Friday, February 11, 2011

Blood Vessel Burst In Eye Black Eye

The upside down kingdom (Argentine sport in 2010) ended the hiatus is

Two teams of kids called Argentine football champions, the five big teams , grieving in the middle of the table. A level teams, the women's hockey on grass was Argentine pride, the football team, m enos our ever. And in tennis, the figure was a woman and the dual mode , the men's singles , a practice that gave more joy Argentine fan in recent times, was a shadow .

LOCAL FOOTBALL . Since the second half of the last decade, the trend Argentine football has changed . The growth and institutional coherence and, therefore, sports, clubs and Estudiantes, Velez, Lanus and Banfield, plus the decline and bad government top teams, led to a paradigm shift is no longer champion who spends more reinforcements, but who knows better manage their own resources.

In this context, and Estudiantes Argentinos was champion in the tournament last year. With very different styles, Claudio Bichi Borghi and Alejandro Sabella led their teams to the top of local football. The exception to this rule was Independent, which, led by Antonio Mohamed , won the Copa Sudamericana , but, in contrast, was the last Apertura.

Racing in a time of order and progress under the baton of Miguel Angel Russo , was saved for the Advancement in the first half and reached a respectable sixth place on the end of the year. River was the River always only from Superclásico, and that was enough to get away for a few points in the area of \u200b\u200bpromotion. San Lorenzo played a horrible season with 15 th place in the Clausura and 14 ° in the opening, despite being on the bench multichampion Ramón Díaz. And Boca , far from its glory days, missed a Juan Roman Riquelme showed little game and devoured three technicians throughout the year: Alfio Basile , Abel Alves and Claudio Borghi .

The preseason changed some chips. The highlight is on the functioning of Boca of Julio César Falcioni , which renewed the midfield with the additions of Leandro Somoza, Diego Rivera and Walter Ervin and turns of Juan Roman Riquelme and Sebastian Battaglia , after a long period of inactivity.

Moreover, it was surprising the resignation of the technical champion Alejandro Sabella , a few days before the start of the Torneo Clausura. The official version states that Sabella was angry at the lack of reinforcements, though rumors pointed to the erosion of the relationship with two references of stock: Juan Sebastian Veron and Leandro Desabato .

TENNIS . Early last year, Juan Martin Del Potro loomed to reach number 1 in a short time after their excellent performances at the U.S. Open (champion) and London Finals (finalist ) in the second installment for 2009. However, a right wrist injury affected its performance in the first Grand Slam of the year, the Australian Open, and kept standing until May operated. Del Potro just could return in October competition with two defeats this year delayed until recovery.

The other tennis star Argentine David Nalbandian had a good comeback to tennis after hip surgery in mid-2009, and was instrumental, as almost always-on team that reached the semifinals Davis Cup after beating in first round to Sweden in the quarterfinals to Russia, playing two sets on the road. His best performance at the circuit was in Washington, where he won the title in August, but then continued its losing streak in Grand Slam tournaments, where not reach the fourth round from Roland Garros 2007 .

Surprisingly, Argentine tennis laurels in 2010 led Gisela Dulko , who formed a formidable pair with Italy's Flavia Pennetta . The pair won 7 titles, including the Doha Masters, finished at No. 1 and, last month, won the Australian Open to reaffirm that the best doubles player of today. WORLD

. Naturally, the greatest expectation, and all hopes were placed on the selected managed by the greatest footballer of all time, Diego Armando Maradona , which also had the best player currently Lionel Messi.

With a formidable first round, where he won all , choosing an invited over to dream of title 24 years ago could not, the same as Brazil and Italy many times more were delayed in getting a new world trophy. But a poor performance in the second round against Mexico off alarm bells that collective operation was not so oiled as it seemed. And in the next round Germany found all necessary building and shattered the illusion of a third world title with an emphatic and deserved thrashing.

The Basketball Selection , meanwhile, suffered casualties Emanuel Ginobili and Andres Nocioni Plus the injury during the World Cup in Turkey of Fabricio Oberto, and a bright phase became a laborious round victory against Brazil and a clear defeat in the quarterfinals against Lithuania. Without giving up, by the hand of Luis Scola reached fifth place after beating Spain, defending champions.

In contrast, Las Leonas were in charge of carrying the flag of Argentina to the top. Consolidated as the best set of female hockey on grass for nearly a decade, only the Netherlands could responses on the World Cup final Rosario, which was devoted Luciana Aymar again as the best player and, with the second World Cup in their hands, we can talk about which is the best ever of the sport.

This year's main attractions will America's Cup, which will play in our country since July, and the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand from September. There will be new faces Argentine sports, undergoing a generational change. In this decade we will see if the work of many trainers served for our sport equal the English, who for several years now sweeps all categories.


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