Friday, May 28, 2010

Shoprite Job Applicatiion

Today the world vive a crisis of unparalleled magnitude: the capitalism is Dead, and can not be left permanecer viendo silent as the last train passes in front yours, or it coge coge it or not. All generations

in this country have fought to achieve certain objectives: the Republicans to maintain the existing political system, the anti-Franco to today can be no democracy, the Bolsheviks to overthrow the Tsar, the Czechs to get rid of the USSR, the workers get decent jobs, to abolish the Nepalese monarchy, the French to establish basic human rights and so on that the reader can complete their knowledge.

Now the fight (in western countries) and not going through anything but the destruction of capitalism. We must start has to stop talking in terms nineteenth century, although some learners may wish to continue using this language, the left should stay away.

Economists and progressives continue to talk about capital gains, economic growth, industry, human capital, Keynesianism, supply and demand curves, GDP growth, etc. Obsolete language use rather not create a new economic system, we use words which must change the meaning.

For example, now a part of the left that says "return to Keynesianism" as a tacit social compact, well I refuse to use more Keynesian logic. ImagĂ­nenos a straight line cut by two points. At a point there is capitalism and communism on the other, the ideal would find the middle ground between these two systems. Some learners are striving to make us believe that Keynesianism was the middle ground. Committed blunder, because the line drawn Keynesianism is between capitalism and the left middle should aspire. We are speaking of silver: Keynesianism is capitalism with a human face attempt.

In this new stage of the economy and opens values \u200b\u200bin these terrible times, we must find new solutions. It may be an economy with public banks, may be a declining economy, the economy may be stagnant growth, the economy may be organic, it may be knowledge economy, what do I know ... But for that I begin this series of reflections that data, with thoroughness, patience, tenacity and a lot of respect and ignorance tries to contribute a bit to play and try to provide solutions to so great crisis. Little by little, step by step, we will get, if not, our children do not count. But as the saying goes: do not move past water mills


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