Sunday, March 20, 2011

Essay On Philosophy Of Education

Málaga CF 2-0 RCD.

Second Threesome fell swoop.

finally wins back from Malaga, and now had to win if or if and earned and well deserved to one of the revelation of the league teams such as Barcelona and Espanyol.
The Malaga has started from the beginning willing to take the three points, playing a great first half.

With a touch football that Espanyol could do nothing to prevent and only the domain jellyfish Kameni interventions avoided a shocking result to rest.

But they were only two works of the Venezuelan and non-Rondon, (which has twelve) the first in a cross from the right which ended in failure and central parakeet Rondon shot at Kameni, and the second one from the right remato also at the far post Rondon.
And he comes to rest with the party almost solved because espanyol had so far not shown signs of life, also because Manchester did not let him

`The second part seemed to Espanyol stretched a bit but everything was left in water nowhere, only in distant shots troubled Willy everything Stop what you get without troubles, and Malaga went on playing and creating chances, and on several occasions was able to reach the third.

final today in Manchester has had a great game that deservedly took all three points, and playing like this we can get out of the relegation zone and the less we have left the red lantern, it's something and we are one point of salvation.

Málaga CF: Willy , J Gamez, Demichelis, Weligton, Eliseu; Portillo (Sandro Silva 70 '), Recio, Apono, Duda, Seba (Juanmi 78') and Rondon (Maresca 87 ').
RCD Espanyol: Kameni ; Javier López Galán, Amat, David Garcia, Baena, Verdú, Sergio García (Thievy 70 '), Luis Garcia (López 86'), Álvaro Vázquez (Osvaldo 60 '), Iván Alonso.

1-0 (8 '): Rondón.
2-0 (27 '): Rondón.

Ferreira Delgado, Carlos. (Vasco).


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