Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How Often Replace Liberty Struts?


late seventeenth century, when Morocco began to use firearms and artillery attacks in Melilla, the anchorage and dock door of the Navy came under the scope of weapons Alawites . Hence, it became necessary to enable an area which is sheltered from the enemy for security provisioning operations and personnel relay Melilla. To this end, opened the front trim of the walls of the citadel of Melilla la Vieja is a gate called the Relief and the cliff was carved to peak force ramp that served as the shipyard was called Relief, also .

fact, were under cover of artillery Moroccan, this shipyard was fully open to the winds from the NE, which can blow with great violence and persistence in the area of \u200b\u200bMelilla up great seas that came in sometime to cause more problems than the enemy guns.
Juan Antonio de Estrada wrote about this door Relief in his "General Population of Spain" (1768): "The last door Relief is looking to the east. It is almost always closed, has no use except in case of site , when you can not pass the port. "

During the siege of Melilla by Sultan Sidi Mohammed ben Abd Allah from December 1774 to March 1775, the dock door and conviriteron Relief is the main port area of \u200b\u200bthe besieged place where the supplies were unloaded, ammunition, equipment and troops ashore reinforcement English victory assured.
In the magazine "World Military" was published during the year 1864 an account of the siege of which we selected a description of the shipyard and the difficulty of use with easterly wind.

On the dock read: "we, in short, bordering on the rock of the Puerta del Socorro, what better name might be of homelessness, according to its landing badly because there is no dock or anything like but one for scale, but a rock of difficult access. "

As for the difficulties to land: "Here, again conjured the elements. Soberbio the southeast, the Tues collided with the rocks, producing bursts esturendos and frightening. Cast him many strands to our car, shadowing of Acheron, to avoiding a hangover and the occasion, as they say, or hit me or I'll hit, we could jump on the ground: an operation that, while dread , there were many cases of laughter all inundated, all hurting, like feet, which one of the most common head and belly, we got to get on the ground, which forcibly kissed, but very good wins. "

To siege guelayenses guerrillas were responsible for maintaining the pressure on Melilla. This pressure is realized in acts of harassment against square and provisioning operations to prevent the bombing and shooting the same port area. When drafted in 1858 the first contract for shipping liner between the peninsula, Melilla and the minimum sentence is established in article 15 that the carrier has no right to indennización by losing the ship occurred, inter alia, by: "Rush, cannon fire or arrest of the Moors Riffs."
Still in 1871, when they had been ten years since the signing of the Treaty of Limits, Melilla is bombarded by opposing guelayenses the river diversion works of the Golden But thereafter the Puerta del Socorro call could be finally closed.


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