues, died Ezequiel Ferreyra, 6 years old, a kid who worked from 4 enslaved Company Our Footprint SA handling pesticides poisons.

20 : On completion 165 years of the Vuelta de Obligado which gave rise to National Sovereignty Day , President said at a rally in San Pedro who are " covering a historical debt of Argentina with its history .

21 : The military police admitted with battle tanks to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, seeking to arrest the drug lords .

23: A group of thieves killed in Panamericana two policemen, trying to steal a truck flow that wore inside 20 billion.

24: The Formosa repression in Qom community Spring was installed on Route 86 claimed the lives of 2 people . The Indians were accused of usurping fields that actually lived for many years.

28: The people of Haiti , the country plunged into chaos after the earthquake and the cholera epidemic were to polls to elect the new president , but several candidates contested election fraud.

As for sports, the number 2 in tennis, Roger Federer , beat the number 1, Rafael Nadal , and obtained his fifth Masters title at the end of the year, depriving Nadal to get the only trophy of the most important tournaments that do not yet have in your cabinet .

29: More than 250 000 U.S. secret documents revealed by the portal Wikileaks began to occupy the front pages of major newspapers around the world.

Meanwhile, in Spain, Barcelona thrashed 5-0 at Real Madrid in the English derby , a real demonstration of excellent football.

30 : The President inaugurated in San Juan 1000th school since he began managing her late husband in May 2003. The school was named Nestor Carlos Kirchner in honor of the late President.


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