Thursday, November 26, 2009

School Paper Recycle Sayings

A Constitutional Court expired and political

The Constitutional Court guarantees of legal rights in this country is looping the loop to the decision on the Statute of Catalonia. People should be clarified that this Court is discredited to issue any ruling and least interest to a Basic Law is essential as the new legal framework for an autonomous endorsed by the citizens of Catalonia, the Parliament and the Parliament.

Those who once said that the Court lacked legitimacy now applaud because they are cynical, because they are hypocrites. That Catalonia is a nation within a state is clear, as are also Galicia, Andalusia and Euskadi. Popular unable to convince the public have opted for something that should not be allowed and the use of a special court with unique characteristics to discredit the popular will of the English people, among whom I include myself and what is even worse a magistrate, who will continue in the future, challenged and a president incapable of making a coherent decision.

The pact between Catalonia and the state is not a bilateral pact, not a transfer of sovereignty, is simply the will of a people who want to remain part of Spain and avoid sovereigntist attempt, as Andalusians. Two similar statutes, only one recourse, other act of cynicism by the government of Aragon and especially by the PP pacta same in all underserved communities in Catalonia, and who do not cheat, is to sow hatred between the English

. Extremadura, Madrid, Cantabria, Murcia, Aragon, Castilian Leonese, Castilian Mancha, Melilla, ceutís, Asturias, Valencia, La Rioja, Galicia, Basque, Andalusia, Navarre I can assure you that should have no fear of this statute, not misled by the prophets who have been announcing the end of the world to ignore those who were told they drank what they pleased and that the government was nothing to prohibit it. DO NOT fall into the unrest, because a federal Spain is necessary, however, if we do not let us give their support to the feet of the horses of those who believe that Catalonia should be independent. So we depend on you and your understanding, because most of us want to continue to enjoy the huge diversity of this country. Please do not give them wings to the soothsayers


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