Friday, February 18, 2011

Flutters During Implantation

The strength of the people on the streets

As a nefarious character in Argentina's history, he also escaped by helicopter. Unlike the first subject, who ruled for 2 years, this was in power for almost 30 years. Two - Fernando De la Rua and Hosni Mubarak - the lay the enormous power of large demonstrations.

The origin of these historic revolutions that are occurring in northern Africa and some Middle Eastern countries takes place in December 2010, two months ago, when the Tunisian Mohamed Bouazizi, tired of having to pay bribes to police to keep his street stall selling fruit, burned to bonzo. The Tunisian people echoed the actions of Bouazizi and went massively into the streets to demand better conditions of life, employment and dismissal of the rises in food prices.

Tunisian security forces suppressed the protests of the people, known as the Revolution Jasmine, and caused 66 deaths , from Dec. 17-day-burned Bouazizi until January 14, the day he finally quit President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali , who held the post since 1987.

The effect of the fall of the Tunisian president echoed Egypt, where Hosni Mubarak , 82, ruled for nearly 30 years. Key ally of the United States and Israel in the region, could not withstand the pressure exerted by the population mobilized in the streets and focused on Thar Plaza, demanding, as in Tunisia, improved quality of life. However, the popular will of the Egyptians was far beyond their claims: for 18 consecutive days filled the main square of Cairo, clashed with pro-government militants who tried to suppress a violent manner and achieved their goal: overthrew the president who held the power for nearly 3 decades.

Far from being a danger to the Western world, the rebellion taking place in Algeria , Mauritania , Jordan, Yemen and now propagated in Bahrain and Libya, where rules Muammar Al-Gaddafi for 41 years, establishing a new landscape: tired of the absolute and authoritarian powers , people feel within their rights to demand democracy , elect their representatives and feel protected by the state. It was time.


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