Sunday, February 20, 2011

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A Point Enough? ;

A tie that may be worth, at least for the moral question of the team, although we do not kick the tail of the classification obtained Malaga a point at Villarreal in a very dull game to the viewer.

But a very elaborate game by the team left the jellyfish that make your game Villareal, which eventually led him to make this point to be made on Monday, 28 good if you beat the USA in the Rose Garden,

Malaga has a good game, with great fight in the middle of the field to a very offensive Villareal Garrido sack as a 4-3-3 which made Malaga had to work hard on defense to keep a clean sheet.

certainly a good debut by Willy Knight was very successful all afternoon, but on 35 minutes played by a band, deflected shot on goal as Willy and the ball fell to Marcos Ruben makes the 1 -0.

In the second part of the same great struggle by on both sides, with a Manchester ready to score in the Madrigal, the possession was matching and Villareal could increasingly less
and Malaga in a backlash by Rondon at minute 82 gave an assist to Sheba that did not miss was the 1-1,

Party in Malaga which fought until the last minute against a team of top priority today, but could not a very orderly and Manchester departures to the contras.

if it's not just seen in the field but often we deserved to win and she can not get it, if today's fortune has smiled upon us, it's about time.

CF Villarreal: Diego Lopez, Mario, Marchena, Gonzalo, Capdevila, M. Rubén (Cazorla 68 '), Bruno, Borja Valero, Cani, Rossi and Nilmar.

Málaga CF: Willy, M. Gaspar, Demichelis, Weligton, Eliseu; Portillo, Recio (Marec 71 '), Camacho (Juanmi 55'), Apono (Sandro Silva 80 '); Seba and Rondon.

1-0 (35 '): M. Ruben.
1-1 (82 '): Seba


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