Friday, May 28, 2010

Do Women Prefer Shaven?

social Darwinism BROKEN HEART

Tonight I was dining in San Pablo Street (for which not living in Barcelona, \u200b\u200bnear Las Ramblas next to the Teatro del Liceo) and I saw a scene, although that was not the first time I saw this was without doubt the most me time impressed (I guess after being in the kind of administrative law and see how the free market has led to the present, more). This scene was simply twenty or thirty people by removing the rubbish to be something in the mouth.

Seeing that scene my mind is gone without the naturalists of the nineteenth century and especially to Zola, author beautifully embodies the thought and thought in describing the hellish situation and what is happening in Spain. Openly, without jaws.

As I said there were twenty or thirty people, all were around 45 or 50 years or so it showed his face, so many men and women whom the state has abandoned to their fate and they should not have even the minimum subsidy ( thing like the Germans who are liberal government with the conservative CDU or English Popular Party principles advocated by the thinning of the State because it creates lazy, "this is for you lazy Mr Rajoy and Mr Arenas?) and that they took a leaf lettuce in doubtful condition and kept with much excitement as a child with new shoes.

I was huddled in a corner watching the situation and then I pointed out the title of the letter "social Darwinism" to reflect what was for me and the words that would have given Zola, with much more success than I have begun to sprout from my head. Darwinism because a hundred yards had high-end cars as the "forgotten of society" collect carrots cut, or yogurt that should have expired that day, I could only think that not long ago some of which were collected between trash probably worked in the company of the lord or the lady who came out of that vehicle.

vehicle were lowered to scowl, a hundred yards its employees, or I guess they were his employees, entered a restaurant obscenely expensive and of dubious quality, without even thinking that they were homeless tigers and gazelles, a gazelle that used to run and win but ended up eaten by the capitalistic system without them blame for the situation found, which probably should have been the victims of these tigers who thought only of winning races and not distributed with no prize money. Only the strong survive.

So when I left, I remembered the words of Zapatero yesterday in Manchester "I will not cut nor a right to the gazelles (ie worker)" and although it is true that these people what was going wrong I can not forget that Zapatero, despite continued attacks, wants those gazelles running again (hopefully not more to frighten the bankers). It is true to be run differently, but wants to run again.

Compared with those who hate social Darwinism stands other tigers (read capitalists) who try to continue to run the gazelles to win races and when they do not serve as eating them or leave them alone (or reduce employment at the welfare state ) and then I understood that there are few tigers and gazelles are many / as, and thousands of gazelles are more powerful than a tiger, but it must be demonstrated and the most dangerous thing is that there are gazelles relying on the tigers (we all know who the Tigers in politics and who advocate, and who defends the gazelles).


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