Friday, February 25, 2011

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If Antonio Galdeano Benitez (Manchester, 1984) sneeze is that Malaga is cold. The blue and white spirit is back, after making examination of conscience on his fight against the wall arbitration. The team is one with him in the field. Is optimistic that there will still be leading football at La Rosaleda. Word of UPON.

- How long did you think you have last three games without playing?

"Three weeks is not, it has made me much longer training time. I said 'will this never comes? ". And in the situation where we were without a win. You are more uncomfortable, because if the team is winning, nothing happens. But if they lose and you can not help peers, raisins worse.

-I mean, no more, to talk bad to the referees?

-try to be as relaxed as possible when talking to them. We hope that further.

- After being punished?

"Sure. It has made me much damage to be three games out. In the stands have suffered a lot by not being able to help.

- Do you think it was for much of what happened in the tunnel and for that penalty?

"In hot you say things, but in this case the referee has to be more reflective, to be aware of what happened in the game and how much we suffer. He should think about how the player can react. But do not go more into the case, just think of this, which is very raw right now. In fact, on Monday we have the grand finale, our grand finale of truth, because we play a lot.

"The penalty arrived at a very good personally. Had turned to fall, but began as a shot in Gijón and reached an optimal level. Did you notice Villarreal continuity?

"Yes. In the offseason I could not work for the injuries, when recurrence and tried to get the rate fell, but now I'm fine and I hope that does not fall more to keep showing my football and soccer show to please the people he likes and continue to help the team.

- What is wrong in that position wide player?

-know that I am a central midfielder, but if the coach believes that play there ... I will give him things. Now we have to do anything for the team. I feel good, I'm more coming to the area, choice of goal, I can face ... It is a situation where, if we have the ball and the game goes well, the situation is comfortable to play.

"And now the midfield is Recio. How about performance?

"Well, it's a good footballer in growth. Still young and lacks things, of course, but I think if you work what he lacks, will be very good footballer.

- Seeing the opportunity they have given it makes you think that you did not you?

"I had little choice but to look at him and see my reflection. It's a young player who is starting, which has quality and a great future ahead. I wish to continue at that level. Taking advantage of the time and not lost, it is a player which will be discussed a lot.

- [Portillo appears on the scene, they knew his injury] And this is here?

"Technically I had few peers like him. Is a player who can come in very well to having the ball, because he calls the plays, not afraid, has character with the ball. Like always have those players.

to spend money and homegrown Sheikh survive in the starting ...

"That's what we are. This is a very nice project, with many millions, but the homegrown must be there because they are the ones that breed, the will to live, but we think we can move forward past. It's very nice to have homegrown players in the Malaga, they play and the level. This team has Malaga for a while.

- What do you think when you see that there are three games in six days?

"It's what you like, train less and play more, at least to me. Is a key week for our future in the league, especially on Monday. We can not afford luxury or tie. We must get the three points as the marathon to beat us equipment is there and then go to Madrid with high hopes and enthusiasm. We have nine points this week and we can not rule out either because you have to go for nine, and we always have choices in any field.

- Is what's left after 4-3 two years ago in which he scored and stroked the win?

"You can dream, of course, while you can. Why not let him win at Madrid? Teams have already done this year and will continue in subsequent years. But before the Madrid we have to put one hundred percent in Almeria. But I repeat, do not ruled out.

"The fans can not stop hearing this week that the game against Almeria is the final, but I heard it before and not won. Do you understand that not having all of them?

"It's normal to get tired, because if a team does not win at home, must close the curtain. If you whistle in those situations, you have to shut up, head down and go with the whistle. Think do better because they would like to see anything or be in UEFA. But circumstances for whatever reason have not been good, the team is down and you have to leave. But ask most support because everyone gives everything in the field. In my case, if I'll go play on Monday to give everything because he deserves to be above Malaga.

- How does this chip after struggling to rise, then Europe and now linking pat two years of agony?

-Mentally I'm strong. I look down there, but I also see that we're going out. There are team and is conscious to leave. The first year First was beautiful and there was nothing like that, but I hope are many well. Hurry last year until late, but we are saved, that was important. This year will be equal. A few bad hopefully get back to the last day and we are saved. Now the thing is complicated.

- And personally? Will have their second child, has had many injuries and his life has changed. Do you feel more mature?

"I've always been mature off the field because I've always been psyched on doing what I had to do at all times. It is true that once I have been busy for things that should not have happened, but everyone makes mistakes. Now I feel more mature, in my house, more focused and thinking about football. Everyone likes a walk, as any worker in his day off, but I only say that we are here to help Málaga as needed. What matters now is what happens on the field. Whatever happens out, give a hundred percent to win games.

- And thinks a lot about how they can change the ambitions of Manchester with Sheikh if \u200b\u200bsave more this year? "Always

growth is good, but first you have to think of salvation. Let's allow ourselves to speak of millions because it does not work now, which is to add vala threes each week and save. It is true that much money and now pays for transfers that were not previously able to do, but I'm sure that the fan does not care now, they just want to enjoy the team and stop being in this position.

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