Saturday, February 19, 2011

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1-1 Málaga CF Málaga CF vs CF

overcome adversity.

Sunday new day comes another league, in which the visit Malaga Villarreal at the Madrigal, at 17:00 hours, a very difficult game for the team is, and when it cojemos, but this is soccer and football nothing is impossible.
This team has to win anywhere, and this is the chance to prove it against a good team, as Villareal, to do everything possible to get three points

At Malaga you will need to win but life goes on it can not be otherwise, this team needs to rediscover itself and once and for all size. The madrigal

will come out with a knife between his teeth and snapped up for the three points, if we really want to play at first, because every time there are fewer games, but still can leave the pit.

And this is done only with great pride and testiculina, I think that as things stand is the only way to save the team, and which, moreover, are devastating injuries to Malaga. Baptista
Now is injured and has minimum for a month, hopefully this stops so you can make a half decent lineup, will return Sunday after their penalty
Pellegrini For this game takes the following players

Caballero Arnau, Weligton, Manu Torres, Demichelis, Fernando, Apono, Seba Fernandez, Maresca, Eliseu, Mtiliga, M. Gaspar, S. Silva Rondon Camacho and Juanmi subsidiaries, Portillo, Recio and Omar (31).

One possible alignment could be the next

M. Gaspar-Demichelis-Weligton-Eliseu
Seba and Rondon


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