Sunday, December 19, 2010

Is Hand Broken Or Sprained

in review: Back in March 2010 on radio

One day after being presented in Midpoint the summary of the year with Alejandro Caminos, Augustine Gulman, Lucas Miraglia, Abel Road (journalist for National Radio and Radio America) also share the program with the guys in the band Thanatus , comes the third edition of this summary.

This happened
in March, the month of commencement of classes and sessions start in Congress

01 : In the beginning of ordinary sessions of Congress, President Cristina Fernandez repealed the decree creating the Fund Bicentennial and replaced by another Decree of Necessity and Urgency (NUD), the Argentine Debt Relief Fund . The head of the Central Bank Mercedes Marco del Pont, he turned the funds over the same time to pay the debt.

Also on this day, took on Uruguay's president-elect Jose Pepe Mujica , former Tupamaro leader, from the Frente Amplio.

03: Selecting football Argentina defeated 1-0 his two Germany in a friendly played in Munich in one of the last up matches for the World Cup. " This is a quarter-final at the World ," said team coach Diego Maradona, with a great sense of anticipation.

07: With a spectacular return to the courts, the tennis player David Nalbandian recovered its level after hip operation she underwent last year and helped Argentina beat Sweden visitor by Davis Cup, winning the double and the fifth point of the series.

On the other hand, struggled to boqueteros am 218 safes Congress branch of Banco Macro and took more than $ 3 million .

08: At dawn, The secret of his eyes , the film directed by Juan José Campanella and starring Ricardo Darin, Soledad Villamil, Guillermo Francella and Paul Rago, received in the United States Oscar for best foreign film of 2009 . It was the second Oscar for a film in Argentina, after delivered to The official history of Luis Puenzo, in 1986, which also starred Paul Rago.

10: Former President Nestor Kirchner resumed as head of the Peronist Party (PJ), after the license was taken after losing the parliamentary elections of 2009. " We are willing to rule until 2020 " he said.

11: After the devastating earthquake and looting took office in Chile's president-elect Sebastián Piñera, with the difficult task of rebuilding the country.

16 : Lucas Rebolini Manso, 36, son of actors Antonio Grimau and Leonor Manso, was found dead at the Judicial Morgue. Disappeared on February 10.

21: The Buenos Aires city of Baradero , north of the province, was a pueblada scenario. The residents set fire to the Quartermaster and other buildings, because of the death of two teenagers on a motorcycle, presumably after being chased by police who warned the kids not wearing helmets.

24: With a large number acts, was commemorated throughout the country 34 th anniversary of the last coup . The head of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, Hebe de Bonafini, said: "I am proud to live in this country."

25 : Boca Juniors won the derby against River Plate by 2-0 with two goals Chile's Gary Medel .

26: Little by little, began a wave of revelations about the concealment Catholic Church hundreds of cases of sexual abuse worldwide by priests.

29: Silvia Suppo , a key witness in a trial for crimes against humanity during the dictatorship, was killed with 12 stab wounds in Rafaela, Santa Fe

Meanwhile, in Moscow, the Russian capital, two terrorist attacks on the subway alarmed the whole world population. The attacks have cost the lives of 38 people and were attributed to Chechen insurgency .


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