Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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The next day, in the Rose Garden to play a regional derby between Manchester and Almeria, which should be a feast of football Andaluz comes at a bad time, because the thing is not to parties in the one and other equipment.
Both teams are involved in a very dangerous situation, in order to survive at first, so that in principle it is not the party.

This could come with the end of the game and I hope that this event the holding of the swollen jellyfish, which would signal that Manchester has won the rivalry game, both are in need of three points, the Espanyol fans are worth a joy and if this comes on the day of the Andalusian homeland for better . Lately

despite lower injury that many the team is showing improvement that leads to think that salvation is still possible.
jellyfish follower must fill out the Rose Garden on Monday because Monday is a holiday even if nothing better to celebrate the day of Andalusia that encourage and lead the team to victory on wings


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