Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ideas That Protect A Egg

in review: August 2010

The eighth month of this year had many highlights, as was the mediation of the UNASUR in the c onflict between Venezuela and Colombia , the collapse of the gym Villa Urquiza , For Newsprint or the sad news of the death of baby Pipar Carolina, the victim of a leak bank.

That was in August :

05 : Isidro, the newborn baby of the shot Pipar Carolina, died after a week in observation.

Meanwhile 33 miners were trapped 622 meters depth in the San José mine the city of Copiapo, Chile .

07: Amid rising tensions with Venezuela, took in Colombia President-elect Juan Manuel Santos .

09 : A Villa Urquiza gym collapsed and killed three men : Maximiliano Salgado, 18, Luis Lu, 23, and Guillermo Fede, 37. The fall left the gym demonstrated the lack of inspections and safety measures in buildings locals.

10: The diplomatic and commercial relations between Venezuela and Colombia be relocated up after intense negotiations between Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Colombian Juan Manuel Santos, with former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner as a mediator .

12 : the Buenos Aires Legislature approved the formation of a commission investigating to investigate the alleged involvement of Mauricio Macri in illegal wiretapping .

19 : Planning Minister Julio De Vido reported that Cablevision, the cable company Grupo Clarin could not continue to provide Internet service through Fibertel , because it operated with an expired license since last year . However, after several precautionary measures tabled by the Group Clarin resolution was halted.

In the City, face a growing number of outlets schools by high school students who claimed parts of buildings, Mauricio Macri asked make "black lists" with the names of students participating in shots.

21 : disappeared from her home in Wool Erica Soriano, a woman of 30 years and two months pregnant. The main suspect is her husband Daniel Lagostena and is supposed to have cremated.

22 : "We are well on the refuge's 33" , was the message written on paper and sent through a tube the Chilean miners buried 622 meters deep due to a collapse in their workplace. Chilean President Sebastián Piñera was who showed, after 17 days search .

24: During an event at Casa Rosada, the President announced it would send to the Justice for i epor 26 thousand sheets entitled newsprint Truth in denouncing the illegal appropriation of the plant producing paper by Clarín, La Nación and Profile . Also decided to send Congress a bill to declare public interest newsprint production .

Over the next week, Argentine Time Page 12 on one side and Clarín and La Nación the other committed a long series of contradictions regarding subject. While pro-government daily said highlighted Osvaldo Papaleo, brother of Lydia -Widow of former shareholder Newsprint Graiver David, who died in a dubious accident in Mexico-the Morning opponents gave space to statements Graiver Isidoro, brother of David, which contradicted himself and stated that sale of shares was made without pressure .

29: The widow of former shareholder David Graiver Newsprint, Lidia Papaleo, broke the silence of 34 years in an interview granted to Argentine Time and another Line Down In the first issue of the cycle driven by Victor Hugo Morales . " My husband was killed by Newsprint" he said.

30: After 100 years, the former footballer Francisco Varallo, historical g oleador in the professionalism of Boca Juniors , died in La Plata. was the last survivor of the final first World Cup in 1930, he faced local Uruguay with Argentina.


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