Sunday, May 9, 2010

Development Of Engineering Insurance


Rising from Seganga can find great Atalayón views and erg Bu Mar Chica. See also impressed by the "megacity" in the making for the near Nador union, and Zeluán Seganga.

As you go up by the bulk of Gurugú Guelaya we meet with a more traditional and rural.

the background we can see the coast of the west side of Cape Three Forces.

Another view that offers the slopes of the Mount Gurugú Uixan and the remains of mining Mount the final goal of the War of 1909.

Ruins of mining facilities.

The massif also offers good examples of military construction at the time of the English Protectorate.

perched and almost confused with the mountain slopes, we find examples of traditional houses guelayenses "taddart", a type of building in danger of disappearing before the boom real estate living in the area.

Another example of traditional architecture are the Morab guelayense "amrabed" popular religious centers of which there are several examples in Gurugú.

Alongside these religious centers are also popular mosques.

From the head of the Barranco del Lobo history we have a good view of the port of Beni Enzar.

The Millennium II arriving at the port of Melilla. Against tradition and rural life still can be found in the Gurugú, the sight of this ship art brings us back to the XXI century.


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