Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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began in 2011

President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner today opened the regular session of Congress to the Legislature and announced the extension of the Universal for Child pregnant women from the third month of pregnancy . In addition, the head of state made a new review of the achievements of his administration and that of her late husband and referred to various bills.

In what was the last time it was introduced in Congress during this period, the president announced his decision to strengthen the social inclusion model proclaiming that the Universal Assignment for Child (AUH) will range from May all pregnant women 3 months or more . The AUH, which provides a stipend of 220 pesos for each beneficiary, now reaches nearly 2 million families, poverty reduced by 48% according to the President and increased school enrollment, pregnant women spreads in the year just which will in Congress to decriminalize abortion law .

During his long speech- lasted 1 hour and 39 minutes - the President responded to the rumors that suggested he would amend the Constitution to its grip on power and ruled for the moment to run for the elections in October. "Would anyone have heard me say that I'm going to re-election in 2011? So do not make the curls" he said the president. Yesterday, the deputy of the Front for Victory Diana Conti said on the radio that he would like Craig to stay forever in the chair Rivadavia, although it was only wishful thinking and not a formal project.

Moreover, the head of state pledged to lead the fight against work in black and slave labor after it came to light several cases of rural labor under inhuman conditions of employment. In this regard, said it is considering a new statute for rural laborer .

As for his relationship with organized labor, the president described as "partners" and union leaders pleaded with them in their protests not disturb other workers who need to travel by bus without complications, train or plane .


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