Monday, April 26, 2010

Images Of Costco Xmas Cake Designs

The three blocks. Leon Felipe

The red apple I got to eat yesterday was a worm, white apple ate my parents had two worms, and green apple that ate the original pair and in the back door of Paradise, had so many worms that we all inherit our part.

If there is an apple without worms in the world is not behind me but in front. However
. Man may recant. Any honest man can withdraw and say, I I do not want the red apple. Yesterday I sang its excellence because I thought it was a bone of man. Now I've seen that has a worm. I do not want. I'll get another apple.

What is not an honest man can say is this: The red apple has a worm, not love. I will take again the white apple of my parents, who even had two worms, also had a history, and rotting flesh lived my whole clan.
This is cowardice, cunning and desire to continue smoking without getting out of the swing.

From the rocking chair still some scholars continue to speak, freedom ...
They say that freedom is the desire to swing from left to right, go deaf, rhythmic swings, a bad apple bad apple to another, because beyond this there is only rolling the thick black wall and if a man or a people rose early and going to crash his brains out against the black wall, thick shout at them is crazy or violent.
But it is not crazy or violent. Is a character who says
If there is an apple without worms in the world ... Why do I want brains?

I think the last race, the big test, is found in the brain dead man.
Because it is written: And he who loses his brain will find it. Lord


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