Sunday, February 27, 2011

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On Monday February 28 Malaga plays the first of the final 14 will remain by the end of the league, and plays to a direct rival as UD Almería, in the Rose Garden at 21 : 00 hours, another advantage of a dog's face, which is to go out and die on the field and win the game, here and half measures just are not worth a win. Everything

not make us sink into misery a bit more if possible, there is still room for salvation, but you have to win now.
Although plagued by injuries this team there are players with enough quality to pull this off.

If we win we will not leave the relegation zone but we will be closer, and we are on the road, also winning the goalverage we will take our side, which eventually might be necessary.

therefore have to win now more than ever if or if, in the Rose Garden more points can not leave because of loss may be permanent.

All efforts in this way, the focus of jellyfish in the crash on Monday, which will be the first day of a week dizzying, transcendent. Thursday was measured at Madrid at the Bernabeu, to dismiss the week on Sunday with a new 'final' against Osasuna. Hence
Malaga may assist in these six days a turning point that will decide which will be your new path for the future.

But first things first, the fans filled the Rose Garden and will be with the team until the last breath, I hope the players will leap in the field do the same and going all the colors, to get the team abyss that is, and give joy once and for all the fans

The call for Manuel Pellegrini for this game is:

Willy Caballero Arnau, Gamez, Weligton, Manuel Torres, Demichelis, Fernando, Apono, Seba Fernández, Maresca, Eliseu, Mtiliga, Gaspar, Quincy, Silva Rondon Camacho, Juanmi and Recio.

One possible alignment

Willy, Gamez, Demichelis, Weligton, Eliseu
Apono, Camacho, Recio, Maresca
Seba and Rondon


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