Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mount & Blade Fantasy Expansion

in review: June 2010 Midpoint

After the Christmas , Sixth Edition Summary of next year to completion. In the sixth month of 2010 was played the World Cup South Africa, which attracted the attention of thousands of millions of viewers around the world. Consequently, most events have to do with sports.

In June , happened as follows:

01: After reaching 23 tournament semifinals consecutive Grand Slam, the number one in tennis, Roger Federer Federer fell in the quarterfinals of Roland Garros to Swede Robin Soderling , who had defeated the year earlier in the final. This great streak began in 2004 Wimbledon .

06: The English tennis player Rafael Nadal beat Swede Robin Soderling in the final at Roland Garros , won his fifth title in this tournament and reached the number 1 Roger Federer relegating , which was a record week of weeks ranking leader in the hands of American Pete Sampras (286 ) . In addition, became the first player to win the 3 Masters on clay ( Monte Carlo, Rome and Madrid Hamburg -before-) and Roland Garros in the same year.

In Argentina, the candidates who support Ricardo Alfonsin outperformed elected Vice President Julio Cobos in the internal Radical Civic Union (UCR ) in the Province of Buenos Aires.

07: Ten Argentines were hooligan deported from South Africa and taken to Angola by its history.

therefore moved from Caracas to Buenos Aires to Gustavo Cerati, who was admitted to the Clinical Fleni .

08: The Ambassador of Chile Argentina, Miguel Otero designated Sebastián Piñera by the president, resigned following the controversy surrounding his interview to Clarin, which defended dictator Augusto Pinochet.

11 : South Africa was a party for the beginning of the first African World . At the opening ceremony lacked the remarkable former President Mandela Nestor, which ended the Apartheid in this country 20 years ago, the death of one of his great-granddaughters in a traffic accident.

Then came the moment of the game: in the first game the local drew 1-1 with Mexico, and later France and Uruguay drew goalless .

12 : With a goal by Gabriel Heinze head and a great performance from Lionel Messi , Argentina beat Nigeria 1-0 in his debut World Cup .

15: The Supreme Court 's Office revoked the suspension of the implementation of the Act Audiovisual Communication Services and opened the way towards the regulation of the norm.

16: After three and a half years, the Assembly of Gualeguaychú decided to negotiate and raise the cutting San Martin International Bridge.

17: In his second World Cup match for the group B, beat Argentina 4-1 to South Korea, with another impressive performance Lionel Messi and three goals from Gonzalo Higuain .

At the same time, broke out in Bariloche a brutal police repression a pueblada , indignant because the death of a 15 year old boy . In the repression killed a 28 year old male and the next day, a 17-year .

18: Citing personal reasons, resigned Foreign Minister Jorge Taiana . Héctor Timerman , by the U.S. embassy in Argentina, took over as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

On the other hand, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1998 , José Saramago , died at age 87 in the Canary Islands, Spain.

20: In Colombia, the official Juan Manuel Santos won the runoff election Antanas Mockus and was elected to succeed President Alvaro Uribe .

Meanwhile, in Argentina broke the issue of trade with Venezuela with surcharges and fees of up to 15 percent , denounced by the former ambassador to Venezuela Eduardo Sadous.

21: The biggest win the World Cup materialized this day, with the 7-0 victory of Portugal against North Korea .

22: At the end of the group B, Argentina beat Greece 2-0 on with a goal by Martin Palermo of 36, who entered the final 10 minutes.

Earlier, the morning of this day, South Africa had been removed , which became the first local team remained out before the second phase in a World. ;

23: The debt- released by the National Government reached a membership 66 percent and just out of the operation were 6.273 billion dollars from 18,300 million which provided the exchange.

24 : Italy, last world champion, stayed outside World Cup after losing 3-2 against Slovakia .

27: As in 2006, Argentina beat Mexico in the second round of World . This time it was 3-1 with an offside goal from Carlos Tevez.

Before, Germany had defeated England 4-1 to . Uruguayan referee Jorge Larrionda not a goal upheld English the first time, in which the ball hit the crossbar and stung inside the arc.

28: The journalism student Marianela Rago, 19, was found murdered in his home Balvanera. The alleged murderer would be her former boyfriend, Francisco Amador Lopez .


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