Friday, May 28, 2010

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Another Attack capitalism economic model can

"With the economy turned in last reason, the supreme value and wealth in money as a priority, uncertainty takes over citizens" (Joaquin Estefania). This is the logic of the capitalist system, ie our economy. We abide by its laws and its rules are subjected.

Perhaps because it is at the top of the pyramid, we forget the obvious and inherent part of capitalism, its sole objective: to maximize production and profit, permanently increased to infinity. Logic is irrational and impossible, but they made us believe that is the only possible, that without growth there will be no jobs, no economic benefits that welfare is impossible.

ignore and deny that the market economy as it is presented, allowing the economic rationality independent of social needs, to address these prevailing economic benefit only for a few. The market creates zones of social exclusion and huge bags of excluding those who, at the same time, blame their poverty situation as if it were a well-accepted by those who suffer and socially acceptable.

In the social context in which we live still betting on a liberal economic regulation based on market laws of supply and demand, hiding the latter is usually, in most cases, induced demand artificially based on the permanent consumption of goods and services. The Social Democrats do not know how to fight imbalances of the tremendous expense of the welfare state and have come to accept the free play of relations established by the market.

Is there no solution and it is true that the market has to be the sole regulator of economic relations? So long as thought continues to be inhibited and the fear paralyzing the illusion of seeking alternatives to the mess in which we live. While we do not put on the table truths that were obvious for decades, but now remain silenced. For example, many believed, and now we, in turn, by reducing working time as a method of bringing to mankind the benefit of technological and scientific progress, which, among other things, meant an increase in the number of posts work "I thought the schedule of eight hours for work, eight for sleep and eight of free time, involved creating three shifts in the industry, now would be logical and humane than the increase in productivity owing to technological progress and be redistributed back create four turns, or the marathon work sessions were also regulated trade in two-shift days. What would get it? Something elemental and obvious: reduce the number of unemployed increased productivity redistribute posed by new technologies, increase the number of contributors; boost the supply of services dedicated to leisure and culture is not just the technology free human beings working time and offer her time to personal growth and development?.

Before us the selfishness of those who have appropriated these technologies as their own exclusive. Those that do not want a society of free people, but submissive people incapable of deciding for themselves. Are those who advocate that the work is a commodity rather than a right, those who preach that wealth are created by entrepreneurs and not work. What good is an investment but there are people willing to produce? The most wonderful plants generates nothing without the work and effort


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